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kay1981 Tue 28-Mar-06 13:15:54

Aww thanks guys - made to feel real welcome here!!

Not done the loo roll test, but will as soon as I get home, I'll post and let you know the result.

Does anyone else not get on with their midwife (or is it just me?) Everyone says how wonderful their midwives were and how they've stayed friends with them, mine's really not that nice.
She's very difficult to get hold of (let's hope I don't need her in an emergency) and when I do contact her, it's like it's too much trouble. Thanks goodness I have a supportive Hubby and family, because was it up to her to be supportive, I'd feel like I was in it on my own!!!

My MIL has made us up a basket of all cute baby things and gave it to me on Mothers Day. She's included things like baby hats and mittens and dummies and play things, so that's very sweet. I really do feel for those of you who do not get on with your MIL/FIL, one stress you could definitely do without!!

Well I've rambled enough for today, so I'll leave you all to it, just one last thing, we've decided on a name for a girl, but can't decide for a boy, girls names seem so pretty and there seems more to choose from, but boys - woah!!

Has anyone got any names for theirs or how did you decide on names for any other children?


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