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PESH - 3 years of hard won baybees for the over-30's

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AlpinePony Tue 20-Dec-11 06:05:59

This is NOT a list:


dontrythisathome, girl born March 25 2010.
Cheggers, twinz girlz, born April 2010.
FannyPriceless, boy, born June 8 2010.
CurlyCasper, girl, born June 24 2010.
CUNextTuesday, boy, born June 29 2010.
AlpinePony, boy, born 1 July 2010.
Carrots, boy, born July 2010.
IggyPiggy, girl, born July 2010.
Cosmosis, boy, born Sept 5 2010.
Backinthebox, boy, born Sept 7 2010.
Skatergrrrl, girl, born Sept 10 2010.
VAG, boy, born Oct 2 2010.
Silversky, boy, born Nov 1 2010.
SomethingSuitablyWitty, girl born Nov 2 2010.
Honeymoo, boy, born Nov 11 2010.
okiecokie, girl, born Nov 12 2010.
ReginaMonologue, boy, born Nov 13 2010.
Lightspaperstandback, boy, born Nov 14 2010.
Maswera, boy, born Dec 24 2010.
PollyPoo, girl, born Jan 5 2011.
MrsFC, boy, born Jan 7 2011.
ChoChoSan, girl, born 6 Feb 2011.
Ginhag, boy born 11 Feb 2011.
Muser, girl, born 15 Feb 2011.
CluckyKate, boy, born 18 Feb 2011.
Perfect Dromedary, boy, born 23rd February 2011.
Casserole, girl, born 19th March 2011.
Medee, girl, born 26th March 2011.
StiffyByng, girl, born 17th May 2011.
Scorpette, boy, born 21st May 2011.
Rocketleaf, girl, born 23rd May 2011.
TwinkleToes, girl, born 7th June 2011.
Laurielou, boy, born 9th June 2011.
Orchid, girl, born 24th June 2011.
Ginfox, loving the new mega-boobs, due 12th July.
LadyGoneGaga, girl, born 24 July 2011.
Mrbitey, boy, born 29th July 2011.
Macaroonmum, boy, born 28th July 2011.
Owlbooty, boy, born 18th August 2011.
Ocarina, girl, born 6th September 2011.
Mountie, boy, born 27th August 2011.
Truffkin, boy, born 25th November 2011.
Islegrin, boy, born 14th December 2011.


BarbiesBeaver, can't quite believe it, due Christmas Day
BrownB, Baybee passport-grabbing bitch, due 22nd January 2012
AlpinePony, Greedy Double-Esh Baybee Boy Grabbing Bitch, due 19th Feb 2012
Rollerbaby, No pink here, expecting boy due March 20th 2012
KitandKat, third time lucky baybee, due 12th April 2012
IveBeenExpectingYou (CockDodger), A very active baby girl, due March 28th 2012
Silver, hoping for an easier sneeze, due mid-July 2012
Starryeyedmole, regretting recently investing in scales

And we're all on beaver watch in time for xmas!

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Medee Tue 20-Dec-11 09:23:34

Nice beaver!

BarbiesBeaver Tue 20-Dec-11 11:09:01

Yay new Fred ready for cervix watch! Thanks meds its good to know I'm panicing prematurely I feel a bit like there is a big clock counting me down which I have to race against. Funny it took me 3 years to win my baby so this thread seems well named to me.

rockingaroundtheXmasleaf Tue 20-Dec-11 12:39:17

Just marking my spot for beaver watch <sets up camp stool, gets out flask of gin baileys coffee and binos> Good luck babs!

KatAndKit Tue 20-Dec-11 16:40:19

checking in for cervix watch! Come on barbie . How do you feel about Xmas day delivery? One of my friends had a due date of 25/12 for her second but she ended up going 4 days over. The downside of that was she still had to make a Christmas dinner.

I haz now completed almost all of my shopping without setting foot in many shops. Thank fuck for amazon. I will change my tune about that if the stuff doesn't actually arrive tomorrow though! I tried walking around some shops for a couple of hours the other day and I was virtually crippled. Despite the fact that at least half an hour was spent in a coffee shop!

Itwasonastarrymole Tue 20-Dec-11 22:10:01

Any twinges bbq?!

I feel sick. I came downstairs this am to find our dog (mindee) had been sick in the lounge, then took him for run and he pooed four times. It is a nice dog but it is not helping the fact that I Feel Sick. (don't get me wrong,i'm not complaining, well, only about the dog). Do feel somewhat reassured,as (very uncharacteristically) I kept a diary during -short- pg before mc last year,and I wasn't really very nauseous at all,i commented on it in fact, whereas I was with molette, so its a good sign for me. Only 6 sleeps and we've made it through Christmad unscathed. Woo-hoo!

Truffkin Tue 20-Dec-11 22:49:25

Marking my place for beaver watch grin

I still have several gifts to buy and tried to go shopping today but it made me it h. I need to get in without a pram and do it all in an hour. I did somehow manage to buy myself a nice dress, half price in the Monsoon sale and a size smaller than pre-diff. Merry Christmas to me!

MrBitey Tue 20-Dec-11 22:55:20

Stock piles mince pies and sherry for beaver watch grin

KatAndKit Wed 21-Dec-11 09:58:39

Size smaller? How have you managed that already truffs ? Well done though and am sure your new dress looks ace.

