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Due in Feb...

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whatsinthebagangelos Tue 29-May-12 15:52:42


Thought I would start this thread as I found out I was pregnant on Saturday and a few of you were saying you had also found out this weekend!

Do come and share!

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freerangelady Tue 29-May-12 16:07:41


I found out on Friday - my first every BFP!

Been trying for 6/7 months so was totally chuffed to see that line.

Got massively all excited over the weekend and now feel a bit flat as I don't really want to tell anyone except my parents (who are away for a few days) and oh doesn't want me to get excited till 12 weeks.

I'm just happy everything works tbh!

Rang the doctors yesterday and they've booked me in for an appt next thurs.

whatsinthebagangelos Tue 29-May-12 16:13:41

Congrats free!

It was our first month of trying and I didn't think for a minute it would happen straight away! Just felt as if I would get my period then the day before thought for no reason at all 'I wonder' and there was the little pink line!

Saw go today, she was lovely and I've been referred to midwives and consultant. It's all a bit overwhelming but thrilling at the same time.

How are you feeling? You must be so happy grin

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freerangelady Tue 29-May-12 16:21:31

Happy is not the word - I'm over the moon!! I can't stop thinking about it - I've got absolutely no work done for the last few days.

Will this be your first?

tummytickler Tue 29-May-12 16:43:54

Hoorah - I Feb thread! I am due 4th Feb with dc5. We have been trying for no5 for a really long time and had a few miscarriages, so hopefully it is 3rd time lucky here!
I am soooo excited but we are not telling til 12 weeks either, so I am fit to burst with excitement!
Looking forward to getting to know you all!

whatsinthebagangelos Tue 29-May-12 16:44:17

Yes it's my first. I'm excited and also keep feeling like someone will jump in at ant minute and say 'only joking!' as its all a bit surreal.

Have you got any symptoms? I've been really tired the last few days and have had heartburn yesterday and today. Sure it's a bit early for all that! But never normally get it...and bloating...

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whatsinthebagangelos Tue 29-May-12 16:46:57

Congrats tummy and welcome!

No 5 Wow! Please give us first timers all of your expertise...

What a nice little bunch of us, hopefully as the weeks go on more people will join us! smile

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BillComptonstrousers Tue 29-May-12 18:13:01

Just a little hijack, I was on the feb 2012 antenatal group, so am feeling a little jealous of you all starting your pregnancies. The thread was a huge support to all of us, we all made some great friends, and we now have a private Facebook group where we chat everyday, and organise meets. We are planning a big 1st birthday bash, and hopefully all 43 of us can attend :-) I hope you all make some lifelong friends like I did!

emsyj Tue 29-May-12 18:28:13

I found out on Saturday too, feeling nervous as it's such early days, but calculated I'm due 1st Feb smile. This will be DC2.


The first few weeks/months are so worrying though, I'm finding it very hard to be excited as I am thinking of what could go wrong.

tummytickler Tue 29-May-12 18:32:12

emsyj it is so hard to relax and enjoy pregnancy isn't it. It feels like there is so much that could happen. But odds are in our favour!

Bill your group sounds fabulous. I hope our group becomes that close too. I cannot wait for this time next year when bundles will be safely in arms!

whatsinthebag don't count on me for expertise after the day I have had with my 4 year old grin I am currently wondering if I really want dc5 grin (not really - just one of those afternoons!)

whatsinthebagangelos Tue 29-May-12 18:45:14

Agree that bill your group sounds lovely!

tummy it's been one of those days has it? Going to try to enjoy this pregnancy where my free time is my own and I can sleep--eat cake-- whenever I like!

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freerangelady Tue 29-May-12 18:49:58

Bill - your group sounds lovely - lets hope that ours ends up as friendly!

Bagangelos - we're in the same boat with #1 then! In awe of people like tummy with 4 other kids - that's amazing!

EmsyJ - I'm a big believer in positive thinking - lets see what we can conjure up here.

