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Due in July - Expanding by the day

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kbaby Tue 21-Mar-06 20:35:00

Thought I would start the thread.

HC Sorry that our MIL is like that. I guess theres not much you can do apart from telling DH to stick up fo you. My Mil is ok but has her odd ways. She was against me bfing and was determined with DD that she would be dressed in pink frilly dresses. Soon put a stop to all that and I just used to ignore her comments.

The kicks argetting a lot stronger now. They are still fairly low down and sometimes in my bladder.

Im glad im not the only one breaking wind like a trooper. Im almost afraid to bend over in work

Im hoping to go back to work 3 1/2 possibly 4 days a week. Im going to put DD in nursery 2/3 mornings but mil will have both the rest of the time. Id love to do less but when I work out how much id lose its shocking and weve just extended our morgage for the extension. The other option ive got is to work in the call centre and do shifts but I dont fancy the weekend shifts. Im too frightened to tell my mnagaer yet.

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catherineskelly Tue 21-Mar-06 20:42:14

I'm also due in July (13th). I already have twin daughters aged 23 months so it's going to be quite hectic for me! .

Luckily I don't have to work so am really lucky but to be honest I sometimes think that to be able to go to work would be easier than dealing with terrible two's!

I have found out that this time we are having a boy which is secretly what I was hoping for!

Wallace Wed 22-Mar-06 08:10:26

thanks for the new thread and welcome to catherineskelly - you'll have twice the help with your new ds form your twins

I am not really feeling proper kicks any more - I think the way it is lying it is kicking towards my back right down in my pelvis. I feel my whole bump lurch sometimes!

jersey Wed 22-Mar-06 08:40:10


HC sympathies with your MIL, I usually get on with mine, but struggling with them at the moment as everytime I mention something, e.g. DS up several times in night, all I get is SIL's twins sleep through till 6:30 . Get the feeling I am being compared. Now we are trying to sort out working days for after the baby is born as we can't afford me to stop altogether yet but I just get something agreed at work and then she changes her mind again!!! At the moment we are looking at 4 days 8:00 till 2:00 to get 24 hour week not inc. 2 hours round trip travelling. We kept telling them to work any less I would be paying everything back to the tax man and petrol station.

Sorry crip over now.

Welcome CatherinesKelly congrats on the boy. I'm sure your girls will help you, my DS is very good at fetching nappies and wipes for my twin nieces when they need something.

Hope everyone else is fine.

IamBlossom Wed 22-Mar-06 09:31:45

God HC, ure PIL sound like a RIGHT PITA! I would lose it if I got the door slammed on me if i was trying to discipline my own daughter. My dad might do it, it has to be said cos he can be a difficult stubborn creature, but my MIL would NEVER do that (don't have a FIL). They should respect your wishes, why does it not even occur to them that you have your reasons for doing what you do?! And as for the DVD, well my first thought was is it worth the effort stopping a 2.5 year old watching a film if it's the one she wants to watch regardless of the time of year, but if that is what you have explained to her your PIl should follow through. HOW ANNOYING that they don't. Grrrr. Drive me mad that would.

having a very skivy week at home this week, no meetings so watched a film (not a Christmas one ) yesterday afternoon, and am generally not exerting myself too much. DS fell and banged his nose this morning and got a nose bleed, first blood! He is now truly a man and didn't even cry my brave soldier. Got a pedicure this afternoon and might go for a swim, I tell you if i wasn't pregnant I'd be fired if they ever found out. i am not doing alot for the credibility of women in the work place it has to be said but do i care? FACE! BOTHERED!!!

Welcome to all newbies, your fall sounds scary MadameZena, take it easy!! Good luck with all scans etc.

