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Lower abdominal pain

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ronniemummy Tue 28-Mar-06 17:19:20

I posted last week about having aches and pains in lower left hand side of abdomen- went to dr who wasn't sure what it was and that poss was urine infection or growing pains.

They seemed to die down- but now I have really painful aches down left hand of side of abdomen again- when I stand up I am doubled over in pain and often have problem walking for a few seconds. Last night I hardly slept as everytime I turned over I felt really bad pulling pains.

Have contacted my midwife who has said that it sounds like a pulled ligament/ growing pains or poss urine infection ( not had results back yet!)

HAs anyone experienced pain like this? is it normal? Sometimes goes into my bum and lady area(!!) gosh how am I going to cope with labour??!!

I'm 19 weeks preg!

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cori Tue 28-Mar-06 17:24:42

Hi, I have had these pains too. I am almost 35 weeks pregnant and having been quite bad pains on my lower right hand side, and underneath my bump since around 26 weeks. They seem to be worse at night and have often woken me up, they wont go away unless I move position, which is very difficult and painful. I have also been told that they are stretching ligament pains. It seems as if they are correct, they annoying and can be difficult to deal with but I dont think they are anything serious.

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