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February 2011 - still some left to pop, surely not...

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ZeroMinusZero Wed 09-Feb-11 21:55:52

Took it upon myself to start a new thread. Everyone's popping right now!

PS: Sorry for the awful rhyme, it was all I could think of blush

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PDR Wed 09-Feb-11 22:15:25

debka many congrats! lovely name! hope you have a good night

Just back from NCT class - t'is the last one next week and can hardly believe it!

No twinges at all today so all quiet on the western front for now... is it odd that I am wishing for pain wink

WaddlingSheep Wed 09-Feb-11 22:22:50

Yay, shiny new thread! Thanks Zero.

Right that's it - we will all have our babies by the end of this thread!!!! [determined emoticon]

Congratulations debka, fantastic news! grin <<winces at the thought of 10lbs>> Well done you!

Pinkelephant good luck for the sweep tomorrow! Wishing you labour vibes, hope it happens soon!

PDR, that sounds exciting! Sounds like things are on the move!

Ledkr, I'm so glad that Delilah is home! smile Ella sounds like such a lovely big sister, you must be so proud of her!

I really feel for those of you who are overdue sad I can't imagine how fed up you must feel!

Re weight gain, I think I've put on about 2 and a half stone, which is what I put on with DD so I'm not worried about it as it does come off. Don't forget - it's still cold too so we can hide under big jumpers which we wouldn't be able to if we had summer babies!

MissTFied Wed 09-Feb-11 22:49:12

Well, one day over here, but that's expected.

Congratulations to all who have babes in arms now.

debka - what a positive induction story. Induction is something I've never had, but am slightly afraid of. It's good when you hear a birth story like yours.

I'm booked in for a sweep next week when + 8. Will I get there?!!!

knittakid Wed 09-Feb-11 22:57:25

zero thanks for starting the new thread, can't believe we filled up the previous one! and I bet we'll need one more still (at least) as some of us might even make it to March confused...

PDR I know exactly what you mean, i relish every tiny twinge at the moment and hope for more! I am sure I'll regret it once in full labour...

Breezey Thu 10-Feb-11 00:10:04

Debka Congratulations, love the name and V impressed you have it straight away. Are you home yet, hope feeding is going okay, well Done

tadjennyp Thu 10-Feb-11 00:49:29

Congratulations debka! Glad you have got your little one in your arms now. Great name!

My little one is feeding around 5 times between 11pm and 6am. I am feeling quite tired now. My nipples are also cracked and sore and he sicked up some blood earlier. Sorry if that's tmi, just wanted to let people know that it happens sometimes. Dh has taken dd and ds1 to soccertots so the house is quite peaceful and it's just me and Samuel. Bliss!

I've put on a good 35lbs this time round. Haven't weighed myself since but it was worth it anyway!

Good luck to everyone still waiting!

CheeseChomper Thu 10-Feb-11 01:10:42

Hello all!

Just to let you know that my little baby boy Freddie arrived on Sunday Feb 6th at 12.45am weighing in at 8lbs 7ozs!

Had natural water birth with just LOTS of gas and air in the birth centre at the Princess Royal, Bromley, which was fab after i'd been told I might not be able to go there!

So, so tired, but so, so happy :-)

Will keep you posted with how we're getting on when i've got a moment!

Good luck to the rest of you waiting for your babies, and congrats on the other new arrivals so far! smile

Oneof4 Thu 10-Feb-11 04:23:53

Congrats Debka and CheeseChomper - so pleased for you both!

Angels - I'm the size of a house. Going through the tube ticket barriers yesterday when my ticket wouldn't work the man re-directed me to the luggage gate. Cheeky man!

Finished work yesterday, two days before I intended to but I just knew I couldn't get through to Friday and I reckoned 38+4 was a fairly good innings. They gave me a great big send off with lots of tea and cakes, which was lovely. Just wondering what to do with the next few (few?) days...

earlgreyismynectar Thu 10-Feb-11 05:01:02

Congratulations Debka! You did brilliantly! Really positive induction as someone else said. Lovely name too. Congratulations CheeseChomper also! That sounds like the perfect birth experience!

Lovely to hear about all of the little ones that have already arrived too! Sounds like they are all doing brilliantly!

Good luck to everyone else showing signs of early labour!

Thanks for the shiny new thread zero! Babies should be coming thick and fast on this one!

I've been awake since 2am with regular / irregular contractions (no, make that "rushes"! I prefer Ina May's description!) think this could be it.....

Went for a sweep yesterday (my due date) and MW told me my cervix was still very far back (posterior I think she said) & she couldn't reach it. She also said it showed no signs of dilation or being ready. She said it could all change quite rapidly though & it obviously can!

Tarlia Thu 10-Feb-11 05:07:50

Hey all, just to announce that baby boy was born Wednesday at 17.58 CET (16.58 GMT) 6lb6oz 51cm - very traumatic labour, but we are all fine now, just a little shell shocked. Labour story will need to wait.

He is tiny, but beautiful, we are both in love with him. Poor thing has tummy ache, so I've had an hours sleep, but loving the newborn snuggles.

It's all worth it, ladies, whatever pregnancy or labour problems there have been are all forgotten once you see them - crazy feeling.

Hope you are all well, will try and catch up on the thread but exhausted right now. Hope those in labour st the moment are all ok. Love from us to you x

ZeroMinusZero Thu 10-Feb-11 06:51:56

Congrats Tarlia sorry to hear about the difficult birth, but pleased to hear that it's all worth it...

