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November 2011 - holding hands, making plans & having scans

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TerrysNo2 Thu 17-Mar-11 10:03:27

Thread 2 for the chatty lot. Welcome from the first thread and hopefully some newbies too! smile

This thread is for chats and this thread is for stats!

Continue as you were....

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pod3030 Thu 17-Mar-11 10:07:04

thanks terry !
so, as i was saying- hot spells? normal?

cep Thu 17-Mar-11 10:18:09

wow can't believe we're on thread 2 already, i had to go check the number of posts. blush not that i doubted you ofcourse terrys.

terrys i have a scan at 9:10 on monday. am bricking it. (putting it bluntly)

pod yes hot flushes are normal, you now have you're own radiator inside you.

deemented Thu 17-Mar-11 10:23:04

Thanks terrys

TerrysNo2 Thu 17-Mar-11 10:24:43

Ohhh cep try not to worry (easy said, I know!) but tomorrow will come around quickly. Will be keeping my FX for you!

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bumpsnowjustplump Thu 17-Mar-11 10:30:24

Morning all, have a long day today so wont be able to check in till tomorrow. I have my scan tomorrow, I think I will be 7 weeks. Feeling very dizzy today so hope that is a good sign...

cep Thu 17-Mar-11 10:36:40

fx for tomorrow. bumpsnow

bumpsnowjustplump Thu 17-Mar-11 10:42:18

Thanks cep, not long until yours either..

Woodifer Thu 17-Mar-11 10:46:29

I had to go to london for a meeting yesterday, and had to keep by elbows glued to my side (like that deoderant advert) due to sweat patches under my armsshockgrin

finding it extra hard to get out of bed these days too!

clipclopclipclop Thu 17-Mar-11 10:48:10

Goodness we are a chatty lot!!

Good luck cep and bumps for scans. I'm hoping for an early scan too as this is a clomid pg. They told me to call back around week 6 to see if the consultant want to scan

I am 5 weeks today. Driving myself up the wall worrying!! Last night I had the tiniest watery spot of blood before bed. Of course that sent me doo lally, couldn't sleep kept getting up for a wipe!! Worryingly it was accompanied by some lovely cramping but no more blood at all. So fingers crossed

Hello to all the newbies I've missed since last post and that's loads of you!!

cep Thu 17-Mar-11 10:53:19

i'll get there....eventually. smile

clipclop fx nothing else.

woodifer i'm tired all the time this week.

lk good luck for tonight.

Piplysmelie Thu 17-Mar-11 11:35:58

Gosh so tired today. My DD2 was up most of the night with a temperature poor thing but this morning is as bright as a button. Wish I was!

IK hope all goes ok.
CEP great news and best wishes for tomorrow
Clipclop hopefully that will be it.

chipmonkey Thu 17-Mar-11 12:14:56

Hi Folks!

Happy St Patricks Day from Ireland! shamrockshamrock

Am feeling very weak and dizzy as haven't been able to keep much down over the last couple of days. So have sent dh off with ds3 and ds4 to watch ds2 in the local parade.

Feel bad not being there for him but tbh, there is a strong possibility that I could puke or faint at the side of the street which wouldn't be good.sad

TerrysNo2 Thu 17-Mar-11 12:26:20

Ohh, shamrock Happy St Patricks day shamrock chip and any other Irish folk on the thread!!

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Truffkin Thu 17-Mar-11 12:27:19

Wow, I can't imagine how you guys with toddlers already are doing. I was knackered yesterday and had to go to bed early and leave my DH playing PS3 on his own grin

This bloody cold is also taking hold and I feel a bit rubbish really. Am achey and can't stop blowing my nose (yuk) plus I was up twice in the night for a wee and struggled to get back to sleep because of my blocked nose so feeling sorry for myself today smile DH had man flu a month or so ago so hopefully he will indulge me a bit this evening.

Cep so pleased things seem to have eased off for you, Monday might feel like ages away but will be here before you know it.

ClipClop we are due on the same date so I'm 5 weeks today too - happy anniversary!! Hope you are worrying over nothing, in the nicest possible way.

I'm still pretty much synptom free (apart from tired, but that could be because I'm off colour) but am telling myself most symptoms don't kick in until 6-weeks so next weekend I might feel different. Am enjoying not feeling nauseous of course, but would be reassuring to feel different in some way.

Anyone in North London by the way? I was googling hospitals and birth centres yesterday (I know it's ridiculously early!) and wondered if anyone else has any thoughts on where they might chose to have their care from.

Happy shamrocks to everyone!

