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February love hearts - ready to burst!!

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Tabs Mon 09-Jan-06 10:52:41

Message withdrawn

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Flamesparrow Mon 09-Jan-06 11:01:55

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou

pmsl @ to be called ?? think this poor child's gonna be called ?? for many weeks after its born too!!!

Helen38 Mon 09-Jan-06 11:31:47

Morning all,
My word you were chatty this weekend! have scanned it so prob missed lots but, good to see every one is at home where they should be and babies are staying put for now

Hi monica, re bras don't buy many before baby comes, wait to see what happens, i was fitted by nct fitter near end of first pg with bigger bra but ended up needing ones another 2 cup sizes bigger when feeding, so i think it varies, my rib size went down too.
Mattresses..... no i am a bad mother haven't got a new one but my boys were both in beds quite early and is still in very good condition. Ours is one that has a zip off breathable top layer that goes in washing machine, great for when they are sick as main bit of mattress doesn't get wet at all

Been to mw this am, baby right way up this week but has lots of room to move which is why keeps turning, got to have 37 wk scan to check position. Bp behaving but I have got to go every week till the end now as have had high bp with both boys.

Flamesparrow Mon 09-Jan-06 11:49:19

Oooh, quick question... Hands up who is ready to thump the next person who says "You really should be taking it easy you know..."????

No?!?!? You think so? I was thinking that it was a good plan to do everything in sight, and I just fill my day up with pointless tasks to make sure that I overdo it!

Everyone likin the hormonal, lumpy, fed up stroppy me??

Jasnem Mon 09-Jan-06 11:56:46

Well, I considered just giving up caring for the children I've already got, and resting all day, but for some reasonI've decided not to leave the 6 year old in charge just yet...

Jasnem Mon 09-Jan-06 11:56:46

Well, I considered just giving up caring for the children I've already got, and resting all day, but for some reasonI've decided not to leave the 6 year old in charge just yet...

Helen38 Mon 09-Jan-06 11:58:06

Not had that said to me once maybe because with 2 already people know that I don't have chance
Drove me mad last time wanted to shout at people that having a 2 yr old and resting don't go together!!!!

Frizbetheexpansionset Mon 09-Jan-06 11:59:14

Flame, of course, just cat me the no! and I'll send mine back to you!! The dozy cat is mine [sigh]
Tabs thanks for the link now know where to look again!
Tictac, phew, off you go then girl!

Well have just been good and been to pre/post natal exercise class! which has just started up near me, in fact will do a seperate drumming up business post for them too! tis good tho, as you can take your kiddies if you want to, and didn't have to do too much as in 3rd tri, so more an exercise in nattering and drinking tea shame you don't live near me Flame, or you could come along with dd, might help your grouchy mood?

hotmama Mon 09-Jan-06 12:02:33

Morning girls. Like you can rest if you have other children - doh!

Anyone else having really weird dreams? I dreamt I had a show last night (must be all the reading of the Jan thread) it was nothing like any show I had - it was a perfectly sculptured dome - strange

How is everyone today?

hotmama Mon 09-Jan-06 12:04:23

Frizbe - my sis has a cat like yours. Followed her to the pub and would wait and then walk home with her - and did this on more than one occasion.

Flamesparrow Mon 09-Jan-06 12:08:36

Oooh Frizbe, I wanna come play!!!!

Helen... people seem to think that my 2 year old is perfectly capable of looking after herself. I keep getting "Oooh, you shouldn't be lifting her you know"... how exactly am I meant to get her down our steep stairs?? She's slipped down them twice and is now too scared to get down by herself.

Gonna be good on Weds and take DD to home ed - my friend home schools, and they meet up in the local country park every Wednesday.... it gets B some fresh air and other children, and the exercise will probably do me good.

Helen38 Mon 09-Jan-06 12:16:21

I keep dreaming that there are 2 in there! possible have just watched too much friends

Flamesparrow Mon 09-Jan-06 12:18:26

One last message then I'll go do stuff... discovered yesterday that the key to pregnancy dungarees is age... 17 year old step sister can wear them and not look farmer like - she still has a younger teenagery face (amazing what just a few years between us, and a toddler can do ), and can get away with them! Me, I look a cross between a farmer and a porn star.

cuffyj1 Mon 09-Jan-06 12:23:26

Morning everyone.

