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August 2011 - yellow, pink or blue, which one are you?

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KTisPG Tue 29-Mar-11 12:25:56

I'm yellow smile

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Firawla Tue 29-Mar-11 13:23:14

im blue

replying to the previous thread, yukana congrats on your new place!!! that's great, will be exciting to get settled and everything. we are still desperately trying to find something, there seems to be very little available so can be quite depressing as anything i do go and see is not suitable and then there's nothing else available but hopefully we will be able to find something soon, and its better to be looking now than leaving it til july as we thought we might have to, but landlord is selling our current place so we wont even have the option of staying put - annoying.

LadyGoneGaga Tue 29-Mar-11 13:27:29

Yellow grin

We're selling our house at the moment to get somewhere a bit bigger so really hoping we will be able to move before July but will have to wait and see!

bettyboo83 Tue 29-Mar-11 13:34:23

I'm yellow, despite DP's best efforts to look during the scan today! Scan went well, I can't believe how much more like a baby it looks! Silly I know. I had to go for a walk halfway through to get it to turn a bit and my kind sonographer suggested chocolate to help it move! Ha ha, fine by me! I feel like I can finally start buying things now grin
Bryher we are getting the BeSafe Izi car seat too. We went to have a look at it and it looks good though not one you can carry around if that's what you were after?

aStarWithHerOwnWays Tue 29-Mar-11 13:39:05

Pink! Not unicorn vomit pink though grin I like to think of her as more fuschia.

bettyboo congratulations on your scan. Isn't it wonderful to see them in there?

MrsStevo Tue 29-Mar-11 14:08:34

Yellow here too! grin

yukana - congrats on getting your own place! Very exciting. Even if you can't make it absolutely glitteringly gorgeous, I'm sure you'll make it a lovely home for you, DP and your little one to grow in. We didn't have much when we first moved in together but just having somewhere we could call 'ours' was special. Friends and family can be really generous and if you aren't already, I'd recommend registering on Freecycle in your area as you might get masses of stuff through them and it's all free

betty - congrats on your scan! Also very exciting!! Pleased it all went well.

All good here in team twinny. 19 weeks today and starting to feel what might be fluttery movements but still not sure... might just still be wind blush . The show I'm in opens tonight at the Theatre Royal in Lincoln (come along if you live nearby!!) and rehearsals have been an absolute killer but it will be well worth it as it looks awesome. I look like a huge pregnant beast prancing about on stage but nice to be able to tell the babies that they were in a show when they were in mummy's tummy. Some of the cast rub my belly for luck before the show - kind of like buddha I suppose!

Hope you're all enjoying your pregnancies as much as me, and likewise enjoying the sunshine ... it is a glorious day here!

FeralGirlCambs Tue 29-Mar-11 14:12:56

Yellow for me!
Congratulations on your house, Yukana. Surely that will help your DP feel more responsible... Sorry to hear about his course - has he thought of the Open University (they do lots of non-degree courses), though I guess they are more book than lab / practical based. Would be easier with the transport situation, though. - they are pretty good with helping out with fees and also, as you do qualifications a bit at a time you don't forgot for a year's study all at once so a course is only a few hundred £. I used to work for them which is why I thought of it.

I had a follow-up scan yesterday to check something they couldn't see at 20 weeks. Everything in good order it seems! Good luck everyone with one coming up.

FeralGirlCambs Tue 29-Mar-11 14:13:31

Forgot?? I'm sure I wrote fork out - that's what I meant anyway! smile

CappuccinoCarrie Tue 29-Mar-11 15:04:18

bookmarking for team yellow

LifeOfKate Tue 29-Mar-11 15:12:33

Marking my place

We're yellow (or green, or red, or orange or turquoise or purple or any of those other lovely unisex colours wink)

Annie456 Tue 29-Mar-11 15:29:16

Yellow here too and have been feeling loads of movement of the past week grin.

Got a referral to see a haematologist about the platelets which will be the day after my 20week scan...2 weeks to go!!!!

RugbyWidow7 Tue 29-Mar-11 15:50:25

Yellow for us too! Excited for 20 weeks scan a week tomorrow.

Feeling lots of little movements this week, which is so lovely.

Congrats everyone on the positive scans. brew

alibaba76 Tue 29-Mar-11 16:08:20

Will find out colour on thursday - hopefully!

Yukana Tue 29-Mar-11 16:13:45

Team baby pink here! Lovely to see all the teams.

I shall check out the open university, hopefully we'll be able to find something as we've fallen short on trying to find work for him for the past four months and temporary jobs is something, but not what we need.

I'm excited about moving out, although DP fell on my laptop a short while ago so I have to claim on my mother's home insurance for that... the narnah didn't know there was an excess fee so I still have to pay £100! Gah. I shall figure something out.

Does anyone know any sites for cheap tutors? I want the little one to learn Japanese as her second language, as I also know it myself but am not confident in teaching her. I'm just thinking about it for now but DP is also looking to learn Japanese. I'll have a gander anyway.

Had a horrible past few days. Throbbing at the back of my throat every now and then, and today a dull feeling like something is stuck just below my throat, kind of in my chest. I looked it up and it is probably due to stress, so I'm relieved I have a midwife appointment soon.

I hope everyone is well! I shall post a picture of our little house when we move in.

