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Due in August thread... Part 7!

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MrGeresHamster Sun 05-Aug-12 18:12:16

We're on safari with the labour spotting signs... How long till the next baby arrives?

Pull up a birthing ball, sup some raspberry leaf tea and tuck into the 'big boy pineapple balti'. We're on the home straight!

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tashaw28 Sun 05-Aug-12 18:35:33


justine09x Sun 05-Aug-12 18:36:43

<parks big bump --and arse-->

I'm end of the line welcome ambi, your 4 days before me smile

No more que jumping like the naughty August 11 ladies, lol.

Sounds good who said about pains?? Can't be arsed to look on prev thread lol,

I'm not due til 31st but had funny goings on last week or so, braxton hicks really stepped up a notch then I had the odd 'ahem' leak, then last night I wake up at half five to a deep backache that radiated to the front making my bump go very tight, these were every ten mins and then poof they vanished!! My baby is back to back so just wondered if it was braxton hicks but different to my other two babies because if the position of bubs. Very strange 'tmi alert' went to loo and had some very strange lumps of discharge but weren't like a show I don't think. Third babies are meant to be monkeys apparently and this one is Definately taking full advantage of that fact and playing me up! U would think I'm a pro by now but I am in fact useless and do not have a matter how much I google ;)

MrsMigginslovespies Sun 05-Aug-12 18:47:33

Oh, marking place with Cadbury's Fingers. Thanks for setting up Thread 7! x

Ambi Sun 05-Aug-12 18:52:28

Hiya justine and everyone.. I feel more clueless this time than I did with DD. I was induced so have no idea what "natural" labour feels like. Don't know if I've had BH, thought I may have had a show last week but now I'm doubting it. Getting all sorts of shooting pains then turns out to be wind. Its driving me mad. My hands are only now starting to swell and my knuckles are sore. I'm so ready to have this baby right now. The thought of being overdue is frustrating too and I'm worried about missing DDs first days at school. Ok moan over - apart from all that it's been a fairly unproblematic pregnancy.

Thank god I've one more week at work, I'm exhausted. My cousin had a baby boy yesterday, he's so gorgeous. envy even though I'll have my own in a few weeks!

Ambi Sun 05-Aug-12 18:54:21

Off to skim read thread 6 to find out what I've missed.

Whiteangel Sun 05-Aug-12 19:02:51

Hm, I'm getting bored of TV and symptom watching now. I'm analysing every little twinge but with SPD and other aches and pains I can't decide what is interesting and what is same old same old. Thought I might be getting period cramps earlier but decided it was just my trousers digging in! MiL back from hols in France so I've been given official permission to get on with it!
Welcome Ambi sorry for being a whinge but I'm 40+3 and fed up!

justine09x Sun 05-Aug-12 19:07:51

Same here ambi my eldest starts school on the 4th September and I will be seriously peeved if I have to turn up there still pregnant!!!

Same as u I haven't had any problems as such just with hips and back and feel like such a meanie that I can't even walk kids to the local park sad I was induced with my first and my second was born super quick (45 mins) at 6 in morning so I'm wondering if I slept thru the first niggles. So I have no idea what I'm looking out for just clutching at straws, second baby was born at 38 weeks so this one coming at 37 /38 weeks would be nice ( think I'm dreaming big lol) I've really had enough now shouldn't moan about being preggas but this one is deffo my last!! I'm far too impatient!!