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WaddlingSheep Thu 10-Feb-11 07:38:24

What a lovely start to the new thread - new birth announcements! grin

Congratulations Tarlia and Cheesechomper!

Good luck earlgrey! Hope this is it! Looking forward to your update smile.

WaddlingSheep Thu 10-Feb-11 07:38:56

Good morning everyone, btw! smile

NeedToSleepZZZ Thu 10-Feb-11 07:55:29

Congratulations debka (beautiful name), tarlia and cheese, this is more like it, more babies!

good luck earlgrey, sounds very promising! smile

i really haven't had a chance to read through latest news yet but saw delilah has been allowed home and so pleased for ledkr.

i am currently cluster feeding (growth spurt) and feel like a zombie, ben is 11 days today (how did that happen?) and still dinky but perfect. he only lost 3 ounces at his first weighing.

miss reading your news all the time and hope everyone is feeling well smile

slowangels1 Thu 10-Feb-11 08:08:44

congrats cheese and tarlia grin and debka

debka I'm so happy to hear a positive induction story (after your last one) and with a bigger baby as I think I'll end out in the same situation as you induction/big baby wise.

glad ben is still doing well needto and hope you manage to get some rest jenny

I've got my growth scan today and a meeting to discuss induction plan and admit to being very nervous about just how big she'll be now and when/what they will do to induce me. Also only occured to me last night they might give me an impromptu internal/sweep today to start things/get things ripe and ready and <weedy emoticon> after the massive painful BH the nurse gave me last week from having a swab done I'm a bit scared. Will let you know how I get on.....assuming they let me out before LO comes wink

hubbard86 Thu 10-Feb-11 08:21:28

wow congrats cheese tarlia and debka. Am very envy . This baby is being very awkward and is staying put making me very uncomfortable as her back is right along my rids, feels like she's lying on my lungs. Stuck on modified bedrest from now till delivery and as there is building work on the ward below it's not very restful. (builders started at 7.45) leaving ds was soo hard but he and dh seem to be enjoying lads time, lots of cartoons and not much housework as far as i gather. Will prob be on later as there is bugger nothing to do good luck ladies

wigglesrock Thu 10-Feb-11 08:29:06

zero thanks for starting the new thread. Don't worry about the rhyme, if it was up to me - it would probably read "hurry the bleep out".

cheesechomper Congrats - really pleased for you, especially as you had so much worry earlier on in the pregnancy.

Tarlia Well done and congratulations, enjoy lots of snuggles xx

earlgrey hopefully this it it, everything crossed for you grin

angels Good luck today, big breaths, you'll be fine xx

varicoseveined Thu 10-Feb-11 09:28:29

Just popping in to say congrats to all the mums on the Feb thread

PinkElephant73 Thu 10-Feb-11 09:28:30

LOL @ Wiggles hurry the bleep out, I feel the same.

congrats to cheesechomper and tarlia!

JustOneMorePlease Thu 10-Feb-11 09:36:18

Thanks for the new thread.

Big congratulations on all new arrivals.

Going to gp today to ask for ranitidine. Spending all night guzzling gavisgon and is making bugger all difference to my reflux - yuck!

Sorry it is a quickie message- my tesco's has just arrived!

40Weeks Thu 10-Feb-11 09:44:30

Oh congrats to out new mummies and babies, well done all of you.

Had my 38 week check and baby slightly back to back to lots of sitting on all 4's for me. How elegant. Was reading your comments about weight gain while eating the kids rice crispy cakes, enough said.

And angels I did spin yesterday but have finally thrown in the towel as I keep moaning about not wanting to go overdue, so decided I need to preserve my energy now, rather than sweat it out on the bike. Was considering swimming but don't want to ruin my pedicure!

Good luck today with your appointment and fingers crossed for all you who are overdue or imminent. Hope it's soon for you

WaddlingSheep Thu 10-Feb-11 09:47:46

LOL at "Hurry the bleep out!" Maybe that can be the title of our next thread if we're still here <<cries at the thought>>.

Good luck Angels! You will be fine! smile

I'm in such a foul mood today. DH recieved an abusive text from me this morning as he'd had the audacity to drink the last of the juice blush and then he told me to calm down which sent me over the edge! He'd be in a bad mood if he was in pain and was up to go to the loo all night!

WaddlingSheep Thu 10-Feb-11 09:52:58

40weeks hats off to you for doing Spin until 38 weeks! I think you deserve a break grin. I feel knackered after doing the 10 minute walk to school, which is annoying as I usually walk miles most days!

knittakid Thu 10-Feb-11 10:22:54

MOrning all!! congrats cheesechomp and tarlia, well done!

waddling do you think we could waddle for 4 more weeks!!! shock <<<<please bleep out!!!!>>>

40 weeks great idea to rest now, I finished work on Tuesday and have been unable to sleep at night but having great naps during the day, DH has now moved to the spare bedroom so I have the whole bed and pillows at all angles, had the best night sleep last night in ages!

angels don't worry!

justonemore hope you get some reflux relief today.

Sorry to go back to a previous conversation, which I ignored because I thought it didn't apply to me at all. We have no car, if I have to end up at hospital, would I be able to bring him home in a taxi in a sling? or do I need a car seat just for that?

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