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totallyfloaty35 Wed 08-Feb-06 18:43:49

I have seen baby hammocks advertised and im interested in them.I know their was a thread on here a while about them and i was hoping for an update from the mums that have been using them.

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IlanaK Wed 08-Feb-06 18:47:22

I used the Amby Hammock with both my boys and highly recommend it. We used it from birth to about a year old and then transfered into a cotbed. I plan to use it when i have another so it will definately get used to the value of what I spent!

Its good points are that it moves very gently when the baby moves, or you can sort of bounce it yourself. You can use it with or without a mattress. I used it with for my first and without for my second. I think I prefer it without, though it does look at bit odd when there is no baby in it!It takes up less space than a cot and is portable too.

Down side is that if your baby gets used to sleeping only in the hammock, they will have trouble sleeping on a flat bed. We had this trouble, but I have friends that used it in conjunction with pram, travel cot when away etc and had no problems.

I really like them and would recommend them to anyone.

totallyfloaty35 Thu 09-Feb-06 14:32:11

Thanks Ilanek,im seriously thinking of getting one now.

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grall Thu 09-Feb-06 17:40:58

I think westarted a little late for our DS at 2 months however he def preferred it to the Moses basket-which he NEVER went in. Aged 4 months he started to try and roll over and get frustrated so we put him in a cot. That said if we have another as we hope to I would try it again from newborn this time.

CaptainDippy Fri 10-Feb-06 11:17:49

totallyfloaty35 - I have a lovely baby hammock like this one

(Sorry - not too good at links, but if you cut and paste that into your browser and click "go" it should come up!! Let me know ify ou have any problems!!)

My DD2 loved it - although she was a funny wee lass and didn't end up using it a lot so although I don't have the orignal packaging, it is in BRAND NEW condition - You can have it for £15 (inc P&P) if you want!!? My email is captain_dippy "at" yahoo "dot" co "dot" uk - Let me know!!

CaptainDippy Fri 10-Feb-06 11:19:55

Just tried the link and it does go to the eco-babes site, but doesn't show the product (told you I was pants at links!! ) Just type in "simple baby hammock" into the search feature it will come up - Again, any trouble and I'll just take a pic of my one and email it to you if you are interested!!

CaptainDippy Fri 10-Feb-06 19:53:16


blueshoes Fri 10-Feb-06 20:18:21

I bought an Amby Baby for dd who would not fall asleep except at the breast or in the buggy. Dd thought it was a wonderful toy for 10 minutes then wanted out. She never fell asleep in it, however much bouncing I did. But then again, dd is exceptionally hardcore on sleep. The seller swore it would work and agreed to take it back and give me a refund - no fuss.

zephyrcat Fri 10-Feb-06 20:32:31

CaptainDippy I'm def interested in your hammock if tf35 doesn't want it

CaptainDippy Fri 10-Feb-06 22:58:55

Cool - I'll wait a couple of days to see if TF wants it and if I don't get a reply it is yours!!

totallyfloaty35 Sat 11-Feb-06 08:49:22

CaptainD,thanks so much for offer,but my mates already ordered an amby one.Thanks for all the info ladies was very kind of you.

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CaptainDippy Sat 11-Feb-06 09:23:48

Well then zephyrcat - It is all yours if you would like it - email me at captain_dippy "at yahoo "dot" co "dot" uk and we'll discuss payment, postage etc etc!!

zephyrcat Sat 11-Feb-06 10:03:06

Have emailed you

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