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little kicks and a bit less sick - half way to June 2012

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Kveta Sun 22-Jan-12 16:08:40

new thread! 4th one already, wow, we can talk for Britain!! grin

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Kveta Sun 22-Jan-12 16:11:30

Stats as of today!

1st timers in wonder
1st June MrsKitchen #1
6th June HorseyGirl #1
7th June MammaInTheMaking #1
12th June LadyGrace #1
15th June ceeej #1
15th June Warlin #1 Boy
15th June Miniangel #1
16th June Fireflies #1
16th June HelssjBells #1
18th June Millyv #1
19th June SeriouslyStrongCheddar #1
19th June MorningHasBroken #1
21st June TeaandHobnobs #1
21st June ChateauMargot #1
21st June Florin #1 Boy
23rd June Emblosion #1
23rd June AmethystMoon #1
23rd June SpecialJK #1
26th June Itchyfootedlady #1
27th June exBrightonBell #1
28th June honeybee23 #1
30th June PinkPepper #1

2nd timers Excited but scared because this time we KNOW!
5th June Kveta #2 Girl
6th June Novmama #2
6th June justwantscheese #2
13th June Rrrrayray #2
15th June Jubble #2
15th June ffnorm#2
16th June Thedogwalker (TDW) #2
17th June Fluffymitchell #2
19th June violets #2
21st June SarahBumbarer #2
20th June rhibutterfly#2
23rd June Ellybett #2
26th June callmemamma #2

3rd plus timers Excited but a bit Meh!
6th June mrsshears #3
6th June Dalrymps #3 Boy
9th June Starlight #3
10th June BlueAndRedMakePurple #4 Boy
12th June Greengoose #3
15 June Ecstatica # 4
21st June Kayzr #3

Gone but not forgotten
(and others who don't wish to be named, but we won't forget you!)

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BlueAndRedMakePurple Sun 22-Jan-12 16:15:27

Ooh shiny new thread grin.

I have been a bought a bouncer chair today (another ebay bargain) its beautiful, I can't believe I shall soon have another baby to put in it. I must be barmy!!

StarlightMcKenzie Sun 22-Jan-12 16:17:42

Hiya. Just checking in. Scan next week but they refuse to tell the sex here.

Boysrstupid Sun 22-Jan-12 16:38:16

Hello there...

<twirls & flashes --pre-existing flab--slight bump>

Please accept this as my audition piece & add me to your list.

Dc3 due 29/6. I've been lurking on the other threads but only just accepted I am currently harbouring a tiny human being.

Miniangel Sun 22-Jan-12 17:45:46

Kveta Thanks for creating the new thread. Love the name. Hope your DS feels better soon.

Ceej thanks for the good wishes. You could say it's a pre-baby get together or mum to be celebration

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Mine has been loads of fun so far. I am starting to look for a venue for my baby shower as will have close to 35-40 people at the event and do not want to do it at home.

emblosion Sun 22-Jan-12 17:51:16

A new thread, yay! Thanks Kveta

Have been having a busy weekend so am just checking in.

Welcome Boysrstupid smile

millyv Sun 22-Jan-12 18:42:43

Woo hoo- new thread! Will check in later on when I have more time- hope you're all having a relaxing weekend! Xx

Dalrymps Sun 22-Jan-12 19:17:45

New thread whoop! Thanks kvetasmile

Just chilling and counting the minutes until Call the Midwife is on!

Spent the day at the metro centre yesterday (an hour away from us) with dh and the boys. Had a great time and got to eat an Aunty Anne's pretzel omg they are sooo tasty!! Had a stroll around Ikea and had about 50 heart attacks as ds1 kept hiding in all the displayshmmgrin

I feel like I've run a marathon today, absolutely ridiculous that a day of walking round the shops should leave me in such pain! My hips have almost ceased up and my legs are aching, I'm walking very strangelyconfused

Hope you've all had a nice weekend.

boris my thoughts are with you x

KatyJ26 Sun 22-Jan-12 19:40:46

Hi- found you! Took me a while though! Just marking my place smile

Kayzr Sun 22-Jan-12 19:52:33

Dalrymps I love the metro centre. We don't go that often as Meadowhall is closer but occasionally I can persuade DP to go there.