Glad the sickness is reassuring you moley how many weeks are you up to now? Keep ticking off those days and you will be up to the magic 12 weeks before you know it.

BrownB Wed 21-Dec-11 21:34:52

Hello there everybody! BB - how's eet going...? Are the people camping out getting in your way yet? I'm not entirely sure who RockingroundXmasleaf is, and she sniggered when she posted this but I actually thought the first clip was pretty amazing. I've been freaking out about childbirth this week as apparently a woman in my shape is fair game for freaky scary tales of horrific tears and surgery. So... I'm working on my Jedi mind tricks [aka hippobirthing] for REAL now!!

HolyMoley - am so happy you're here. grin Good luck with the anti-menkul-ing thing.

KittyKat - I have been really really lucky with the gubbins that comes with babies, but the few things that I haven't been able to beg and borrow, I've bought on eBay.

BrownB Wed 21-Dec-11 21:35:28

Ps - Alps - you rock. Fanks for the new fred, and you really do rock you know!!

rockingaroundtheXmasleaf Thu 22-Dec-11 10:20:02

BrownB, if you go on the homebirth website there are some AMAZING birth stories. I know you are planning a hossie birth but that's not the point, you can take heart from just reading them. There is a woman on there who inadvertently had a free birth because she thought she had ages and told her husband not to leave work yet, by the time he had arrange cover she had given birth on her own in their bedroom, he got home just in time to cut the cord. (ps I am rocketleaf, have you forgotten me already? :-()

Holymoley, my mum said the same as you, she has a couple of mcs and didnt feel sick with either and had it preatty bad with both my sister and I. Must be somat to o with the hormones. Here have a ginger biscuit <runs>

rockingaroundtheXmasleaf Thu 22-Dec-11 10:21:07

BB just gone to find the homebirth resources link for you and the sight is down sad think the address must have run out and someone bought it up. BOOOO!

BrownB Thu 22-Dec-11 18:16:05

Booo....! And yes - of course I remember you Salad. Just not quite connecting the dots. <wonders if blaming the baby is bad form...?>

Am currently booked in at the birthing centre which seemed to be a nice half-way thing between the labour ward and home birth. The reason I decided against home birth was... our house is old and draughty.

AlpinePony Thu 22-Dec-11 18:33:41

moley I was very ill when pregnant with bear and despairing between weeks 5 and 9 with this one, you know, idly considering termination and weepy because I couldn't do it all again. As it transpires this pregnancy is completely different and I'm barely sick at all. Phew! As far as hormone surges go, I do/did the same as rocket's mum and just try and think "oh lovely, baby is growing well". smile

brownie the centre sounds lovely. Can't believe it's all so soon now! In fact, could be any day now, curly and I both laid at 36 weeks... And rocket was early too. ;)

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BrownB Fri 23-Dec-11 09:28:40

I've just realised I'm almost at the top of the not list... Aaarrrggghhh!!!! grin

AlpinePony Fri 23-Dec-11 10:01:58

Well if barbie doesn't check in very soon, we can assume you are top! ;)

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BarbiesBeaver Fri 23-Dec-11 11:32:03

Nope I'm still here, waiting....really enjoying getting loads of bloody texts asking if any news yet. I.don't mind you lot camping out though!

Medee Fri 23-Dec-11 11:50:51

what is it with people texting or calling to ask if you have had the baby yet. My mum called every day of the last two weeks of my pregnancy - as if I wouldn't tell her that I had had the baby!

MadameBoodolf Fri 23-Dec-11 19:32:06


(BB watching)

KatAndKit Sat 24-Dec-11 09:22:08

waiting impatiently for the PESHmas baybee to make an appearance tonight!

I take it that this isn't imminently likely? Perhaps will be first baybee of the New Year, born at one minute past midnight?

Anyone have any knowledge about the bouncy birth ball thingies. Apparently sitting on one might help me to feel less crippled. had a look on line, are they all much of a muchness or are any one type better than others?

Well, all presents wrapped, mince pies baked, going to spend the rest of this morning lounging about in the bath. When you hear a news report about a pregnant woman stuck in the bath and unable to hoist herself out, that would be me!

AlpinePony Sat 24-Dec-11 09:30:33

kat afaik, the ones called 'pregnancy' as opposed to 'yoga' are twice the price. ;) and yes, a ball is a ball. For me the biggest consideration is it taking my weight. ;)

Isabella Oliver 50% maternity sale. I love my ruffle dress and have fallen in love with a top I got there which I wasn't sure about at first, but the bigger my bump gets, the nicer it looks. Trousers are for the long of leg only I gather.

Our bath has one of those old lady handle things on the wall. Thank you lord!

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baublelugs82 Sun 25-Dec-11 00:14:17

Merry Christmas PESH and good look bb, i hope you has a luffly sneeze-like lay!

Brown tis you next, although i will leave your cervix alone for now.

Seriously though, i hope you all have a wonderful time. Christmas is the time to cherish what you have, remember what you've lost and look forwards, not back.

Christmas kisses all round xxxxxx

AlpinePony Sun 25-Dec-11 09:27:04

Happy Xmas bubbles - in some ways I hope you're posting in PESH next xmas, otoh - would be better if you're in CRESH! smile

I hope you're feeling a little less tender. More about the giant, plastic boobs pls!

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MadameBoodolf Sun 25-Dec-11 11:31:36

Merry due date Barbie grin

and a Merry ESHmas to you all <snogs all round>

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