Glad everyone's doing well <sits and drums fingers waiting for next baby to be born> ;)

frillylemons Sun 05-Aug-12 19:08:49

angry MrsM angry Why did you have to mention Cadbury fingers? Grumble...

frillylemons Sun 05-Aug-12 19:10:22

Anyone know what the period pains are? I once heard that period pains ate actually mini contractions. If so, I guess they are more feelable BJ hmm

frillylemons Sun 05-Aug-12 19:11:18

Oooh. BJ?! No no. None of that, thank you very much! I meant BH. Braxton Hicks. Crikey blush

NeedlesCuties Sun 05-Aug-12 19:28:25

mrsmamma (27) DC1 due 27/7/12
aflycup (24) DC1 due 30/7/12
GwenGotLost (26) DC? due 31/7/12, Swansea, Wales
farmerswifey (30) DC1 GIRL due 31/7/12 in Aberystwyth, Wales

cupoftea123 (?) DC1 due 2/8/12
Whiteangel (?) DC1 BOY due 2/8/12
dragonleo (29) DC1 GIRL due 3/8/12 in Whittington Hospital, London, England
margarethamilton (?) DC1 due 3/8/12
Tubtoes (31) DC1 due 3/8/12
babbashouse (?) DC? due 4/8/12
danielou (?) DC3 due 4/8/12 in Worcestershire Royal Hospital, England
ChicBabyP (?) DC1 due 5/8/12
lynniegooner (43) DC2 due 5/8/12
halfdoneharris (28) DC1 due 5/8/12
forgetfulmrs (?) DC2 due 6/8/12
Nel1975 (?) DC1 due 6/8/12
Littlelamb1980 (31) DC1 BOY due 6/8/12 in St. Thomas Hospital, London, England
JParkson (28) DC3 due 6/8/12 in Swindon, England
Gnomi (29) DC1 BOY due 7/8/12
panpipe (26) DC1 due 7/8/12
McBaby (31) DC1 7/8/12 in Barnet, Herts, England
MrGeresHamster (33) DC1 BOY due 7/8/12 in RD & E, Exeter, England
richmondmum84 (?) DC1 due 7/8/12
Alizzle (24) DC1 due 8/8/12
Huia (?) DC? due 8/8/12
Mummiestobe (33) DC? due 8/8/12 in Dorchester, England
faintpinkline (?) DC2 due 8/8/12
WelshLadyCDF (40) DC1 GIRL due 8/8/12
ballinderrymum (32) DC2 due 8/8/12
woopsidaisy (36) DC3 due 8/8/12
SwanseaMum (?) DC3 due 8/8/12
Weekipper (32) DC1 due 9/8/12 in Edinburgh, Scotland
mancmummy (?) DC2 due 9/8/12
ffscatmove (35) DC1 due 10/8/12 in John Radcliffe (Spires MW unit)
Robsbaby77 (?) DC? BOY due 10/8/12
lovemarmite (38) DC1 GIRL due 11/8/12 in Eastbourne, England
The3Bears (24) DC2 BOY due 11/8/12
Stinyminkymoo (35) DC1 due 11/8/12
vinolover (29) DC3 BOY due 11/8/12 in RSCH, Brighton, England
eightieshopaholic (32) DC1 BOY due 12/8/12 in Worcester Hospital, England
CATwith2Kittens (32) DC3 due 12/8/12 in Wareham, Dorset, England
namechangerbat (?) DC3 due 13/8/12
HopefulPositive (31) DC1 due 13/8/12 TWINS!
Glittershoes (27) DC1 BOY due 14/8/12 in Hull Women’s and Children’s Hospital, England