Love Blossom.


spub Wed 22-Mar-06 11:11:56

Hi to the newbies and welcome!
Iam - PMSL at your Catherine Tate!
I had my 2nd visit to the chiropractor in a month yesterday (normally go once a month) and had to take a day's sick leave. My pelvis keeps coming out of alignment - OUCH!!!
I'm also busy selling loads on dd's stuff on ebay so if anyone is interested in anything 0-3yrs let me know and I'll see what I've got! We need to clear the decks before this boy arrives!
Absolutley full of the cold and as for work, - !I'm not bovvered!"
How's everyone else?
Thx for the new thread, too!

spub Wed 22-Mar-06 11:14:10

Hi to the newbies and welcome!
Iam - PMSL at your Catherine Tate!
I had my 2nd visit to the chiropractor in a month yesterday (normally go once a month) and had to take a day's sick leave. My pelvis keeps coming out of alignment - OUCH!!!
I'm also busy selling loads on dd's stuff on ebay so if anyone is interested in anything 0-3yrs let me know and I'll see what I've got! We need to clear the decks before this boy arrives!
Absolutley full of the cold and as for work, - !I'm not bovvered!"
How's everyone else?
Thx for the new thread, too!

puddytat99 Wed 22-Mar-06 11:32:45

Hi everyone

Entropy - hope everything went well with you scan and hope it's good news, if they can tell. Everyone feels nervous/worried before a scan, it's naturally.

Mummyzena - hope everything is okay after your fall. I have 3 cats and how I haven't fallen over one yet I don't know. Take care of yourself.

HC - A huge hug to you honey. Know exactly how you're feeling, except I don't really exsist in the eyes of my MIL. We got married last year and ever since then, I've become invisible. Always got on well before. When she rings, always asks to speak to my DH and if he's not in, says she'll ring back later. Has never asked how I am? This weekend should be fun. We are going up to visit for the day and has promised DH I'll try to bite my lip but if she ignores me, I don't think I'll be able to. She has only just started to ask about the baby. When we went for 20 week scan, she didn't want to see pictures and hasn't seen me since I've become pregnant. She's also being nasty about my DS. He isn't my DH's but as far as everyone is concern he is, except her. She has now turned round and said that he isn't her grandson. So Saturday should be fun. I promise I won't go into her kitchen, just in case there are any knives around. Sorry about the rant there!!!!!!

Catherineskelly - Welcome to the group, everyone here is really friendly. Sounds like you'll have your hands full but I'm sure your girls will want to help Mummy.

MummyZena Wed 22-Mar-06 12:30:10

Hi All, Scan went well have a great photo of my little girl!! Leg in the air and wvaing at her Mum and Dad! Not totally sure its a girl but nothing between the legs so a good guess. DD will be thrilled.

Love to all

MummyZena Wed 22-Mar-06 12:30:25

Hi All, Scan went well have a great photo of my little girl!! Leg in the air and wvaing at her Mum and Dad! Not totally sure its a girl but nothing between the legs so a good guess. DD will be thrilled.

Love to all

spub Wed 22-Mar-06 12:50:18

MZ - that's great news! Glad all went well.
I should know this but is this your first? If not, what else do you have?

MummyZena Wed 22-Mar-06 13:35:00

I have a little girl she is 22 months old at the moment and is keeps pointing at my ever incresing tummy saying baby so I think she knows what is going on. I cant wait to tell her that she is having a sister.

spub Wed 22-Mar-06 13:39:26

Aw, Bless.
And just think of the money you'll save having another girl!
We're delighted to be having a wee brother for dd (3) but I can't get so excited by boys clothes and as for boys' names!!!! Bloody hell. Nightmare.

nicoloola Wed 22-Mar-06 13:53:27

Hi everyone
Catherineskelly - I'm due the same day as you, but am expecting a girl and I don't have twins!!! I'm sure they'll be really helpful though. Although I'm glad that ds will be four when this one turns up. I guess the good thing for you is that, as there are already two of them they're less likely to get jealous of lo. I hope it goes well anyway.
Spub - We've got a boy and are having a girl, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to get rid of all the boys stuff (although we could do with it!), maybe you could try and persuade me, as we're already swamped with stuff, and I've started buying for the next one.
HC - your MIL/FIL stories make me feel much better - my DH is slowly turning into his dad (which is not too bad!), but MIL is a bit scary, and DH keeps telling me I'm turning into her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope everyone is well (PS has anyone else got UNBELIEVABLY itchy boobs!?!)

spub Wed 22-Mar-06 15:41:21

If it helps to spur you on then I have made almost £80 on ebay in the last 2 weeks and I still have a ton of stuff to shift!!!
As for itchy stuff - not my boobs but my bump is hugely itchy.Stretchmark city also, LOL!

pinkdolly Wed 22-Mar-06 15:53:52

Hi everyone,

MZ - Congrats on your scan, another girl to add to the list.

