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Mum and Baby Groups in London, NW6 and or W10?

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Brizzer Mon 09-Jan-06 13:54:00

Hi there

I have a newborn and wondered if there were any suitable Mum and Baby groups in the Queens Park (NW6 or W10) area of London? I would love to meet some likeminded Mums and little ones? Thanks.

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thebecster Fri 13-Jan-06 17:47:37

I don't know of any but will watch this thread with interest. I live NW6 - West Hampstead and am 20 weeks pg. It'd be nice to have people to meet up with during my maternity leave. Have you tried NCT? Hope someone can help you.

Baroness Sun 15-Jan-06 16:50:29

i have a two year old and am expecting a baby in april. i didn't find any groups last time which struck me as odd since it's such a babytastic area.

Thefitz Wed 18-Jan-06 20:56:06

Hi - I'm due on 17 March and already have a very active 17 month old son. I live just out of W10 in Notting Hill (W8) but would also like to meet some like-minded mums so as not to be on my own with the new one and slowly going mad. I met some great friends through NCT classes last time, but none of them are having their second yet.

0zziemum Mon 09-Oct-06 08:14:58

Hi Brizzer
I noticed you asked if there were any suitable mum and baby groups in the Queens Park area. I have a 8 week old baby and have just finished a world wind tour of Europe with my parents who visited from Australia. However it is back to reality now and i would like to know if you found any baby groups in the NW6 area?

mhandjames Tue 17-Apr-12 19:15:14

Hello - I too have a new baby and was wondering about meeting some likeminded new mums around Queen's Park (i live about 10mns walk from the park)- I noticed that the threads listed appear to date to 06, so was wondering if there is anyone out there also currently looking to meet up?

Ghanagirl Sun 29-Apr-12 11:28:55

There used to be a twin group at hopscotch queens park it was really well attended full of "yummy mummy's" but think it got moved to one of the local children's centres about 18 months ago so not sure if it's still active

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