capecath (29) DC2 due 15/8/12 in Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, Scotland
MrsMigginslovespies (35) DC1 BOY due 15/8/12 in Borders & General, Scottish Borders
lollilu (?) DC1 due 15/8/12
thatboysmum (?) DC2 due 16/8/12 in Medway Maritime Hospital, England
ArtyJennie (31) DC2 due 17/8/12 in Croydon Uni Hospital, England
OnlyWantsOneTwoAndThree (?) DC3 due 17/8/12
Gingerelle (30) DC1 due 17/8/12
Voscar (31) DC1 due 18/8/12 in Darrent Valley Hospital, Dartford, England
Salt14 (?) DC1 due 18/8/12
technoduck (27) DC1 BOY due 18/8/12 in Bath, Somerset, England
lexielexielexie (?) DC2 BOY due 18/8/12
Glimpers (33) DC2 GIRL due 19/8/12 in GWH, Swindon, England
tashaw28 (36) DC3 due 19/8/12 in Barnet Hospital, Herts, England
flyingleo (33) DC2 due 19/8/12 in UCH, London, England
pintofmilk (35) DC3 GIRL due 19/8/12
practicallyimperfect (?) DC2 due 20/8/12
sc0ttishlass (34) DC1 due 20/8/12 in Princess Royal, Glasgow, Scotland
firstfroggy (34) DC1 due 20/8/12
miaboo (29) DC3 BOY due 21/8/12
susiegrapevine (29) DC2 BOY due 21/8/12 in Hastings, Sussex, England
Tusa (?) DC1 due 21/8/12
Geekette (32) DC1 due 21/8/12 in West Suffolk, Bury St. Edmunds, England
vanimal (37) DC3 due 22/8/12
NewRoadToHappiness (?) DC? BOYS due 22/8/12 TWINS!
TheRealMrsSmith (32) DC4 due 23/8/12
Louper (?) DC1 due 23/8/12
peeriebear (32) DC3 due 23/8/12
NeedlesCuties (27) DC2 due 24/8/12
Sparklesandglitter (27) DC1 due 24/8/12
Loislane78 (34) DC1 GIRL due 24/8/12 in Cambridge, England
danmoore00 (39) DC3 due 25/8/12 in Darrent Valley, Kent, England
nearlymumofone (34) DC2 due 25/8/12
Nightfall1983 (28) DC1 due 25/8/12 in Derby, England
Caitycat (?) DC? due 25/8/12 in Sheffield, England
alisonmcg (25) DC1 due 26/8/12
therumoursaretrue (22) DC1 due 26/8/12
Estya (35) DC2 due 27/8/12 in Darenth Valley, Kent, England
PictureThis (38) DC2 BOY due 27/8/12
Ambi (?) DC2 due 27/8/12
FrillyLemons (24) DC1 due 28/8/12
Signet2012 (29) DC1 GIRL due 28/8/12
fairtradelu (29) DC1 due 28/8/12 in York, England
hellokit (?) DC3 due 29/8/12
purplelooby (32) DC1 BOY due 29/8/12 in Bolton, England
theressomethingaboutmarie (35) DC2 BOY due 30/8/12
Jods1 (?) DC? due 30/8/12
MrsLister (35) DC1 BOY due 30/8/12 in Homerton, Hackney, England
kellzi (?) DC? due 31/8/12 in Woodford, Essex, England
missingpate (31) DC1 due 31/8/12
Clarabell78 (?) DC? due 31/8/12 in Southern General, Glasgow, Scotland
justine09x (25) DC3 GIRL due 31/8/12
quickchat (35) DC3 due 31/8/12 in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Scotland