Nicoloola- Can sympathise with your itchy boobs, although mine are ok now they were awful. Your walking around a busy supermarket wandering if there is a discreet way you can scratch your boob coz it driving you crazy! Am soo glad that, that has passed.

Hiya CathrinesKelly - and congrats on your little boy, I am expecting my 3rd girl, one day I hope that I will have a little man too. But am happy with my girlies.

Been reading your posts on the MIL. Mine can be awful. She phones about once a week and is on the phone for ages (regardless of me telling her that I need to go). She askes me how I am and when I tell her about the pains in my back/pelvis she goes into one about how God healed me from all my back problems. Which then makes me feel really bad for being ill. Mind you, the same chap that supposedly healed me told me that I am having a boy and the scan shows a little girl. (haven't said anything to her about that yet).
Thing is she is very hypocritical, she has never had young children as she married DH's dad when dH was 9. Yet she thinks she knows everything about bringing them up. She is always on at me "you shouldn't do that, you should be doing this"etc etc.

I dread everytime she phones coz I know there is going to be a lecture about something. Am I drinking enough water? or eating the right type of food? And her opinions dont stop there. Everyone of my friend who have met her have said they dont like her. It's fine to have your own opinion, but she really tries to inflict hers on everyone else, and how dare you think differently to her.
Saying that she can be really nice when it suits. These days I try and take her with a pinch of salt.

Well that's my rant about MIL over. You know what it's like when you get going about something. I do not envy those of you who have to go stay with your MIL's, I know I couldn't do it. I'd go mad!

Annie29 Wed 22-Mar-06 16:32:56

HI Everyone,

Don't get me started on MIL's.. Really, don't. Mine is a really nice woman, as is FIL (only he's not a woman, obviously), but they just drive me barmy. Fussing over this, clucking over that, taking over the whole show, and then commenting on every little thing. I'm so glad they live four hours away. Yapping on and on and on about someone I've never heard of and am never likely to meet.
Oh and cleaning my house when I'm not there.
Stop now before I really get going. So Pink, Puddytat, Jersey, and HC, and anyone else out there, [Group Hug]

Welcome Catherineskelly , due the same day as me too!! Lucky 13 this year!!

Congrats on your scan Mummyzena, hope you're ok after your fall. And hope yours went ok Entropy? (your scan that is, not your fall, which I hope you didn't have...)

Blossom, I'm like you at work, possibly worse. I just sit here emailing and MNing and video phoning DH and Ds all day... And I expect them to give me a new contract??? I do a little bit now and again, but cos I sit for so long I get dizzy when I get up!! Sad really, but hey, still get paid!!

Have a good evening everyone

deblaca Wed 22-Mar-06 16:34:20

what a lovely day - almost spring like!

spud - can relate to the boy thing, the choice for boy stuff is much more limited than that for girls - think i might dress my little fella in dresses (ah maybe not)
mz good news on your scan - entrophy hope yours went well too
puddy sounds like there's something going on with your mil .... in-laws eh! altho i'm quite lucky with mine, they're very mindful of letting us get on with our lives, but do keep in regular contact (they live in yorkshire) but then its hard to get the right balance - my SIL used to have a complete rant about they're lack of involvement with her 2 when they were little (now 5 and 7) .... i'm more worried about my mum - can totally envisage her rolling her eyes at our 'fancy ways' of parenting (like us not bottle feeding or choosing not to give the lo chocolate), the phrase 'never did you any harm' is already ringing in my ears - but you never know she might surprise me (and if not, she does live in another country - so can choose to filter it out)

i'm feeling fabulous, sorry not meaning to rub it in, but i am. had my hair cut today and took my first trip on bus/tube for ages, had a lovely man offer me his seat (my first), can eat what i like and loving my cakes guilt-free at the mo, not smoking or drinking and getting plenty of sleep means i'm feeling healthier and am totally in love with my growing bump ...
hope yall well xx

