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Any first time mums in the York/Selby area?

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firstpregnancy Thu 24-Mar-11 17:22:14


Not sure if this is the place to post this (have also posted in the local York section).

I'm due to have my first baby in May and up until now have been too busy with work to socialise with other mums to be, and don't know many people with kids in the area anyway.

I moved here with my partner nearly 3 years ago, but tbh never really expected to stay here, so I never really got to know anybody. Anyway, last year DP got a job that he has been wanting for ages and shortly after we found out we were expecting, so we will be staying in the area now long term. So it would be really nice to meet some new people who are either expecting babies, or who have had them recently.

I live in Sherburn in Elmet, so anywhere in the Selby area, or York is easy to get to. Does anybody know if there are any regular local groups in Sherburn or Selby that I can attend once the baby is born?

Thanks in advance!

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sues1974 Sat 02-Apr-11 16:39:06

hope youve been sorted with some info by now but if not i can recommend the weigh and play session on a thursday afternoon at South Milford village hall, its free and loads of new mums go. i went with my first and will probably go again with my second. theres lots of lovely toys out for the babies to play with and you can weigh your little one while youre there, theres also a health visitor or 2 present and best of all its completely free. i think it starts at 2pm (theres something similar at 10am on a thursday mornign in selby but that was too early for me) but you can ask your midwife once your little one is here.
good luck, suz xx

firstpregnancy Sun 03-Apr-11 10:37:34

Thanks Sues1974. I didn't know about that one. South Milford is definitely do-able and I shall add it to my list! smile

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