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Due April 2013? Come in here and lets chat about babies and stuff!

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CouldItBeTrue Wed 01-Aug-12 22:55:02

Well, the thread title says it all.

Very early days but so many questions!

There is [cuppa] over there, biscuit selection on the table and a lovely big comfy arm chair each, pouffe optional.

Make yourself at home.

So, I'm mid 30's, 2nd pregnancy (have DC who is 8) and my partner and I have only been together since last April. Unplanned but we are very excited, he is incredibly scared and still in shock, I am in planning overdrive (if I didn't do something I would sit in a perpetual daze!)

I have so many questions, am desperate to get to my GP so I can book in with the Midwife so I can get all the up to date information (Google proving a minefield!) on what to eat/not to eat etc.

Am also incredibly excited about the first scan, but 10-12 weeks seem like a lifetime away!!

So, tell me a little about you!

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CouldItBeTrue Wed 01-Aug-12 22:55:24

brew even blush

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MumofWombat Thu 02-Aug-12 08:20:06

I'm late 30's (only met DH almost 3 years ago - wish I'd met him years ago but as he's an Aussie that may have been difficult as he was on the other side of the world!) and we have an incredible 15 month old DS.
I'm really excited to be expecting our second (my DM is going to be over the moon, they are visiting us in a month so we'll tell them then).
I'm worried about being tired and hot (I'm in Oz now...), last time I only wore clothes when I left the house and stayed under the air-con!
On a more serious note, we know that there is a small chance of this child having the same rare heart condition as DS but we think I'll be going to a specialist maternity hospital so I'll be well monitored.

I found the food lists on line sometimes gave conflicting advice, for example feta cheese was on one list as to be avoided and ok on another.... But I'm already feeling a bit guilty as before I took the test I had drunk wine, eaten smoked salmon and from a salad bar.

I'm already wondering who will be the first of my friends to guess, they know wanted another bub......

CouldItBeTrue Thu 02-Aug-12 19:07:53

Oh, you're in Oz!? Tired and hot - poor you! My DC1 was born in December so as with this time round, early pregnancy was done during Summer. First time round, very hot summer (well, for the UK) and feeling like crap, but no big belly so could move around at least.

My mum had her later stages of pg with me throughout a blistering summer and she often looks on in sympathy at all the very pg ladies you see struggling around doing their shopping, looking thoroughly fed up!

I've spent today sorting DC1's clothes out for the holiday. They'll be gone on Saturday and then I can basically chillax until next Thursday when I go back to work (have been off sick for separate issues).

now I need a rant and a vent

DP is really annoying me today. We don't live together, he is working a 6 day week and as I said, he is happy but still very much in shock. When I spoke to him last night he was a bit doom and gloom, thinking of all the stuff that could go wrong and all the reasons that this is a bad thing sad

It really upset me. We may have only been together 4 months but I love him, he loves me, I thought 'this was it' (prior to finding out I was pg). I am not one to go from man to man, after DC1 I was single for 7 years, met ex, got dumped and then 5 months later met DP.

With my DC1, my ex dumped me when I was 6 weeks pg, it had only been a casual thing (i was young and stupid!) so I've always been on my own with DC1. This time round, yes the timing is off but ultimately it's happened, we both work, I have a house, as does he, we have a lot to offer a child and I feel blessed to be pregnant when I know so many struggle to conceive.

Ideally, yes, it wouldn't have happened BUT IT HAS and there are much worse situations to bring a child into the world. I know, I've lived it, I survived and my DC1 is the most amazing thing I have ever achieved.

I text him this morning (can't call if he's at work) didn't hear back until an hour after he'd finished work, all he said was 'phone switched off, sorry' so I asked if he had a good day, 2 hours later no reply. So I asked if he was ok, his reply was yes I've just a kip. I replied 'ok' that was 2 hours ago and no response.

I'm reading too much into it, but I am a bit sensitive about him thinking 'feck this I'm off' and leaving me in the lurch. It took 2 to tango. Ultimately I love him, was hoping that we had a future together. I'm putting it down to him still being shocked, just because I've got my head straight about the situation and have started planning doesn't mean he has. (that's sensible me, the non-sensible bit is having a huge wibble and feeling very low!)

Gah. Men.

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CouldItBeTrue Thu 02-Aug-12 19:49:21

Have spoken to him.

I want to yell at him MAN THE FUCK UP.

I can't.

It's all about him apparently.

Doom and gloom. I'm all for planning and thinking of worst case scenarios but ultimately I want to be happy and I want him to see that this can be a good thing.

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magictorch Fri 03-Aug-12 17:01:23

<waves nervously>

Hello! May I join you? I got my first ever BFP this morning (2am!) after a whopping seven years of trying. It was our wedding anniversary this week, have been together 16 years - he's 46, I'm 36. This will be his first child too. I can barely believe it.

Am beyond excited grin

I think I'm due on 8th April - fertility treatment makes calculation a little difficult!

Can't stop grin grin grin

Mrsb999 Fri 03-Aug-12 17:34:57

Me me me!

I'm 29 married and hubby is 30, pg with our first so all new to us! I'm due beginning of april and first midwife appointment in a couple of weeks!

Suffering badly with sickness and tiredness and to be honest I'm not quite sure the news has sunk in yet seen as it only took me three weeks to get pg!

magictorch Massive congrats that is wonderful news after such a long time!

CouldItBeTrue Fri 03-Aug-12 19:51:49

magictorch that is absolutely wonderful!!! So many congratulations being sent your way (oh, I'm all teary....hormones? hee hee!)