Welcome Boysrstupid

Thanks for new thread. It's very good.

I am going to be having a baby shower. Only for about 10 people and I don't mind about getting presents. But fancy some fun with my friends before baby comes.

I'm seriously considering going to bed.

violets Sun 22-Jan-12 20:00:15

Ooh quick Call the Midwife is on!

Kveta Sun 22-Jan-12 21:14:03

oh god, just watched it violets and am still howling! how bloody cruel life was in ye olden days. although it wasn't even that long ago, was it? in my parents lifetime anyway sad loved Miranda in it though, she was brilliant. And I say that as someone who doesn't get her TV show at all!

now watching bits of Birdsong between DH's flicks to the sodding snooker! am not whining though, he has been so lovely with DS today, he deserves his terminally dull sport viewing this evening grin

no baby shower plans here, but I went to a few in the states, and they were nice smile I've been researching double buggies all weekend, thinking of a phil and teds now, because it converts to a single so easily. I'm hoping DS won't need it too much, but want the option there! what has everyone else on 2nd + baby gone for pushchair-wise?

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thedogwalker Sun 22-Jan-12 21:20:15

Hi all, thanks kveta for the new thread. DS and I are still full of cold, been an awful weekend, need a duvet day but that is impossible, when you have a LO. Well it's nearly here, my 20 week scan is tomorrow and I cannot wait, hope to update the stats with the flavour grin. Been thinking of Tobias if it is boy, but mentioned that on the phone to my Dh tonight, which was met with silence hmm. I will have to work on DH me thinks.
Welcome Boysrstupid, you need to cut, paste and add yourself to the stats, its all self service around here grin
Hope everyone is feeling better than me, take care xx

Kveta Sun 22-Jan-12 21:22:38

oh, Tobias is lovely TDW! it was one of my vetoed choices grin good luck tomorrow!

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Kayzr Sun 22-Jan-12 21:26:44

Kveta I went for a phil and teds when I had DS2. I absolutely loved it. I can't recommend it enough. There was 1 problem which was that the tires and like bike tires and if you take it off road it can get a puncture. It's a bit of a pain but everything else made up for it.

TDW I love Tobias. I hope you can work on your DH. Is it long til he's home for his break?

violets Sun 22-Jan-12 22:13:29

I know Kveta me too. Keep telling myself it's not real. Though having said that, my gran was gave birth to my mum during that sort of era, bombed out of their house. I can't begin to imagine how things were for her. The size of the nappy on that child at the end - me and OH would have been wearing something similar shock Miranda was really good wasn't she.

thedogwalker hope your scan goes well.

Mine is finally getting closer 31 Jan, along with much less enjoyable, but essential appointments about blood tests and medication.

We spent loads on a travel system for DD so was wondering about buying a Lascal buggy board instead of a double - if anyone has tried one it would be good to hear what you think smile

10000fireflies Sun 22-Jan-12 22:43:44

Evening all!!
Thanks for starting the new thread Kveta, and for updating stats. How’s DS?
TDW aww there, there. Sorry you and DS are feeling rough. Hope you’re better soon. Good luck with your scan and let us know how you get along. Sounds like you need to get some naming tactics worked out (as do I as will be a battle to get some of the names I like). My Mum just went to the registry office and had one of my bros named officially before Dad could do anything about it!!
Ceeej - so sweet of your friend to organise a baby shower. How about calling it ‘Ceeej and bump’s afternoon tea’?
Talking of cake, just had a pineapple-upside-down cake… Yum!!
Amethyst - does your local NCT have any meet ups that you could attend? Are there any Mumsnet local groups near you? I need to get out there and join a few groups as I’m in a similar position to you.
Rhibutterfly - am sure you’ll find a name sooner or later. No panic yet!! Still a few months to go!! DH and I have not settled on names yet and might just get a shortlist and wait until LO appears.
Purple goodness, you do know a bargain when you see one!! I have nowhere to put anything much yet.
Starlight they’re meanies at your hospital!! Will you get a private scan? I would have to. Want to find the sex out.
Welcome Boys
Wow, Mini! That’s some gathering for a baby shower!!
Dalry have you recovered from your marathon shopping trip?

