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June 2012- we'd like a bit less throwing (up) and a lot more glowing! entering the 2nd trimester.

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JjingleBeanplusPudalltheway Mon 28-Nov-11 21:40:39

New thread with updated stats, before the old one grinds to a halt at 1000 and we loose people! Plus its running so slow it barely loads for me smile

1st timers in wonders
1st June Pokemommy #1
1st June WhyAlwaysBoris #1
1st June MrsKitchen #1
4th June toddle #1
4th June sparow #1
4th june droptitdrea #1
5th June AnnaMariaWhiskers #1
6th June HorseyGirl #1
10th June Onlymydogunderstandsme #1
11th June MammaInTheMaking #1
12th June LadyGrace #1
12th June CCinDisguise #1
12th June MorningHasBroken #1
14th June Scater #1
15th June ceeej #1
15th June Babysaurus #1
17th June BumpleLeeds #1
18th June Vix1980 #1
18th June Millyv #1
18th June Warlin #1
19th June Florin #1
19th June Miniangel #1
21st June TeaandHobnobs #1
21st June Fireflies #1
22nd June SeriouslyStrongCheddar #1
22nd June growyourown77 #1
23rd June Emblosion #1
26th June FriedFrog #1
28th June honeybee23 #1
29th June Itchyfootedlady #1
30th June PinkPepper #1

2nd timers Excited but scared because this time we KNOW!
1st June Openerofjars #2
3rd June Kveta #2
5th June Pumpkin29 #2
6th June Fubble #2
6th June Novmama #2
8th June Pinkladyslipper #2
8th June Readaholic #2
9th June Working #2
12th June Ffnorm #2
10th June BirdoftheNorth #2
13th June Rrrrayray #2
15th June Jubble #2
16th June Thedogwalker (TDW) #2
16th June ReadySteady #2
17th June Fluffymitchell #2
27th June Ellybett #2
26th June callmemamma #2
28th June SarahBumBarer #2

3rd plus timers Excited but a bit Meh!
3rd June Tanamera #3
6th June girlofice #3
6th June mrsshears #3
7th June Dalrymps #3
9th June Starlight #3
12th June Greengoose #3
15 June Ecstatica # 4
16th June Dionysia #4
17 June JjandtheBean #3
20th June Carty80 #3
20th June warra #3
21st June Kayzr #3
22nd June Stuntnun #3
23rd June Biglips #3

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GloriaTheHighlyFlavouredLady Mon 28-Nov-11 21:58:31

Hiya. Starlight here again. Having a horrendous time in another aspect of my life so this little baby isn't getting much of a look in for my energy but did have the dating scan today which was great.

They bumped me forward 2 days but I am sticking with the due date I have for now.

Can anyone else feel their baby move? I got a right wriggler. I've been thinking that I was imagining it for about a week but I'm pretty sure now. The sonographer couldn't get a picture of the baby so I told her I can make it move as I feel it if I do a particular wiggle. She was amazed but I was proved right. I did it and told her that the baby has moved now and sure enough it had to a perfect position.

TeaandHobnobs Mon 28-Nov-11 22:07:38

Thanks for the new thread Jjingle!
Don't really know what to do with myself until combined test scan next Weds - paranoia is setting in!

JjingleBeanplusPudalltheway Mon 28-Nov-11 22:08:28

Wow, that's amazing starlight/gloria smile I feel pressure very lightly occasionally and wonder as I remember it from last time! But you obviously are as proved by your scan! Wow! I can't wait to be 18wks plus when its all really obvious they're wiggling!

Very envy of all these scans!

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JjingleBeanplusPudalltheway Mon 28-Nov-11 22:10:02

tea I'm seriously obsessing and stressing too, convinced ill find I'm not pregnant etc! I was the same with dd too so trying to relax!

Starlight, I hope what evers going on settles down for you xxxx

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GloriaTheHighlyFlavouredLady Mon 28-Nov-11 22:12:55

I seem to feel babies really early for some reason. DS at 14 weeks and then DD at 16, but this one beats them at 12.5. I could tell the sonographer what 'side' he/she had pinged to too.

GloriaTheHighlyFlavouredLady Mon 28-Nov-11 22:14:06

Thanks Jjingle, I have a tribunal in January. Who knows whether things will settle down after that but I hope so.

PinkPepper Mon 28-Nov-11 22:17:31

Thanks for the new thread. JJ :D

Funny how I am (only just) in same month as you all but I feel so far behind! I am worried I'll be put into July after scan, still, only a date, and I'm not normally never on time for anything anyway!

I've not been sick today :D not been very hungry though might get a naughty mcdonalds later.

I bought a new bra today, I'm normally a smallish b and got bigger so I bought a c and I'm filling it :s can't believe it. My mums told me she went up from b to an e in pregnancy though, and they didn't go back down much afterwards.

Hope everything works itself out for you Starlight.

