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March 06 - Into the 3rd Trimester

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RosiePosie Tue 29-Nov-05 16:34:50

Here we are girls. I think we are all a bit shell-shocked at the moment, aren't we?

Thinking of you DHW and wishing life wasn't so cruel sometimes.

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Lizzylou Tue 29-Nov-05 16:42:02

Well done, Rosie, sorry, I can't do links either!

munz Tue 29-Nov-05 16:45:41

yes I think so it's just horrible.

will do a link for you all.

laundrylover Tue 29-Nov-05 16:58:44

Thanks for this ladies. Had a good cry and a cuddle with Tilly but yes, shell shocked is the right word.
On a happier note, Pete felt the baby kick for the first time this morning so might now understand why I am still reading at 1am despite being knackered.

Lizzylou Tue 29-Nov-05 17:05:22

I just had a flat tyre on way back from swimming and it really shook me up...when I remembered DHW and her awful ordeal, I just couldn't stop crying and stopped feeling so self-indulgent.

laundrylover Tue 29-Nov-05 17:11:27

I feel so teary at everything at the mo. Tiny Tearways' heroin mum was all too much for me last night. Like you say Lizzy you feel guilty for complaining about things which suddenly seem so trivial.

munz Tue 29-Nov-05 18:49:07

this is it girls - I was only saying to my friend in work it brings it all home after the crash last week and all, esp as DHW and I had out BFP's within days of each other. I guess we all need to be thankful for what we have.

Frizbe Tue 29-Nov-05 19:24:54

Agree with you there girls, thanks for doing a new thread RP.

munz Tue 29-Nov-05 19:30:28

ok girls, i've updated the sats - finally! please please tell me if there's anything wrong/u knoww hat u're having and I didn't amend it - after reading all the messages from the last thread my eye's r done in so prob missed bits off! lol.

Thell - aged 26 - due 28th feb #1 having a girl lives SE London
Rosieposie - aged 30 - due 28th Feb with #3 from IOW having a boy
Frizbe - aged 30, DH 40 - due 27th Feb, #2 (one SS) lives 30 mins from medow hall having a girl
Toothyboy - aged 34, DP 36 - due 1st March with #2 having ??
Ags – due???
UniSarah – aged?? Due 2nd march #?? (think having a boy)
Poppyh - aged31 induction 27th feb due 3rd March with #3 having a girl
Dene - aged 34 due 6th march #2
anchovies - aged 25, DH 26 - due 4th March with #2 having a boy
Lizzylou - aged 32 due 6th March with #2 lives in Lancs
oneofeach - aged 35 - due 6th March with #3
Chellebelle - aged 25 - due 6th march with #2
Chamomile - aged 41 - due 7th March with #3
Starryeyed - due 7th March
BibiTwo - aged ? due 8th March with #2
Daisy20 - aged? due 9th March with #?
expressmummy - due 10th March with #3
Cadmum - aged 34, due 10th March with #4 ( 3 previous missed m/c ) lives Canada Having??
Romilly - aged 34?? due 8th March with #1 1 prev m/c lives SE london having a girl
Jackstini - aged 33, due 21st March with #1 lives nottingham haing ??
munz - aged 23 - due 3rd March with #1 (2 prev m/c)From P'mouth living in Pembs. having a boy
marne - aged 23 due 21st March with # 2 (3 SK's)having ??
Newgirl - aged 34 due 14th March #2 - (not my friend as we'll fight over CE!) having ??
LaundryLover aged ?? due 19th March lives?? Having??
catj - aged 34 due 21st March with #4 From Poole
coppertop- aged ? due 22nd March with #3
madrush - aged 31 due 25th March with # 2 (1 previous mc)
Piffy - aged 33 due 26th March with #1 lives cheshire
Klara - aged??? due 27th March with #2 having girl - unconfirmed
Swiperfox/Zeph - aged 28 #3 due end march.from Southampton. having ??
Spiker - ? ??

Our March Angel

Desperatehousewife (boy)

Honery Members who's beanies sadly didn't make it.


munz Tue 29-Nov-05 19:31:26

can't believe 3rd tri friz

spiker Tue 29-Nov-05 20:01:21

munz - I'm due 23 march with #2, don't know what sex. Do I have to put my age? I'm 35, I think the oldest one here

I'm another SE Londoner - but might be moving to Leeds in February.