Call the Midwife was great, wasn’t it??!! Makes me feel that we have nothing to complain about, giving birth with all those lovely drugs and technology available these days. I feel so much better for long soak in the bath this am and a swim this avo. Found a swimmie to squeeze in to, so hope I can make it last a while. Hopefully that’s the back-ache sorted now. Off to bed now. Have a good week everyone. FFxx

ellybett Sun 22-Jan-12 22:52:12

Aww, a lovely shiny new thread, almost seems like a milestone in itself! Thanks kveta.

Call the Midwife was soo good! Used to be driven mad by Miranda but totally changed my mind with her last series and now love her. I just think that CTM is really tastefully and beautifully filmed. Love good Sunday night telly.

Welcome boysrstupid.

Been in potty training hell since Wednesday. To be fair, DD has been brilliant with using the potty with just come a couple of accidents over the first few days including at a kids party yesterday but today has been awful ( I blamed DH as he was in charge this morning whilst I had a lovely lie in and she wet herself twice in an hour!). I think the novelty has definitely worn off for her and although she loves the knickers she really really isn't a fan of potty's or toilets!

I'm hoping to get away with just a buggy board come June. We have the bugaboo bee from birth which has been great but now DD very rarely spends more than 10 minutes in it before begging to be let out and she'll be 2.10 when little bub arrives.

2 weeks till we find out the sex, days are very much dragging right now!

Dalrymps Sun 22-Jan-12 23:07:01

Thanks for asking firelfliessmile My legs are still ridiculously sore but I'm all tucked up in bed now reading the iBook of Call the Midwifegrin

It was great wasn't it? Certainly makes you appreciate the services we have on offer these days.

Hope everyone has a lovely peaceful sleep tonight. Night all x

ellybett Mon 23-Jan-12 07:42:43

Good luck with the scan tdw.

Dalrymps Mon 23-Jan-12 09:12:09

Morning ladiessmile

Legs substantially less achy this morning!

TDW Loving Tobias! Hope all goes well at your scansmile

How is everyone today?

justwantcheese Mon 23-Jan-12 10:10:32

Hi everyone,hope it's going ok for you all. everyone seems to be moving along nicely -these bumps are getting bigger. Today I feel I could pop!
Having the 20 week scan this afternoon- hopefully find out if girl or boy, will be delighted either way.
back is killing and under bump with spd,anyone else suffering? any handy hints?
hope you are all well, think we're all or nearly half way there x

Warlin Mon 23-Jan-12 10:11:13

Morning week, new thread...half way there! Time is flying!

Kveta thanks for sorting the new thread and love the name. Thinking of jjandthe bean as she was normally on top of the threads sad

Welcome boys

I had a lovely weekend...bought my first newborn babygrow!! Was in mamas and papas looking at mat clothes and couldn't resist...DH think it's too early and I'm tempting fate so have put it in the cupboard out of sight.

We went for another look at the house we want. We have provisionally agreed but no movement on ours it so much as it's right on the beach and will be gutted if the timing's out...dying to get moved in the next month but am really scared we'll lose it...

And the kicks are back..well at least I think they 3 days with no movement and was really panicked but the flutterings are back. Next Monday for my big scan...roll on!

Any scans this week?? Good luck to those lucky enough to have them.

Love hearing about the baby shower plans!

And loving Call the glad we aren't living in those times...and not a man in sight att he births!

Have a good day everyone!

rrrayray Mon 23-Jan-12 10:16:47

Hi all. Sorry for lack of posting.
Everyone sounds a lot less grotty than we did a few months ago.
Can recommend nct for meeting friends with babies of a similar age as you'll all be due within a month or so of eachother.
Scan is Wednesday

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