SnoozleDoozle Thu 17-Mar-11 12:39:33

have been reading through the previous thread and was wondering, I see everyone talking about midwife appts etc, do they do things differently then in different parts of the country? Where I live, everything is through GP. When I had my first baby four and a half years ago, I didn't see a midwife through my whole pregnancy, no such thing as continuous care with the same team here.....

Piplysmelie Thu 17-Mar-11 12:46:35

Yes I think it is dependent on area.

Where I live you have to see the doctor first. He then puts you on the consultants list at the Hospital and tells you to make an appointment with the midwife.

You then see the midwife through your pregnancy apart from a consultants appointment at about 20 weeks. I have had the same midwife for both pregnancies and she even attended my home birth. Lovely smile

I have an appointment to see the midwife - I think it is at 8 or 9 weeks, they don't see you before but I think it will be a different Midwife - the name is different sad. I am hoping she is just covering.

We get a nuchal scan at 12 weeks hear and a dating scan at 20 weeks.

What about everyone else?

SnoozleDoozle Thu 17-Mar-11 12:58:11

well, obviously, I should clarify that I would be getting continuous care from my GP. It doesn't bother me terribly, as I am in the fortunate position of having a fantastic GP who is also easy to get an appointment with. I know, I know, its unheard of isn't it? I switched from a surgery where you had to make the appt four months in advance (and thats not even me exaggerating for comic effect, it really was four months) for any sort of 'womens issues' because the female GP only worked a few hours a week, and the male GP wouldn't examine female patients, as there was no other staff member in the practice to be a chaperone !!

Anyway, I was just interested to see that things seem to be different elsewhere. As far as I know I get a 12 week dating scan, and then a 20 week scan too, at least thats how it was last time.

mashpot Thu 17-Mar-11 13:12:57

I called my GP yesterday and they told me to make a appointment and take it from there. First appt available was next Saturday so I'm glad I phoned when I did! I am in South-East London, anyone else in my neck of the woods?

I am suffering from terrible constipation (apologies if you're eating your lunch!) and have consumed two disgusting glasses of prune juice and linseed on my cereal and soup but no relief yet. I have had to unzipped my skirt a little, mustn't forget when I stand up.

suziechan Thu 17-Mar-11 13:27:34

Hello everyone! Congrats to all the newbies!
Cep - great news! i'm off tomorrow but will have my FX for you!
Chip Happy St Patricks day to you! (and any other Irish people on here!)

mashpot Hello! I'm in SE London! I've been referred to Kings College hospital (they've been lovely. already had one scan and second is pencilled in for two weeks time) are you nearby?!

mashpot Thu 17-Mar-11 13:59:56

Suzie yes I am! Assume that will be my nearest hospital, I have visited the A&E there before now. I will see what GP has to say next week. Glad you are having a good experience with Kings.

panpipe Thu 17-Mar-11 14:31:00

Hi ladies can I join you? Only got a BFP (thanks to the trusty Clearblue Digital ) last week and had an appointment with the GP this morning. He didn't work out any dates but according to my workings out it should be mid November. I'm 'booking in' with the midwife on 7th April so hopefully by then we can work out a definite date!

3rdTimeLucky2000 Thu 17-Mar-11 14:33:09

hi all!

shamrock happy st paddys day to anyone who celebrates it!

can ijust say, greatest respect to all of you pg parents on here! not a bloody idea how you do it! you bring me to shame lying here alone in my pity party! blush

oh mashpot i was the same as you about two weeks ago! how i miss it! now iv completly changed direction and cant know! its horrid! doing that but needing to be sick at the same time! blush(tmi!) once again my dh is a lucky lucky man!

just made my first appointment with mw! 2 weeks today! il be 9 weeks by then! terrified of needles so i suppose it gives me two whole weeks to prepare myself which is good! is it weird that im actually more scared of having needles than i am of the actual labour?! would really love it if any needle phobics can give any advice!! confused

clipclop can i be abit nosey and ask what a clomed pg is? xx

3rdTimeLucky2000 Thu 17-Mar-11 14:34:09

welcome panpipe congratulations!!! xx

cep Thu 17-Mar-11 14:39:56

panpipe welcome and congratulations.

i had ds in a midwife led unit and hoping to be able to again. (if all goes well)

we get dating at 12 weeks and nuchal at 20, because i'm large i'll get at least another 1 scan to make sure baby isn't getting to big.

3rd clomid is a fertility drug. they actually say it's better to watch now, cause if you look away you stay tense the whole time. i tend to look cause i can't help it.

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