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Due in August 2006

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mumsXMASwish Tue 06-Dec-05 13:37:00

I think I'm the first to find this out. Am 5 wks pg and an EDD of 10th August, Anyone else wanna join me?

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jersey Tue 06-Dec-05 13:39:04

Hi there mumsxmaswish congratluations on your BFP just popping over from the July thread to wish you luck and keep you company until some more turn up.

Mind u if some of us are late we will be in August as well .

mumsXMASwish Tue 06-Dec-05 13:40:38

I'll be looking forward to the company!!

Surely I'm not the only one on MN with an august baby due? Must say I'm slightly worried that I things may go wrong. MC last year.

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jinglediddle Tue 06-Dec-05 13:44:50

mumsxmaswish - stay positive mate, theres no reason why this pregnancy won't be successful, but you know i understand your worry.

munz Tue 06-Dec-05 14:14:29

WOW aug already! i'm stoppping in from the march 06 thread. hope all goes well for u mums. x

mumsXMASwish Tue 06-Dec-05 14:17:43

Thanks Munz!!

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vhairi Tue 06-Dec-05 15:19:56

Congrats-I'm jan 06 but saw due aug 06 and i didn't realise it was possible !!

mumsXMASwish Tue 06-Dec-05 15:21:19

You getting excited now then? Can't be long.

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vhairi Tue 06-Dec-05 15:28:36

I got 5 weeks and 6 days not that i'm counting! I'm getting excited but also thinking OMG. My ds is 4 and dd is 2 in Jan so I keep thinking how am i going to get them all up dressed , fed and out the door for ds going to nursery at 9am. I'm sure we'll manage, other people do.

I just wish i could concentrate on something for longer than 5 mins tho!

Arabica Tue 06-Dec-05 16:55:52

Hiya, mumsxmaswish, congrats! I'm due on 2 August so you aren't alone. I wasn't going to join an Aug thread, but when I saw you'd survived an m/c too I had to come and say hi. I had a missed m/c last Feb so am really, really, really nervous about this pregnancy but delighted at the same time, especially as am extremely old (44). I have one DS who's 5 in April.

mumsXMASwish Tue 06-Dec-05 16:58:04

yey!!! A friend!!


I had a missed mc, October last year. Had to have D&C been worried since that they broke me but theres a line that said they didnt sooo woohoo.

How you feeling?

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mumsXMASwish Tue 06-Dec-05 16:59:13

i'm going home now (only got internet access at work Im afraid,

Will speak to you tomorrow.

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josey Tue 06-Dec-05 17:38:40

just want to say congrats
cant believe there is an aug06 thread
poping in from aug05 babies
good luck to everyone that joins here

pucca Tue 06-Dec-05 18:10:22

Can i join too please?

Just did a test and got BFP!!

Gonna work out due date now...

pucca Tue 06-Dec-05 18:12:28

Due date of 13th Aug 2006.

Congratulations to MumsXMASwish and Arabica.

Arabica Tue 06-Dec-05 18:21:29

Hi pucca, hi again mumswish. I am feeling sea-sick, am very tired, and have extremely tender boobs that each feel 3" bigger than normal. Am also craving decaf Earl Grey tea and drinking about 6 mugs of it a day instead of my cups of coffee.

HumphreysCorner Tue 06-Dec-05 18:21:40

Woohoo an August thread already-us July girlies are no longer newbies

Mums-I haven't read our other thread but have spotted your brill news on here-congrats hun . I'll go and read it now. ((xx))

Many congrats to everyone else


pucca Tue 06-Dec-05 23:49:34

Arabica...feeling a little sick myself too, with my dd i didnt feel sick till about 6-8 weeks so quite strange to feel nausous so early i am only 4 weeks (period was due friday gone).

Boobs feel sore too, and stomach is like a balloon lol.

I am going to doc's in morn, to get midwife sorted etc.


mumsXMASwish Wed 07-Dec-05 08:49:26

Morning girls,

congrats Pucca, and welcome.

I've got really sore boobs, and hiccups everymorning!(?) Not been sick yet but feeling it a bit.

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mygarland Wed 07-Dec-05 10:17:28

hi mumsxw just to congratuate u on being pg, starting the due in aug thread and on having somewhere and some ppl to talk pg with! good luck to all on here, x

munz Wed 07-Dec-05 10:30:04

mums, don't know if u've seen this thread or not but might help u out somewhat with fears.

PG after M/C Thread

I ahd an early m/c so know the fears of being PG and fearing m/c again. these girls there are all lovely, and v supportive.

Arabica Wed 07-Dec-05 10:31:27

Hello, am feeling awful today. Really bleeeeeeearghhhhh--there isn't any more articulate way to describe it. If I could be sick I might feel better, but it doesn't get that far, it's just vague nausea. Still, it's a good sign so I shouldn't complain. Pucca and Mumswish, do you already have children? I have one little boy who's 5 in April.

mumsXMASwish Wed 07-Dec-05 10:46:56

No this is my first. I'm really happy this time as I'm getting some symptoms instead of just the pg test. I feel sick and I really want loads of cups of tea where normally I cant drink any hot drinks.

Just come back from docs, gotta go back again on Monday to get the results (even tho I know what they'll say ) gotta choose a hosp and stuff soon.

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mygarland Wed 07-Dec-05 10:50:54

for mxw - Rh neg
There hundreds of blood groups, eg ABO and rhesus (Rh). You have one copy of each blood type from each parent. Rh(D) gene can be pos or neg. if both parents give u Rh- gene then u r Rh-. If both or one parent gives u Rh+ gene then u r Rh+.
Rh- is a prob when pg if baby is Rh+ basically cos u can recognise the baby as an infection and attack it. if u r Rh- and want to ask more go ahead!

Arabica Wed 07-Dec-05 11:06:20

More about rhesus (and a great pregnancy website)

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