Ags Tue 29-Nov-05 20:14:03

Thanks for keeping me included in the stats even though I have been so useless at keeping in touch with this thread.

Just want to give you the rest of the stats. Due 2nd March with number 2, age 34, living in Kent, very excited to be having a girl.

munz Tue 29-Nov-05 20:16:38

what part of leeds swiper? - FIL is from there, DH is a bradford boy! adjusted my list i'm sure u've told me b4 thou! sorry.

munz Tue 29-Nov-05 20:17:32

ooh ags - course we've kept u - we kept everyone, just updated u as well (i'll wait till we've got a few more b4 posting again if u don't mind girls?) hope u're doing OK ags.

RosiePosie Tue 29-Nov-05 20:30:05

Thanks for the stats update, munz.

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JackFrostStini Tue 29-Nov-05 20:53:41

Hey - found the new thread girls, took me a little while to catch up....lots of news to take in. Like you Munz - feeling very grateful for what I have and my thoughts are with DHW. Thanks for doing the stats update for us all.
Had midwife appt today - officially 24 weeks but she thinks I am measuring up to be a week further on than the scan says, which would fit in with my original dates. Everything fine and she confirmed it's legs are under right hand side of rib-cage - hence the aching!
Welcome Unisarah - bet you cannot believe how much gabbing we all do!
Friz - glad u got a bit of shopping done. I went to Meadowhall last week and it was an absolute mare!
Anyway have unfortunately got to finish a presentation now ready for tomorrow morning.... I am just not getting my mumsnet fix today!

laundrylover Tue 29-Nov-05 21:40:28

Very impressive stats Munz . I'm 33 (just had to work that out!!) and due number 2 which is a suprise. I live in the snowy sticks near Manchester. My birthday is March 22nd so looking at those stats make me hope that it's not me in labour that day! Mind you I did tick the '40 mins from start to finish' box this time having mistakenly gone for the Weds-Sat option last time!!

spiker Wed 30-Nov-05 00:05:06

Munz - probably north Leeds rather than Bradford way, although I've yet to check out Saltaire. All a bit scary - buying first house plus moving city plus new baby. With a bit of luck we'll move in time for me to give birth to a yorkshire lad/lass.

Lizzylou Wed 30-Nov-05 08:58:02

Laundrylover...whereabouts are you? I am North of Manchester in Rossendale Valley, between Bury and Burnley....snowy sticks here too!!

Well done again could make a career of this! Very impressive and we all appreciate your hard work.

Hope everyone is doing well xxx

poppyh Wed 30-Nov-05 09:07:48

Spiker, I live in SE London too.
Going to hospital this afternoon for a growth scan.Hoping all will be ok.Have been feeling so tired over the past few days.
Hope everyone good today.

Lizzylou Wed 30-Nov-05 09:11:17

Good luck with scan Poppy, do you know already what sex the baby is? Will you find out today?

munz Wed 30-Nov-05 09:14:05

pop - good luck today honney.

spiker - ah u want a suvern baby not a northern one! lol. we looked at buying in bradford/the BFD side of Leeds. Denholme I think was the furthest out we went. it's v nice up there - Leeds has good shops - don't like bradford at all. good curry houses thou. v v cold loads of snow! lol. any reason for the move?

poppyh Wed 30-Nov-05 09:17:16

Thanks all.
LL, already know its a girl, but looking forward to seeing her again.Also last scan they gave the scan photo to my 2 year old!So maybe I'll get my own one today.

catj Wed 30-Nov-05 09:23:27

Thanks for doing the stats munz. I have to admit I am now 35 but I can still pretend to be 34 if you like .I've also moved house & now live in Wimborne,but that's just being picky cos it's not that far from Poole!

laundrylover Wed 30-Nov-05 13:27:24

Lizzylou I am in Mossley but was in Bury yesterday for work at Chesham Local Nature Reserve tramping around in the snow too embarassed to ask the guy to slow down for my spd!! I had to tell him I was up the duff in the end as he obviously couldn't see my HUGE bump under my lovely new M and S furry coat!
By the way we can't both be LL eh?

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