JjingleBeanplusPudalltheway Tue 29-Nov-11 00:19:27

That really is amazing gloria! Your very lucky smile ill keep my fingers crossed for a positive outcome at the tribunal for you xxx

pink I'm the same was a b before ds, hit a d with him, then an e with dd after a year bfing, now been a d/dd depending on shop since. Even if you are moved to july dd, stay with us, I doubt very much we'll all have june babys, some will be may, some june and some july. Ds was edd september and arrived on 16th july! Dd was on time. Ill be gutted if my edd moves later in june, its like loosing time, so disheartening!

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Kayzr Tue 29-Nov-11 06:43:34

Morning! smile

I am just adding myself to the new thread.

Florin Tue 29-Nov-11 07:08:28

Morning everyone nice new thread.
I have my scan next Wednesday so some how need to tell my boss I need 3 hours off in the middle of the day. Not quite sure what to say hopefully think of something as need to do it today.
Every scan I have been to my edd has changed by a day or so but waiting for 12 week scan and then will do official change
I thought sickness was calming down, it certainly is in the morning however in the evenings still feel awful. Eating dinner is impossible!

SeriouslyStrongCheddar Tue 29-Nov-11 07:09:05

Morning all.

Thought I'd better say hello as haven't been on for a while - saw ecstatica asking about me earlier on the other thread. I'm reading every day but just cannot summon the energy to post coherently most days. Feeling a bit more human this morning so thought I'd check in.

Warlin - re the eating meat thing. I was veggie for a couple of years until a few weeks back (had also been veggie previously when younger). I've taken to eating meat again like a duck to

My scan is scheduled for 9 Dec (same day as my work Xmas party actually so should be a good day!).

I'm still not sleeping well - usually wake between 3 and 4am each day and the sleep I'm getting is not good quality. However, we've ordered a new bed and mattress (which we've needed for a long time) so am quite excited about that - mattress coming on Friday and hopefully the bed won't be far behind.

Worried about the amount I'm eating, but it's the only way to keep the constant nausea at bay so don't really have a choice at the moment. I'm sure the guys that sit next to me at work must be thinking 'no wonder she's fat, she's constantly stuffing her face!'. But they're nice guys, so maybe they're not thinking it even if I am!

My brain has gone on holiday - going to research this when I get a mo' as I'm sure I read somewhere it was to do with diversion of blood flow from brain to uterus in early pregnancy (and tiredness I think) so would be interested to know if this is true. I normally rely completely on memory / am the 'ideas' person at work and at present I'm forgetting conversations as soon as I walk out of a room and actually forgetting to complete tasks (like updating a whiteboard) half way through. Feel like my IQ has dropped by 100 points. Fortunately my boss says she hasn't noticed any change in performance so I'm obviously managing to pick up after myself and fix the cock ups quite quick!

Despite how this probably reads, I am actually quite happy and retaining my sense of humour - although I just need one little rant (which I may have shared on here before) to get off my chest. I hate tutti frutti flavoured chewable tablets. As well as taking my Pregnacare, the midwife has me on extra folic acid 'cause of my weight (fine) and also calcium / vit d 'Adcal-D3' tablets (no idea why - not as a result of tests or anything, just cause we don't get enough vit 3 in the UK or something). I have to take these dinner-plate-sized chewabable obscenities twice a day. I dread them. Tutti f*****g frutti my arse. They're fowl. If I have to take these beyond this 28 day prescription I need to find ones I can swallow 'cause chewing these little buggers for another 5 or 6 months is not an option. My commiserations to anyone else that has them.

With that, I leave you all for the day in the hope your day is calm, your vitamins non-chewable and your nausea minimal.

Rrrrayray Tue 29-Nov-11 08:22:37

Morning all. Just checking into new thread!

PinkPepper Tue 29-Nov-11 08:44:11

JJ yeah, when the midwife did my dates to work out as 30th rather than the 29th I had, I felt really weird about it, don't know why, isn't rational! is only one day, and in the scheme of things, not even important anyway, baby isn't going to know any different!
Chedder I find my tiny folic acid ones hard to swallow sometimes so feel for you! I have some tesco 'mum to be' vitamins but I only take them about every other day when I can stomach them and if I don't take them I just take the folic acid.

I realised I forgot to take a folic acid two days last week. feel so guilty, but sure everythings ok. Not even sure how I forgot they are on my living room table which I use daily!

Florin Dentist? you could say the appointments always over run so you need half hour to get there an hour there and half hour back? Or in the past I've said about other things I'm going to someone elses hospital appointment with them, people don't tend to ask too much and it sounds reasonable enough.

We're going to look at a house today (renting) it's in a nice place and looks nice from outside but the dimensions of the bedrooms they've given us seem tiny, really hope it's ok though because it seems perfect it every other way, it's literally 5mins from the hospital too and I think that'd put my mind at rest about having a home birth if I did decide to.

millyv Tue 29-Nov-11 10:11:50

Morning all!
Just adding myself to the new thread, hope you all have a fab day!

