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Due Oct 2005 - not much longer!

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Lexie100 Fri 07-Oct-05 18:50:14

This must be for the last time.

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jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 07-Oct-05 18:51:27

Lets hope so hun!!!

Lexie100 Fri 07-Oct-05 18:53:44

Oh God it has to be the last thread.

Had a good day. Went into town with my mum and got a few toys for the cot/pram.

I really am ready for this baby now. Lets hope we have a very eventful weekend.

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jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 07-Oct-05 18:56:30

We can all hope.

DH's birthday tomorrow - fingers crossed he gets an extra birthday present!!!

Redtartanlass Fri 07-Oct-05 19:17:53

Congratulations Buttonmoon - can't wait to see piccies

Really really bad period pains today (just like buttonmoom) but they’ve completely gone again PILs visited today, my poor MIL is sooo tired and has such a bad back, don’t you girls feel really sorry for her. Grrrrrrrrrr

Redtartanlass Fri 07-Oct-05 19:22:34

SusiS – 02/10
BBB – 5/10 (?)
Morningpaper - 7/10
RedTartanLass - 10/10
Jockey 12/10
Lexie - 14/10
Hester – 17/10
Jess&BMum - 21/10
Granny goose – 22/10
Moomin – 25/10
Mawbroon - 26/10
Danishmummy - 28/10

Think this is right - from the Stats thread. Where is Susis??????

mawbroon Fri 07-Oct-05 19:22:48

J&BM - my sisters DS2 was due on her DHs birthday. She was collecting the older kids from school on her due date and had the "well, I'm due today but doesn' look like it's going to happen" conversation with one of the teachers. Suddenly, two hours later, the baby arrived and shares her birthday with her Dad!

Hope the same happens for you!


morningpaper Fri 07-Oct-05 19:26:02

Had a successful dd birthday today - presents, party and evening 'do' with select favourite relatives. I now feel nauseous and TOTALLY knackered and a bit worried that Action might be starting - but I might just be totally worn out! Lots of painful BHs though throughout the day. Too knackered to give birth now - need a few days break!

Can't believe there are SO FEW of us left!

Tomorrow I am 'officially' 41 weeks exactly according to the scan date.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 07-Oct-05 19:59:08

MP - you have got to be next!

Im getting the crampy period type pains too.... just not frequently enough!

Got a screaming headache and have had for about 3 days now - hoping mw phones tomorrow to return my call and will pop round to check me over. Just dont feel "right" at the moment.

danishmummy Fri 07-Oct-05 20:31:11

Tillykke Buttonmoon -- well done!

Nice to see who's still with bump on a wee list. Depressing to be the last (jai38 is same EDD as me, though...) although it actually also suits me ok, as am not quite ready yet.

Mawbroon -- what are the wonder-sticks called? (No naughty assoc. intended... )

danishmummy Fri 07-Oct-05 20:33:32

J&BM -- sorry to hear about your headache! Did you call a doctor too? Horrible to suffer them for so long!! Hope you get better soon and can sleep tonight.

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 07-Oct-05 20:37:39

Havent been to doctors - but if its still going on by monday ill be down there like a shot.

SusiS Fri 07-Oct-05 21:00:07

couldn't stay in hospital any longer; drove them mad with letting me go home
- had to stay 24 hours because miss decided to have a poo inside - oh well! hope to get some sleep finally (last 2,5 days i had 4 hours total) -
aaaanyways, birth was fab!!! well, if you could call it that - they broke my water at 3pm, waited for 3 hours - nothing happend!! - so got on a very low dosed drip which started things quite quickly!! managed 3 hours with gas/air then i begged for an epidural!! was quite convienced that i'll end up with a cs anyways! - from then on everything was eezypeezy! - by 1am i was fully dilated and voila - pushed for 20min - well, in the end the told me not to push!!! but she just slid out - at 1.22 am on the 6th october, weighing 8lb4oz and 51cm!

