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fatherless fathers wanted london

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DFridPsych Sun 13-Feb-11 12:04:52

Dear All,

I am looking for participants for my MSc project: Fatherless Fathers: Experiences and Expectations.

Fatherless Fathers Wanted!

Would you like to participate in a research interview?

University College London / The Anna Freud Centre

M.Sc. Developmental Psychology

Would you be prepared to participate in a 30-minute, research interview about the experiences and expectations of being a fatherless father (preferably having been fatherless from the age of 5 years).

The study will aim to explore the experiences and expectations fatherless fathers go through whilst being an active father. Research showed that the role of the father plays a tremendous part in child development and that fatherless is a major concern in society. The aim of the research is to raise awareness within the community about fatherless fathers and what impact this has on their experiences and expectations of being a father.

If you think you might be interested, please contact:

Daniel Friderichs, MSc Student,

This research is compliant with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

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