BillComptonstrousers Tue 29-May-12 19:09:55

Well good luck to you all, we all went on to have beautiful healthy babies, as I'm sure you all will too x

DizziDoll Tue 29-May-12 20:28:52

Hi ladies. Congratulations!!! I am convinced I will be joining you, though I haven't tested yet. I am hoping mr. Amazon will be delivering them tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

whatsinthebagangelos Tue 29-May-12 20:39:18

Good luck dizzi! Will be thinking of you tomorrow and keeping a seat for you!

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emsyj Tue 29-May-12 21:42:46

I'm meeting my midwife tomorrow (we have one to one service here, so hopefully she will be my midwife throughout including during labour) so thinking positive thoughts!

Am contemplating doing another CBD tomorrow to see if it's gone up from 1-2 to 2-3... Any thoughts?

whatsinthebagangelos Tue 29-May-12 22:11:45

Wow emsy that's great you're seeing midwife already, I won't see mine until about 8 weeks! You could do another test for interest value. I've done 4 so far as I'm fascinated by the line getting stronger each time! Do try to relax a bit though, as being stressed can make things difficult. My mantra is everything is fine unless there is a reason to believe something is wrong. Try to enjoy it and hopefully seeing the midwife will reassure you a bit. Good luck smile

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emsyj Tue 29-May-12 22:31:42

I'm just meeting her - not a booking appt yet, just a 'hello' really. The one to one service is being piloted in my area and it seems to be working quite well - they come to the house for appointments so I won't need to go and sit in the GP surgery and they offer scans at a clinic about 5 minutes down the road, so hopefully I won't need to attend hospital at all! grin

I will have a go at the CBD tomorrow... Fingers crossed for a 2-3. I am pretty sure that we conceived 2 weeks and 5 days ago so should have moved beyond 1-2 now, but I know they're not hugely accurate on the timescale reading.

freerangelady Wed 30-May-12 06:31:58

Emsy - I'm going to do another digi on thurs as I have one spare. I should have moved up to 3+ weeks then and if all
Good am going to tell my mum! Has anyone told anyone apart fro oh?

Fingers crossed dizzi - let us know how you get on!

emsyj Wed 30-May-12 08:30:26

I did mine this morning freerangelady and got 2-3 weeks, which matches my dates - feel good about that grin. Hope yours goes up to 3+ tomorrow as expected. I will do my very last one on Sunday and hope for 3+ then.

We've agreed not to tell anyone and it is quite nice having the little secret! Last time I couldn't wait and told everyone pretty much immediately, couldn't hold it in. grin

tummytickler Wed 30-May-12 12:44:57

emsyj - how brilliant to have a one to one midwife service! Although it seems almost impossible to achieve, but a great idea (what does she do if she is in with another patient when one of her patients is in labour?)
Are you planning a home birth?

I am way to scared to start fussing with the date indicator tests! I have watched my Superdrug tests get darker over 5 days and that will do me!

We will not be telling anyone until at least 12 weeks, although we might tell my parents a little earlier if my morning sickness is really bad, just in case they fancy having the dc over for tea or something grin so I can lay in bed dying!

tummytickler Wed 30-May-12 12:45:26

DizziDoll any news?

emsyj Wed 30-May-12 12:56:29

Come on, DizziDoll, don't keep us in suspenders!

Definitely not up for a home birth - had a crash section with DD so would like a nice calm birth this time, but not brave enough to do it at home.

freerangelady Wed 30-May-12 18:32:03

Any news Dizzi?

I don't really want to tell anyone but I feel I have to tell my Mum and Dad cos I work for them and I'm a farmer and harvest this year would coincide with my 2nd trimester if all went well and I have no idea if/how I'd be able to cope so we need to come up with a back up labour plan.

DizziDoll Wed 30-May-12 23:33:38

BFN i'm afraid. I had 3 bfn's with ds as well though so you never know.. Keep my seat warm!! Good luck with all the first appointments etc. envy smile

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