PoppySeed34 (34) DC1 BOY due 4/8/12, born 28/5/12

ByeBabyBatshit (35) DC1 due 11/8/12 TWIN BOYS, born 21/6/12

tigger8 (?) DC? due 27/7/12, GIRL born 11/7/12
missjemima (?) DC2 BOY due 3/8/12, born 10/7/12
Loupee (26) DC1 BOY due 28/7/12, born 24/7/12
ontheedgeofwhatever (?) DC2 BOY due 25/7/12, born 25/7/12
ishopthereforeiam (32) DC2 BOY due 27/7/12, born 27/7/12
warzonemummy (?) DC1 GIRL due 4/8/12, born 29/7/12
ontheedgeofwhatever (?) DC2 BOY due ?/8/12, born 25/7/12

hamncheese (24) DC1 BOY due 11/8/12, born 2/8/12

justine09x Sun 05-Aug-12 19:28:47

That's what I had last night frilly, but I get them worse if I need to make wind or the ahem other lol.

This pregnancy stuff is so annoying!! Just one of u needs to go into labour and give us a update like every ten minutes so we can cross symptoms off our list! hamster frilly any takers? I need entertaining!!

Currently laying on my bed (nest) debating whether I can iron in here with minimum effort!! X

NeedlesCuties Sun 05-Aug-12 19:32:11

MrGeres I came on here to post pretty much the exact same thing as you! I've been waddling like a duck all day, should have seen the mess of me trying to play with DS and clean up after he spilt dinner on the floor.

I would love this baby to come within this week as I'm soooo fed up being pregnant, thanks very much.

Problem is, I have a close relation who is due her first this week and has had no signs that labour is imminent. I know for sure she will be envy if I pop first (even though this is my DC2). I know there isn't anything either of us can do to really speed up, or hold back our babies arriving, but it is playing on my mind a little.


therumoursaretrue Sun 05-Aug-12 19:40:35

Marking place here...thread 7, wow! There's bound to be lots of babies on this thread smile

Just had a lovely Sunday dinner with my mum and dad as DP is still away. Really enjoyed it even though I definitely can't eat as much as usual!

therumoursaretrue Sun 05-Aug-12 19:41:32

Whoops posted too early...

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday evening and getting to relax.

alisonmcg Sun 05-Aug-12 19:45:40

Hi all

Just marking my place! It's been a long time now since I last posted as had a few family things going on and completely lost track of the thread as it was moving so quickly!

My friends threw me a baby shower today, was very nice and got lots lots of lovely presents! We are now sorted for everything so my baby has permission to arrive as soon as it likes now!

37+1 today!

Nightfall1983 Sun 05-Aug-12 20:19:33

Spent today cuddling my friends 5 day old - so cute! Seriously made me want mine out so that I don't have to give him/her back!!

Also my friend who is a student midwife was down for a visit so I asked her to feel how engaged babe is as I've definately felt more pressure down there since last check and wanted to know if it was my imagination - 3/5 palpable, which compares to 4/5 palpable on Wednesday so moving along!!

ImissMiniPop Sun 05-Aug-12 20:21:03

And here's the link to the postnatal thread, for whoever is next.. how exciting, can't wait to see you all over there..


Vinolover Sun 05-Aug-12 20:51:54

Thread 7!!! Oh my goodness... I really hope I get to meet my baby this thread smile

mrsM my low down pains are shooting pains in my cervix which I think is pressure from the baby weighing everything down. I'm hoping it's a good sign that he's engaging because walking today has been a challenge! It has felt like he is going to drop out at any moment. No such luck though hmm
How very dare you mention cadbury fingers! You have started a craving!!

Frilly it would seem you have a lot of sex on the brain lol. Go have some for me please smile

Justine my pains are worse when I have wind blush. I get all excited and it turns out to be that lol.

geekette Sun 05-Aug-12 21:19:32

<marks place with shortbread fingers>

eightieshopaholic Sun 05-Aug-12 21:22:11

Another TMI : my right breast is leaking clear fluid and back pain all day please tell me its a sign 39 today!!!

MrsMigginslovespies Sun 05-Aug-12 21:47:25

DH and I ate a whole box in about 2 seconds flat. I'm a devil for them. Sorry about that wink x

ChicBabyP Sun 05-Aug-12 22:27:03

Thread 7...OMG!
Well it looks like I'll be inaugurating with the first thread 7 baby tomorrow morning! I'm very nervous, so wished I could've done it naturally but hey ho, just doing what's best for LO.

Signet, I share your feelings about impending motherhood and the sense of doom... I keep thinking they'll cut me open, rumage around and say "nope, nothing in there, false alarm!" I'm crazy I know, but it all feels so surreal that I keep thinking I've imagined the whole pregnancy...

I'm off to bed for an early night, if I ever manage to sleep, as we're having a very early start. See you all on the other side...
Oh and if the already mummies who have had c-sec pop in and see this, any tips for post c-sec and recovery would be appreciated (or actually any of you who already have kids and have had c-sec)

frillylemons Sun 05-Aug-12 22:28:31

Good luck Chic!! I'm do excited for you grin x

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