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Bloody hell I am exhausted!

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Pontouf Thu 26-Jul-12 19:40:14

And I'm only 4+2! I'm barely pregnant! I am due 2/4/13 and only got BFP this morning and yet this afternoon I was at work and could quite easily have just gone to sleep at around 3pm. This is not good. This is my fourth pregnancy but two ended in miscarriage. I don't remember being this knackered this early on with any of the others? Maybe it's cos I'm that little bit older? Is anyone feeling like this? Please tell me I'm not the only one feeling pathetically tired?!

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ClaireRacing Thu 26-Jul-12 20:24:37


Remember, it is very warm which can be exhausting.

I slept through my fourth and fifth pregnancies. sad

FunkyMonkey1983 Fri 27-Jul-12 14:01:54

I'm also only 4 weeks (due 03/04/13) and feeling pretty horrendous already! It's my second pregnancy and I wasn't this bad this early last time. It's not just the tiredness but the nausea seems to have started early too!

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