All fine here today, think i'm getting bh but not really sure wot they're meant to feel like! Off to mw again tomorrow after my bp been high last week she wanted to see me again in a week so hopefully it won't be high again. I bought some raspberry leaf tea at weekend and had 1 cup so far, it doesn't taste too bad i can drink it.

Thanks for the new thread tabs by the way!!

Jasnem Mon 09-Jan-06 12:45:46

Flame, I'm disappointed with your dungarees thoery, as I'm 12 years older than you, and have been wearing mine for 6 days a week for the past couple of months!
Maybe I'm so old that it doesn't matter any more - I certainly don't look like a porn star in mine.

I drempt that I gave birth at home this week. It was very easy and I was back on MN after 2 hours. I wish...

Flamesparrow Mon 09-Jan-06 13:25:01

Damn - I was assuming that that was the reason why!!! I must just look hideous in em naturally then!!! The porn star aspect comes from the front panel bit never seeming wide enough for my boobies, and they sort of pour out of the sides...

Whoever sent the nesting vibes, thankyou lots!!! Spent since the last post attacking DDs room so that her christmas presents will fit, and so will a cot! Now I just need another 3 weeks worth of this nesting to get my whole house sorted (allowing for us making it a state in between me doing each room...)!!!

Helen38 Mon 09-Jan-06 13:32:09

Well done flame, I am not nesting. DH hopes i will each time but no not so far with any, I am just not a house wife type
I have not been doing anything usefull but am spending lots of money on due to getting distracted by another thread earlier ooops have no children at the mo so should be doing something usefull.

Jasnem Mon 09-Jan-06 16:00:22

Well, maybe being flat-chested helps then. When not pregnant I don't actually need a bra at all, and now I have made it up to a massive Bcup (as big as it gets for me)!

I'm sort of nesting - trying to get DP to adapt our computer table to fit his Xbox and tv, so I can make space in our room. He on the other hand is planning major building works involving turning our room into a bathroom. It is something I want done, and told him it had to be finished before Christmas - He wants to start work now.

3k Mon 09-Jan-06 16:23:05

Hi Ladies,

Just back from MW appointment and all is ok. Baby only one fifth engaged so need to bounce on that birthing ball and get him in there!!!! Unfortunately I have more or less missed all the NHS classes as midwife not at all organised with dates for them!! She has said I can go on 31st Jan - 2 days before I'm due to deliver! Did discuss pain relief etc today so feeling better about that but she is now on holiday for 2 weeks so wont see her until I'm 38 1/2 weeks!!!!!

Re raspberry leaf - how many are you taking? I had 3 yesterday and nothing happened, not even a BH!

Helen38 Mon 09-Jan-06 16:25:46

I did something organised have booked tens at last!

fruitful Mon 09-Jan-06 16:37:07

Ooh, I can't believe you lot are "ready to burst". That was me this time last year. Ds is sat on the floor (chewing my phone charger cable actually, must take it away from him).

Chloe55 - 13th Feb is an excellent day to have a baby! I've never had so many flowers on Valentines day...

Good luck to you all!

3k Mon 09-Jan-06 16:41:43

Have also posted a photo on yahoo, will try and get one of DH on there too!!

Helen38 Mon 09-Jan-06 16:50:31

You remember my grumble that everyone says i am huge? well I'm not am only measuring 31 today at 33 weeks so hardly huge

TicTacMerrilyOnHigh Mon 09-Jan-06 17:07:36

Hi, Thanks for the stats and thread again Tabs.

I have just ventured out for a whole 30 minutes and am ready to drop! I did get to Holland and Barret which was my objective. I now have a cocktail of Raspberry leaf capsules, Arnica for bruising, Almond oil for perenium and lavender oil for relaxing....Going to start them all tonight....

The first of our NCT babies was born on the 3rd Jan, she was in the same hospital as me so I got a sneak preview....gorgeous!! And it was another girl

MW has been back out today, BP good and water clear...lets hope it can stay that way!

JuA Mon 09-Jan-06 17:46:33


dd managed to sleep until about 6am today - a definite impprovement! We have been to soft play this morning and to feed the ducks this afternoon - dh wasn't at work! so I am hoping for another improvement tomorrow.

I know what you mean about resting!! My sister even said I don't know how you manage to pick dd up! well if I didn't we would get nothing done at all! Don't manage much as it is!

My nesting has kind of worn off - I have a couple more things I want to sort out but haven't summoned up enough energy to do them yet!!

Glad everyones midwife appointments went OK - and hope your BP is OK tomorrow Cuffy

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