Wallace Wed 22-Mar-06 18:01:01

Love reading all your stories - i never have that much to say! [blush}

As for lovely spring-like's only bl@@dy snowing again

IamBlossom Wed 22-Mar-06 19:36:57

Annie 29 you've made me feel much better about work. Thing is now I've had a quiet week I am going to go to great lengths to avoid going to any meetings at all if i can help it, I know I am...

maewest Wed 22-Mar-06 19:58:18

Evening all. Wednesday is yoga day so did that and then tried to stay awake in the afternoon at work (along with some others, do feel a bit like I'm marking time at the moment). Had lunch with a friend who is 10 wks pg and having a bit of a rough time, feeling sick and tired, and has thyroid probs (which are being sorted). Keep saying to her that it's going to get better - feel like a wise old woman and I'm only 12 weeks ahead of her

Lots of movement, all over the place, which just makes me smile. I suppose I'm feeling pretty loved up at the moment, and have a day off work tomorrow so can do nothing in a legitimate way!

kbaby Wed 22-Mar-06 20:36:32

I havent really got much to say. Building work is getting me down and DD is taking up a lot of my time so I tend to forget im even pregnant. So much different than with DD.

Ive finally written a list of the things I need to buy. Weve still got DD stuff but some of it I no longer like.
I need to get;
Cradle for side of bed- got fed up last time of lugging moses basket up and down the stairs
New bottles- although planning to bf, but can never be sure
new pram- ours is too bulky to fold or wheel with a toddler by your side
new bouncy chair- old one is stained from weaning DD
changing bag

Think thats about it, need to get the clothes out of the attic and check what weve got but as the house is in chaos I may have to wait.

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jom Wed 22-Mar-06 20:42:28

Deblaca I'm with you on the whole feeling great thing, I love being pregnant! Pity this'll be the last - getting too old for it all (37). Should have started much earlier and as it was I really had to persuade DH to start a family after 6.5 years of marriage (12 years together). Nothing like rushing things!! Mind you we're both really happy with the way things are going!

Toilet training is going very well! Had our first big outing today (half day)without nappy and no accidents. Mind you I was prepared with two changes of clothes! Am really surprised with how pain free its been and how he has taken so well to it. I've even been able to use my time where I've been stuck inside (close to potty) to sort things out in the house. Is it too early to start the whole nesting thing?

Don't even start me on the PILs (or even Ps) at the moment. (Currently living with PILs - long story, not ideal but unfortunately has to be done at the moment.)

Love hearing everyones scan news. Good luck to everyone having them over the next few days and try not to stress too much.

pinkdolly Wed 22-Mar-06 21:46:44

Hi Guys,

Just a quick one, I finally got a shortlist of 4 names for our little girl. DH says he likes them all the same and could pick one out of a hat, but I'd like to give it more thought than that. So I thought i'd test them out on you lot and see what you think.


deblaca Wed 22-Mar-06 22:02:52

pink - i like them all, well tbh least keen on Jessica, depends what you're surname is but quite like Jasmine (what are you're other girls called?)
kbaby - can relate to the building works - just got to think it'll be great when their finished (if its any consolation we have no floor in living room only floor joists - have a 1.2m square hole in living/hall floor for the steel thats holding our ground floor ceiling up - we're camping in 2 rooms under a layer of dust, one of those rooms is filling up with fixtures/materials and they are demolishing our kitchen tomorrow)

jom - don't say you're too old, i'm 38 and this is my first!!
better get downstairs and finish packing the kitchen up xx

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