woheyyyyy i did it!!! and oh wow, no comparison - i am feeling great! no tears, just a little cut but didn't need any stitches! and it's healing already - so i am well happy with how it went!!!!! -

and caitlin is so geourgous!!! (of course - !) - dark blue eyes and dark hair (for now) - very long fingers and toes (don't know where from really!) and she's got this really strange very cute kitten scream
lucas was great!! didn't see him till today really when they all came to pick me up! i was crying because i missed him so much! - and poor boy is ill again - seems like a flu! not himself really! - but he kept going to caitlin and saying 'baby'! and strokes her very gently! - finally at home i fed her and he was a bit upset and i got him up on my other knee, he stroked her again and even gave her a kiss ) - and later when he had dinner he fed her some carrot!! - well happy ))) - just hope that stays like this

mawbroon Fri 07-Oct-05 21:00:47

Hi Danishmum - the sticks that I have been given say "pure moxa roll" on them and the procedure is called moxibustion. TBH it is just like a giant spliff that you wave about in front of your little toe and I am very sceptical about it all, but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Also, my EDD is actually 27th but I think I posted it wrong originally, so I am only one day before you.

Hope you feel better soon J&BM and MP perhaps you are next!!!

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 07-Oct-05 21:03:00

YAY SUSIS! Huge congrats honey!!!

Another girl though....... WHERE ARE ALL THE BOY BUMPS????

BigBumpBonnie Fri 07-Oct-05 21:03:23

I've been getting odd pains too, but nothing painful enough! I was officially due on Wednesday by scan but think hospital are going by my dates which means i'm due tomorrow.

My pains start like Braxton Hicks but then turn painful towards the end sort of periody. Does this sound like anything you lot are getting?

It's mad, this will be my third labour but still can't remember what contractions feel like. Will get a harsh reminder soon!

Lets hope someone is bumpless by Monday good luck everyone xx

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 07-Oct-05 21:04:21

BBB - yup - your pains sound like mine. Roll on MW phoning back tomorrow.... need to see her, if only for her to tell me its all normal!

BigBumpBonnie Fri 07-Oct-05 21:06:19

Oh Susi, just seen your post. Massive congratulations. Lovely name for your little dd and glad your ds is so impressed with the new addition. So pleased everything went well for you. Your labour sounds brilliant. I'll have one of those please

mawbroon Fri 07-Oct-05 21:10:27

Crossed posts with SusieS.

Congratulations you make it sound so easy!! Well done!!!!


Jockey Fri 07-Oct-05 21:12:45

Well done & congratulations SusiS . Enjoy your lovely girl... glad the birth went well for you.

Jockey Fri 07-Oct-05 21:17:32

J&BM hope you get to see the midwife ASAP.
Yes, we seem to be going mad with girls - surely someone must have a boy soon? (Definitely not me or I shall be in total shock!)

jessicaandbumpsmummy Fri 07-Oct-05 21:19:31

If MW doesnt phone tomorrow, ill be straight to docs on monday morning.

Jockey Fri 07-Oct-05 21:34:40

Good for you J&BM. Looks as if the September lot are having loads of girls as well!

marinda Fri 07-Oct-05 22:06:31

Finally got round to posting birth story.

Due date was 3rd October but by scan 30th September - so on Sunday 3rd felt "overdue". This was all to change. At 10.00 started having mild contractions - thought it was braxtons. By 11.30 stronger so rand midwife who said ring her in an hour !!! I did and then she said "Wait till 5 mins apart and lasting 40 mins". By 1.00, I had lost count of time due to the pain, so my husband rang her to get her arse here and she did !! Only took her till 2.50pm to arrive though ! By them I was 6cm and in quite advanced labour so begging for gas and air which I got and made immediate use of. My husband was filling up the birthing pool and after 1 hour the water was running cold (hot tank empty!) - a hazard of water births. He spent the better part of 3 hours filling the rest of it up with saucepans (water has to be 37 degrees for delivery.

Finally got in pool about 6.00pm and after 1 hour and 43 mins of pushing, Caitlyn arrived. Birth in water really reduces pain and I would recommend it. However at one point, I was begging for hospitals/pethidine/epidurals etc... but was told my labour was too far advanced for any of these. Felt in control thoughout and just sustained a small tear which did not need stiches. Placenta arrived about 10 mins after baby. I then went upstairs for bath and enjoyed cup of tea !!!! Pretty staightforward but I did have my moments when felt caoul not cope with the pain and the duration of the labour any more. From start to finish was approximately 9 hours !!

marinda Fri 07-Oct-05 22:10:31

Susis - just realised we chose the same name !!

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