Mrsb999 Congrats!! The sickness will end, I think that it is worse the more tired you are IYSWIM.

I am getting waves of nausea hit me as I start to get hungry. I don't fancy anything, so have to sit in a trance and decide what I really want to eat and then get it/buy it/make it.

My diet this past 2 days has been atrocious - but I am not eating other than at meal times and even then under sufferance!

I am also not sleeping, I finally drifted off at about 3am this morning. I don't feel tired, I know it's going to hit me and luckily DC1 goes on her hols tomorrow so hopefully I can get some uninterrupted sleep then, should the need arise.

All so different from when I was pg with DC1. I had sickness from day 1 and was so tired.

Sorted stuff out with DP last night, I think tensions were running high because he is so scared and it's all so new. I basically told him a few home truths and it scared him that he may lose me (I said that unless he pulled himself together I may as well do it on my own, having been a single parent for so long already I don't need a 30+ year old child to look after as well!!) It also brought it home that I really, really, really want us to do this together.

So, he has a bit longer to get his head together and then it's time to stop worrying/moping and just get on with it!

Right, I'm on something curry tonight (dhansak? can't even remember...Sainsbury's own blush )

Corrie is on, time to chillax.


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EssexWelsh Sat 04-Aug-12 10:57:57

Hello ladies, had my BFP just an hour ago, I'm all up and down with feelings. I'm 29 have been with DP 5 years, we had an unplanned pregnancy earlier in the year and I miscarried at 9 weeks and was devastated. Since then we have been not not trying and now it has worked, however afraid to be happy or get excited after last time. Also feel very guilty as last pregnancy I got very drunk at 3 weeks before I knew and again only drunk once since that night and happened to be 3 weeks pregnant again I discover, so convinced I have pathed the same fate. Sorry all doom and gloom, the test says pregnant but feeling so anxious, amazing how it completely takes over all your thinking!! Also I had some small brown discharge on day of period and have a slight tinge when I wipe sometimes (tmi sorry) so hoping it's implantation bleeding but the fact I've drunk, had pâté, prawns and scallops, runny eggs, painkillers and digestive tablets and no vitamins this week before I found out, so expecting the worst!! Any encouragement greatly appreciated, I was on a similar thread last time and it was AMAZING to have each other!

CouldItBeTrue Sat 04-Aug-12 13:08:18


See, I put it in the wrong topic. That's how not-in-the-know I am!

Essex - welcome and congratulations.

I know exactly what you mean, my wasn't planned and there is that feeling of 'oh god, I've not done this, taken the right vitamins, I've eaten pate by the bucket full (am obsessed with pate) been very drunk once, drank wine, ate soft cheese, been on a trampoline (!)'

I suppose when you have had a m/c the fear of things going wrong is at the forefront of your mind, I have no advice but take each day/week as it comes?

If it helps, I am also hanging back on getting openly excited as I am petrified of m/c. I think that is natural though, when you are so early on? I hope it is anyway!

I think that alcohol, obviously avoid at all costs, but a one-off drinking session early on would not (in my uneducated opinion) determine the outcome of a pregnancy. There will be other factors at play. I say that because my Aunt drank regularly throughout her 2 pgs (30+ years ago) and while that is NOT recommended and very silly, even for back then, both children were born healthy.

That is a very extreme example though IYSWIM. Another one, wasn't it recommended that you drank Guiness to help with iron - and ate liver!?

I'm just trying to reassure you that a one-off drunken episode is unlikely to bring on a m/c, so try and relax. As long as you are doing everything by the book now, and continue to do so, you will be fine.

Are you taking Folic acid yet? I can't get to the Dr until tomorrow (having known for a week) so have bought some and have been taking it every morning.

As for discharge/spotting. I actually thought I had come on my period, quite a bit of blood (only in one go) and then a few spots here and there.

I have noticed (neurotically checking each time I wipe) that there seems to be a tinge of pink, but I may be imagining it.

With DC1 I spotted until approx 14 weeks - I was convinced I would m/c but all went well. I did have a lot of stress in my life at the time so I do wonder if that played a roll.

So, I am queen of essay writing it would seem (sorry!!)

Have just finished the housework, DC is off on her way to Cornwall and I have a bath running. Luxury!

Have a great day everyone.


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EssexWelsh Sat 04-Aug-12 15:48:55

Yes on folic acid as of today, just gutted hadn't been more expectant and organised, crossing everything all ok, thanks for your essays, I appreciate it!

Now we need more members to join in the baby banter smile

EssexWelsh Sat 04-Aug-12 17:11:19

Just found another thread April 2013...under starters orders, which I am going to join as looks busy if you care to join me

CouldItBeTrue Sat 04-Aug-12 18:56:44

Oh look, an April 2013 thread

I feel like such a novice! blush

So, I won't post here anymore, will join in over there. Anyone who isn't there, come and join in!

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RileyLeeHargreaves2012 Mon 13-Aug-12 18:40:02

Hey everyone :D.
I'm 18 pregnant with number 2 but lost my baby boy called Riley-Lee on April 6th this year.
I'm really excited but dont want to get my hopes up due to what happened last time.

Already had my first midwife appointment smile and a scan because I'm currently going through a threatened miscarriage but this baby is staying in there until 40weeks!!

I'm due April 2nd hopefully no later and defiantly not the 6th was ment to be due 26th march but ovulated late.

How's everyones pregnancy going so far?smile

HiHowAreYou Mon 13-Aug-12 18:49:08

RileyLee, everyone has moved to the other thread! Come find everyone there.

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