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2nd-time pregnancies - feeling v different compared to 1st time?

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webchick Wed 14-Dec-05 19:01:02

Hi everyone,

I have a question for anyone who is pregnant for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th + time. Did you have very different physical syptoms each time? How did you feel each time at say 6 and 12 weeks?

I am 7 weeks and feeling totally normal ie wouldn't know I was unless I knew I was late. Last time at this stage I felt tired, queesy (SP?), bigger boobs and had a tighter tummy by now and am worried that because I don't feel these symptoms this time around, something is wrong. Or perhaps everything is fine and I am being paranoid.

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singyswife Wed 14-Dec-05 19:03:33

Hi You are not being totally paranoid. I have 2 DD'd and my symptoms were completely different so much so that I was convinced DD2 was a boy. My second was a nightmare to carry from day 1 whereas my first with the exception of heartburn was no bother. All pregnancies as with all children are totally different.

Marneychristmas Wed 14-Dec-05 19:11:04

with dd1 i felt normal, this time i have felt sick and tierd, boobs are bigger, bump seems smaller. I think each pregnancy is different.

Arabica Wed 14-Dec-05 19:27:12

Hi webchick, I am also 7 weeks! Come and join us on the August thread.
I have been feeling very sick this time around and my boobs are enormous! With DS I had the same boob problem but wasn't nearly so sick. It's just as everyone says. Each pregnancy is different and there are many, many people who don't have any symptoms at all--a friend of mine didn't discover she was expecting a baby until she was 5 months pregnant!

nannyjo Wed 14-Dec-05 19:30:08

i'm 7 weeks too and feel so unexcited compared to the first one (i know that sounds awful) so i've been feeling really guilty, convinced myself that because of this something bed is gonna happen.

What a horrible thing to think and feel when i really should be jumping for joy.

This pregnancy is a wanted one by the way it was a pleasent surprise when i fell.

MaryP0p1 Wed 14-Dec-05 19:40:45

My 1st was a dream with no problems at all (girl) my 2nd was a nightmare, sickness throughout the pregnancy, depression low lying placenta nightmare (boy). Wouldn't have another baby because what if it was like the second!!!

MerlinsBeard Wed 14-Dec-05 19:43:40

my 1st was a dream, 2 days of sickness a little heartburn at the end and an average labour. laid back baby form day 1

second was a horrid horrid pregnancy, very sick for a long time, hip pain, nasty heartburn BUT lovely quick nice labour but then had the child from hell till he was 6 months old!!

both boys and yes i did think that ds2 was a girl and that he would have lots of hair (the heartburn joke)

MaryP0p1 Wed 14-Dec-05 19:50:29

The labour was completely different to. 1st 1 week of slow labour that eventually had me induced and ventouse delivered baby. 2nd 1hr hour of labour and it was all over. I then went into shock!

webchick Wed 14-Dec-05 20:30:20

Thanks everyone for the replies; I will wait until my 12 week scan to see how things are progressing, I think I am just conscious of my physicality this time around.

Nannyjo, I feel the same as you, not very excited but will feel more into it by Jan once I tell everyone, and let them all get excited about it on my behalf.

Arabica, I have seen and posted a few comments on the Aug thread; I am watching it and like to hear everyone's progress. Thanks for the invite ;)

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mgm Fri 10-Mar-06 16:56:16

Hi all. I'm 20 weeks pg with my 2nd child (another girl). So far this pg has been harder work than the first. More pelvic pain, and because i'm constantly running round after a toddler, am not able to get the rest my body needs!. Nevermind it will all be worth it in the end

Poppyshed Fri 10-Mar-06 20:57:54

Hey Webchick I was really glad to see this thread kickstarted, as I am totally the same. When I had dd by weeks 6/7 I felt a bit sick, loads more tired and was def weeing more frequently. This time around, were it not for several positive tests, and a missed period I wouldn't know I was preg. It sounds like I'm complaining when others are genuinely suffering, and I do feel for you ladies. But I am worried something has maybe gone wrong, even though there's been no bleeding etc. You're not kidding girls when you say every preg is different!!

lunavix Fri 10-Mar-06 21:01:51

Last pregnancy I didn't even know until 12 weeks. Swelled like a balloon and had indigestion but that was it.

This time I've thrown up solidly since day 1, I feel tired and pissed off and hormonal, and now I'm bleeding to boot.

So not similar!

Eve2005 Tue 21-Mar-06 18:39:09

last time i threw up from 8 weeks til 5 months continuously, this time i threw up exactly once.

last time i didn't have a bump til 6 months and no-one noticed it til 7 1/2 months, this time i've been noticably preg for months and look as big as i did at almost 8 months last time (i'm 20 weeks tomorrow)

last time i glowed, nice skin hair etc, this time i'm covered i spots and my hair is a mess.

last time i slapped my dp on more than one occasion for touching my boobs they hurt so much, this time nothing

last time i was crippled with stretching pains in my stomach and ribs and this time, nothing

last time i ate nothing but chocolate, this time chocolate makes me nauseous

the pregs are only a year apart so it's not that my body has changed that much in the meantime, i think each child brings it's own individual personality into play far earlier than we give them credit for!

momamia Thu 13-Apr-06 17:38:48

Hi peeps,

Im 34 weeks with my 2nd pregnancy i have found it a lot harder this time, feeling more sick, and tired, the first time was a breeze, but i was carrying a boy, this time round its girl and i feel really lucky to be having one of each. They say no 2 pregnancies are the same. I hope everyone is ok, it would be nice to talk to you.

Kathy1972 Thu 13-Apr-06 17:42:36

I'm 8 and a half weeks with my second. The first time round I had hyperemesis which kicked off at 6 weeks, but until a few days ago I was feeling so well that I almost thought something must be wrong - I couldn't believe I was pregnant but still able to go out for walks, not be sick etc.
No such luck though - sick 7 times yesterday and 4 this morning . Still, I'm not dehydrated this time so hopefully it won't get as bad as last

momamia Thu 13-Apr-06 18:41:25

Hi Kathy1972

I hope the sickness stops soon for you as its not nice, i was curious to find out what Hyperemesis is.

pinkmagic1 Tue 18-Apr-06 16:08:40

Felt absolutely fine with my first pregnancy, no sickness, nothing. Currently just over 11 weeks pregnant with my 2nd and although the sickness is starting to ease I have been feeling absolutely dreadful!

sarahlou1uk Wed 19-Apr-06 10:28:04

Had a dream of a pregnancy with my ds just over 3 years ago. No problems, no heartburn, just an average labour in the pool. Now I am 23 weeks pregnant with a girl and it is SOOO different! Pelvic pain, heartburn, tiredness, sickness in early days and others. I'm definately stopping at 2!!!

morethan1 Wed 19-Apr-06 10:52:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Normsnockers Wed 19-Apr-06 11:07:59

Message withdrawn

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