KatyJ26 Tue 29-Nov-11 10:26:49

Hi everyone,

Just marking my place on the new thread! Can't stop beacuse I am supposed to writing a 3000 word essay and unless you guys are going to help, then I should get off MN!!!! So far, I have checked my e-mails, been on fb and now on here - it's going to be a long old day!

I asked my husbund if he thought I was blooming yet.... blooming miserable was his response - ahhh how I love him!!!! hmm

WhyAlwaysBoris Tue 29-Nov-11 11:07:21

Jjingle thanks for the new thread.
Milly so glad your scan went well.
Good luck with your scans today MrsKitchen and Miniangel
Hope the essay goes well Katyj26
Hello to everyone else!
Oh and ffnorm, my due date now officially 2nd June from 1st June but i'm not going to bother changing it again, i think the 1st will have to do!

ffnorm Tue 29-Nov-11 11:59:07

Hi all - nice new thead JJ smile

Good to hear about your scan Milly!! Good luck for today mini and MrsK

Just really interested to see how many of us will have a dramatic date change with the scan...last time my dates and the scan were identical and DS arrived 1 day early but I have friends who had quite different dates from their scans... But back then I had a clockwork 28 day cycle since DS cycle never quite settled so we'll see what the scan dates us on Thurs grin

Dalrymps Tue 29-Nov-11 12:10:50

Hey everyonesmile

Just marking my place. Feeling very hungry and therefor sick, off to eat some lunch!

mrskitchen Tue 29-Nov-11 13:07:10

Didn't realise the move had been made, so here's my post from last night:
Wowee Gloria, I'm most envious of your little wriggler, keep hoping that i feel something but most likely gas!
Congrats GreenGoose, Milly and WAB, so glad things went well for your scans.
Kayzr & Jingle sorry you're feeling rotten, hope it gets better soon. My nausea has come back with a vengeance but glad of it as I panic when symptoms go away!
Miniangel, will be thinking of you tomorrow, hoping for a good result for both of us. Ayeee, so scary but exciting too, sure i will cry buckets when i see it!
Everyone else, sorry I can't think straight!
Sleep well, ladies, will update you tomorrow. x

mrskitchen Tue 29-Nov-11 13:07:54

Thanks jingle!

JjingleBeanplusPudalltheway Tue 29-Nov-11 13:34:31

No problem, figured it was best to move before the last thread filled as then we can direct each other over as last time a few people got lost.

My sickness and nausea is still calm. Thankfully, I just have a wobble when hungry. My arm however is not pretty bruise the size of a tennis ball and its swollen too! sad <whinge>

I found myself nosing at tiny white clothes in debanhams juniour j section, I think I'll buy one thing after my scan as I'm struggling to restrain myself!

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Florin Tue 29-Nov-11 14:07:17

jj I am thinking the same that if scan goes well on Wednesday I will let myself buy one little cute thing as thing it will feel more real then, and a good way of celebrating.
Just told bosses that I need time off just said it was for a hospital appointment and they were very accommodating not sure they will be so pleased when I hopefully tell them next Wednesday afternoon.

emblosion Tue 29-Nov-11 14:59:16

Hi ladies

Just checking in on the new thread smile..... I'm another one that hasn't been on here much recently, although I have been lurking and trying to keep up!

Congrats to all those that have had scans, I am most jealous envy as mine's not til the 13th, I have been fretting a bit really, as I don't have very many symptoms (I haven't all along) - am imagining a nightmare scenario of getting to the scan and being told its all in my head or something - the last couple of weeks have been dragging like you wouldnt believe and I have two more weeks left, how will i cope?!!

Warlin I'm a lapsed veggie, was vegetarian for about 10 years but started eating meat again a couple of years ago - I kept craving it and thought my body must be missing something? Randomly, since being preggo I have TOTALLY gone off red meat again, just can't face it at all - think I am just odd, lol.

jj and Florin I love the idea of buying a little cute baby item after the scan, just the thought made me feel really happy and it would make it all seem more real somehow, think I am going to do this too, all being well!


JjingleBeanplusPudalltheway Tue 29-Nov-11 15:13:40

I did the same with ds and dd, just a hat and some scratch mits, for ds, and it made it so much more real!

I'm fretting to emblosion as everythings settled down for me, its like a self defence thing I think, expecting the worst.

Well I'm in for one hell of a night! Dd just fell asleep in the car on the way home from my mums at 2, usually she'd wake as soon as the car stops, so carried her in tried waking her, she got very disgruntled and went sound on the sofa, expecting a huge wobbly I took her up to bed, no such luck she's so sound asleep! I can't actually rouse her for more than a few seconds of a glare and "I'm sleeping" so I'm letting her be, she's not napped in a year so she obviously needs it. I have visions of breakfast at 2am...

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