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AnchorBun Wed 06-Jun-12 21:53:13

Mamma and McKayz's thread!

It's the home run ladies grin

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McKayz Wed 06-Jun-12 21:56:43

Thanks Bun!!

Unless we all talk like mad women in the next few weeks we'll have 2 babies on this thread!!

MammaInTheMaking Wed 06-Jun-12 22:02:54

Hello smile

TroubleAndFyfe Wed 06-Jun-12 22:24:24

gringringringrin c'mon baby mamma! gringringringrin

elliebug Wed 06-Jun-12 23:17:14

Baby baby baby!!!

foolserrand Thu 07-Jun-12 01:16:19

For goodness sake! It's all quiet here then off I fuck to Devon for the day and look what I come back to! New thread, photos.... oh, and a baby on the way! Thanks for waiting for me, Mamma!

Will be back once slept a bit and recovered from today's insane driving.

Woooooooo Blubes! Come and say hello, there's a bear for you!

trope Thu 07-Jun-12 08:12:46

Ooh, forgot about the new thread! Just posted on the old one, three more posts to go over there!! Thanks for starting the new one bun!

It's pissing down and utterly bleurgh here in hove today, so Odie and I shall be staying put at home and watching the thread for updates getting on with the housework!

Do you think I should change my name too? Join in with the had-a-baby-name-changes? (well, rather belatedly join in...) I was toying with epic trope (in honour of my inability to write a succinct post) but it doesn't really reflect the arrival of Odie... Any ideas?

AnchorBun Thu 07-Jun-12 10:00:04

No news? How rude! wink Baby Blubes a-go-go!

We're staying in today too Trope, party because i'm feeling lazy and have lots of housework to do, avid thread watching but mostly because DS is ill sad He was sick yesterday and has a temperature, he's been curled up on the floor under his 'blue blankie' ever since.

I like EpicTrope smile Struggling to think of anything Odie related . . . hmmmm . . . will have a think.

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elliebug Thu 07-Jun-12 10:14:45

Hopefully mamma is enjoying some snuggles now smile
I haven't changed my name trope
We are off to the park todaysmile hope it doesn't rain otherwise jake will get a wet bum on the slide!!

ghosteditor Thu 07-Jun-12 10:17:19

How about two point trope in a 2.4 children type way? I just like the alliteration wink.

I do like epic trope too.

Hope you are having cuddles by now mamma!

trope Thu 07-Jun-12 10:38:06

Oh poor ds bun I was going to suggest you guys came over for lunch tomorrow, but probably not a good idea now sad maybe next week instead! Will text you later, Odie is asleep on me and I've managed to leave my phone out of reach!

I like two point trope ghost, it does roll off the tongue rather nicely doesn't it!

ellie indeed you haven't name changed, so I'm not the only one! smile hope you make it to the park!

Davinaaddict Thu 07-Jun-12 10:53:48

Aaaargh!!! How did I miss this!!! Sorry - major ! There, but I think they are called for in this instance grin Hope you're having lots of gorgeous baby snuggles Mamma thanks Is this another Thursday baby, or did you sneak in before midnight?

I haven't been able to catch up with photos except the ones posted as a link as I've not been on the laptop yet. That is my mission for today, although I don't hold out much hope for achieving that grin Sooooo tired after a couple of rough nights and busy days zzzzz

How about EpicOde, trope, as in Ode to Summer etc? Or if it's not enough of a link, you could use EpicOdie? grin I've still not managed to come up with one for me yet confused Although I can usually think of ideas for others hmm

McKayz Thu 07-Jun-12 11:19:04


Mamma I hope you are having baby snuggles!!

I had a MW appt this morning. I was thinking of begging to be induced as I am beyond knackered.

I did ask about when I was likely to be induced as I wondered if it would be earlier than normal as baby is meant to be big. She said they probably won't consider it until 40+10 and I will have died by then!!

Student MW still gets on my nerves. I know she's training and everything but today she decided baby was breech!!! Asked usual MW about a CS but normal MW said she would check first. She says baby is still head down. Thank God

Then proceeded to tell me that I need to keep an eye on baby's movements and if I get any swelling or headaches I need to ring the hospital. It's probably just my moods and hormones but she seems so bloody patronising.

I have seen student MW twice and both times she has sent me into a huge panic!

Hope you are all well.

elliebug Thu 07-Jun-12 11:51:55

You know you can tell her to piss off that you don't want to be examined by a student, it's a privilege not a right for then to practice scare you it happened to me when I was training, she'll get over it, you're more important mckayz

AnchorBun Thu 07-Jun-12 16:46:32

Nooooo! Why didn't my [crown] work on the other thread??

< previews >

Why are the crowns not working?!

< sulks >

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elliebug Thu 07-Jun-12 17:18:04

The bunny ear smilies didn't last very long either sad
Jake will not be put down for longer than a few min sad I have only just managed to wee!