MrsVidic Tue 29-Mar-11 17:14:15

Another member of the pink team signing in! Bookmarking for when dd is in bed!

littlemissw Tue 29-Mar-11 17:14:58

One for the blue team here!

Congrats on everyone's great scans & good luck to those still waiting. I still have another 2 & half weeks to wait for my 20w scan. Booo

For those of you that may be interested, Frugi (the organic Cut-for-Cloth company) has a special offer running until Wednesday. 20% off with voucher code: WARDROBE

Yukana, glad to hear you've managed to find yourselves a new place. If you are a bit short for furniture, I can highly recommend Freecyle. You'd be amazed what people offer on there. Also, has your DP thought of doing an apprenticeship? Depending on entry requirements, it may have to be voluntary, but he'll come away with a qualification at the end of it and it will certainly make him more employable.

MrsStevo, Your show sounds like fun - wish I lived closer! I love that the rest of the cast touch your bump for luck before they go on stage.

KLou111 Tue 29-Mar-11 17:55:52

Hi all, not been on most of the weekend. Congrats to all those who had lovely scans and here's hoping the next lot go swimmingly.

Team 'yellow' here. Thinking of doing nursery duck egg blue with white furniture, with the odd winnie the pooh canvas print (although won't be a 100% winnie nursery if we do duck egg blue). Not sure if it's too 'boy'. Thinking that we can put rose pink bedding if we have a girl as the duck egg and rose go well.
Decisions decisions!! Not going to be doing it for a few weeks yet, but would like something decided at least

Also think I am actually starting to get a bump grin

wheresmytractor Tue 29-Mar-11 17:58:11

Team pink here, but alo ering on the side of a fuschia pink and not baby pink.

Legs still hurting, constipation kicking off too just to keep the headache company.... a bit oh the joys of pregnancy....This is definately the last one!!!!

Good luck to all with scans to come x

aStarWithHerOwnWays Tue 29-Mar-11 18:26:48

KLou as someone who doesn't buy into all the pink/blue stuff, I say paint the nursery whatever colour you want. DS slept just as happily in his pink stripy grobag as he did in the one with tractors on it wink

littlemisslozza Tue 29-Mar-11 18:42:21

Yellow here, 20 week scan on Thursday and not finding out - although DS1 did give us a bit of a hint during his scan 4 years ago, it was quite obvious thinking about it now!

Talking of DS1, he's got chickenpox now so have spent the last few days and nights cuddling and consoling him. He seems to have it quite badly, worse than DS2 did a couple of weeks ago, so we are both shattered. Spots seem to be less itchy today so I am hoping we are over the worst.

Lovely hearing about everyone's scans, glad to hear lots of exciting news. Can't wait until mine now, counting down the hours almost!

I'm with you ladygonegaga about feeling a bit neglected second/third time round. Going from 20-28 weeks with no appointments seems so long! I have always needed iron tablets before so I won't hesitate to make an appt with the midwife if I feel like I need checking, in fact she told me to make one if I am worried. Had to badger my GP last time for iron tablets, who tried to brush it off and say I was fine. I asked for a blood test (this was at 22 weeks) and my iron was low so I was right!

Good luck to anyone else having scans this week. smile

Firawla Tue 29-Mar-11 19:30:14

klou duck egg sounds really nice, i think it would be fine for either

lozza oh no, i hope your ds gets better soon

yukana sometimes you can find cheap tutors on gumtree

NHAN Tue 29-Mar-11 20:16:15

Blue team here and despite already having everything for a boy i have started spending! whoops.
Hope everyone is doing well

sisterT Tue 29-Mar-11 20:51:39

Hello all

Team yellow here, 20 week scan on Thurs and not finding out! (They will be wearing DS' cast-offs regardless of team!)
Poor unfortunate bump has been nicknamed 'Posh or Becks' by DH, not that DS' was any better as 'Tarquin or Hyacinth' (he's actually an Elliot)..............apologies if anyone has any of those names on their wish list!!!!

We are going for family names as middle names; Robert if team blue and Pearl if team pink: no idea about first names yet so heres hoping its not Posh Pearl or Becks Robert smile

daisysair Wed 30-Mar-11 12:28:53

team rainbow here. not going to find out TOMORROW hehe, excited... (ok and a little bit nervous)

didn't manage to catch up on the last weeks posts, but did see someone mention strep b. DO check out the strep b site as I had a strep b infection many many years ago and the dr was "oh you'll get anti-b's during labour" but reading the site it may not in fact be needed!!!!!! will be paying for private test at 35 weeks if nhs don't offer and then only having anti-bs if in premature/long labour.

bettyboo83 Wed 30-Mar-11 13:03:46

KLou your nursery sounds lovely. I was looking at duck egg blue too. Either that or a sage green colour. Either way it won't be yellow!

Sister T my Grandma's name is Pearl so we were thinking about that as a middle name if we have a girl. Again, no first names here yet so our girl offering is currently Beanlet Pearl! hmm

What are peoples plans with regards to having the baby in their room? I can easily fit a moses basket/crib in our room but there's no way I can get a cot in. A lot of my friends babies seem to have outgrown their moses basket by about 12-14 weeks but that seems so little to then be put in the nursery?? To be fair the nursery door is right next to my bedroom door so the baby will only be about 4 ft away from my head if I leave the doors open!

Good luck for all the scans today xxx

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