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Due September 2011?

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Suzie3 Sun 13-Feb-11 20:29:20

Hi there.
Found out last week that I pregnant again (no 4 - and NOT planned... eek!) Edd 11 Sept.
So I thought I would look you all up and see how many other people are in a similar boat!
It's been a bit of a shock, and has taken both me and DH some time to get used to the idea (We thought we were finished at 3!)

But, here I am, and am now starting to get excited at the prospect (but this is DEFINITELY the last!)

My others are DD1 6yrs, DS 4yrs, DD2 18mths.
I feel totally exhausted at the prospect of another pregnancy with 3 small children, and even more weary when I think about having another little baby to add to the chaos... But it's also very exciting too!

And thankfully I am feeling pretty OK so far. About 9 weeks now I think.

How are you all doing? Hope all's well.

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MummyTooBee2011 Mon 14-Feb-11 10:42:38

Hey im Pregnant with my first little bean
had a scan on friday (was ment to be 12 weeks but i was on the pill so all was hazy!)

and im due on the 4th sept and i am 11 weeks

Was so surreal seeing it on the screen i was so nervous about going and there being nothing in there! lol but there it was waving its arms and legs about
so for the minute it is named Wrigley Bean :D

Ive been very sick which is very annoying both my mum and OH's mum were fine during pregnancy and im getting every symptom there is!

but other than that excited to get a bump and to be a mummy

have you had any symptoms yet?


Suzie3 Mon 14-Feb-11 23:25:24

Congratulations! It's so exciting, especially first time round. Awful to feel sick though. I really feel for you. It's so hard to think of anything else when you are really sick. At least now you can share the news and explain why you are feeling so distracted.

I'm Ok really. I feel a bit sick sometimes, but haven't actually been sick. Felt really dizzy this morning, and very spaced out, but apparently that's just low blood pressure. Hardly felt that I should be driving, but I really had no option, so just focussed really hard.

I don't have my scan for another 4 weeks - 11 March - when I will be 13 weeks. It's so hard not to tell anyone. I am sure I won't last til then, but will try not to share too much too soon as it's still early days.

Are you working? It's tough in the early days at work I think, but again, at leaset now you can tell people and hopefully get a bit of sympathy!
I don;t work anymore, I'm a stay at home Mum with my other three, and they don't have any sympathy at all - but at least to an extent my day is my own so I can take it esy some days.


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