McKayz Thu 07-Jun-12 17:30:10

I wonder how Mamma is doing.

foolserrand Thu 07-Jun-12 18:47:11

There were crown smilies? <weeps>

Am so tired today after so many hours driving yesterday. Who would have thought east herts to north west Devon would be so far?! It was totally worth it though. I never thought a baby at a wedding would have been easy? This may be because she was handed around to all the newly wedded women and elderly aunt types. It was actually really nice having a day with just Flissy and I. Shall stick up a photo of her in her wedding outfit before she pooped and ruined it

Feeling the need to join the cool kids and name change (although my name suits me because, let's face it, I'm an idiot).

McKayz Thu 07-Jun-12 18:59:27

Oh I am sick of back ache now. I can not get comfy at all. I want to have a baby sad

foolserrand Thu 07-Jun-12 19:23:30

Grrr. Must stop ending posts so abruptly. Flissy has a poorly tum today so is either ripping through nappies or needs feeding. sad

Meant to say, everyone's babies look like they're doing amazingly well. So very cute! Talented too, reading, sitting up.... goodness!

McKayz, hope you can persuade them to induce you early if you're worried. Although, will they let you birth at home if they induce you? Probably a dumb question, but I've always gone au natural.
COME ON BLUBES! I HAVE MY POM POMS GOING FOR YOU! Okay, that shouldn't have been all shouty but perhaps that will encourage Blubes to get a bloody shift on Hope all went brilliantly Mamma and you're enjoying your newborn cuddles.

AnchorBun Thu 07-Jun-12 23:48:55

<taps finger impatiently waiting for Flissy pic and Blubes update> wink

Glad you had such a nice time Fools, nice break for you smile Hope Flissy (love that nickname!) is feeling better soon.

Hope it's all gone/going well for you Mamma and you and Blubes are having lots of lovely snuggles thanks

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MammaInTheMaking Fri 08-Jun-12 00:11:56

Blubes has arrived in the form of a 8lb2oz girly called Violet Wren Alexandra. I'm besotted with her although the labour was so traumatic. It's enough to make me think about my plans for a big family.... Although I'm sure once I've had a few days it will all be forgotten. Started contracting on Weds evening and they got very powerful very quickly. We eventually left for the hospital at 3am on Thurs. TENS machine on the go (totally rate it too!). Crazy contractions which were stopping me dead in my tracks. Couldn't sit down they were so severe. Got to the birthing centre where I was checked at 3-4cm dilated. Ok I thought but wanted a bit more reward for the agony I'd already gone through. Wasn't seen again til 8am despite asking for some help at 6am because I couldn't handle the contractions. By 8am I was 6cm and taken to a gorgeous pool room. Oh I also got the magical gas and air at this point too grin. Thought everything was hunky dory. The water really helped with the discomfort and the g&a was amazing. Got to 8cm and had my waters broken for me. Back in the pool and the contractions went from 100mph to 100mph! Omg, I couldn't keep remotely quiet, wailing like a banshee! Got to 10cm pretty quickly and then everything went downhill. Despite pushing like I never knew one could push both in the pool and out, baby just would not descend into the birth canal. Had been up for about 36 hours by this point with these mind blowing contractions and was utterly broken. Baby then decided to do a poop inside so with the failing to progress and muconium they transferred me to the delivery ward. Even though I was pushing with all my might (they said I was doing it perfectly) she wouldn't budge. So out came the vontuse and they had to cut me sad. They said they put a numbing injection in there but I still yelled the place down saying "I can feel exactly what you're doing!!!!!" Violet arrived after a few pushes and DP and I were totally overwhelmed! A daughter!!!!!! We were given about 15 mins of peace before I went off to theatre for a repair job. Am on the ward now with Violet and can't move anything from boobs downwards. Got a catheter, stunning stockings and a drip in my hand. Violet has already had an exploded nappy so I had to press the buzzer for help.

So ofcourse the most wonderful thing has happened to DP and I however I think the horror of the labour and delivery is going to live with me for a while.

Davinaaddict Fri 08-Jun-12 03:48:12

Congratulations Mamma, that's fantastic news smilebearthanks and a beautiful name.

Sorry to hear about your traumatic birth sad Sending lots of fast healing thoughts to you. I'm sure you'll feel much better in a couple of weeks and will be planning the next one grin But until then, get lots of rest and let your DP do all the work wink

McKayz Fri 08-Jun-12 05:21:26

Oh Mamma congratulations!! I love the name, it's very beautiful. thanks

Sorry to hear about how the birth ended up. It does sound very scary and I hope you make a very quick recovery. Make sure your DP looks after you, lots of tlc and pampering.

elliebug Fri 08-Jun-12 06:10:09

Congratulations mamma that is a beautiful name, I hope you start to feel better soon and the staff are helpful ie give you painkillers!!

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