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Headaches and sleepless nights.

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Nicned3 Sat 21-Jan-12 04:33:17


Has anyone been suffering from with the above?

I tend to have regular days where I am waking up with a thumping headache and going to bed with one as well. I am drinking plenty of water.
I am also not sleeping much as well, I am really restless during the night and feel comfortable within myself, no worries or woes..

I am seeing the midwife on Monday, perhaps she can suggest how to avoid headaches...

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nannipigg Sat 21-Jan-12 04:54:10

I did when I was pregnant, I think it's mainly hormones and increased blood flow/blood pressure....your body is running in overdrive while making a baby.
I would get Midwife to check you over and ask what you can take for it safely.

I cut out virtually all the fizzy drinks, caffeine and chocolate out of my diet, cut down on cheese and it helped me. I also started doing a little bit of yoga which helped de-stress my body and mind ready for sleep
Hope this helps!

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