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When to start antenatal classes??

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mum22soon Tue 27-Sep-05 21:47:37

I am not sure when/where i should be starting classes. I queried with my midwife who said i dont need to attend classes until 6 weeks prior to due date. I have read about NCT or NHS could someone tell me what the procedure is and how do i go around arranging anything? Does the hospital contact me or do i contact them. My midwife isnt very forthcoming with what seems to everyone else to be basic information.

I am 19 weeks and would like to get involved in something in my area in the next couple of months if poss.

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gigglinggoblin Tue 27-Sep-05 21:49:50

i started at about 30 wks pg and was the one with longest to wait. what about doing aquanatal or something?

mum22soon Tue 27-Sep-05 21:51:57

I would like to do yoga or aqua but everything locally to me is during the day and as i work full time cant justify the time off. What is the difference between classes i.e. NCT and NHS???

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gigglinggoblin Tue 27-Sep-05 21:55:59

sorry, i only did nhs. found it no use at all tbh. we got to look round delivery suite and discuss the birth but it just made me panicky so i gave up! most people didnt of course so i assume they found it helpful

our hospital has an assigned mw who was happy to chat over the phne about the classes. you could try ringing your delivery suite and asking if you have one too, or im sure they will give you more info. i was sent dates of classes through the post

mum22soon Tue 27-Sep-05 21:58:49

Yes my friend has been sent through her dates and she is due 4 weeks before me. She was also given a list of classes to choose from.. i havent had any of that. She is assigned to a different hospital so that may explain it.

Ill give the delivery suite a ring. Its the not knowing where to go for the answers you need i find frustrating.

Thanks for help

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RayMacCooney Tue 27-Sep-05 22:00:26

M22S- i am a trainee antenatal teacher for the NCT- teaching first class on Tuesday night!

Bf just gone to loo so will catch up later and post on this thread properly bt just wanted to get it on my 'threads i'm on' list so i doin't forget!

Oh... he's back now and laughing at me for being so addicted i had to check Mn while he was gone....

Hah, he'll never know my posting name though....

gigglinggoblin Tue 27-Sep-05 22:04:25

might be that you just missed out on a batch of classes. you had to be so far along to go, and each set of classes started at a set date (if that makes sense, i know what i mean!). so i was there with women who were a lot more pg than me, i just made it into that class. they just missed the one before.

good luck with finding out and with the baby of course (does your name mean you are having twins?!?!)

mum22soon Tue 27-Sep-05 22:04:28

All advice welcomed. i dont know where to start!

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mum22soon Tue 27-Sep-05 22:06:17

No thankgod! Considering my dad, cousins, niece and nephews are twins i think i had a narrow escape. No i have one already but was soooo long ago and i was very young so didnt really get involved with anything at the time. So this all feels like a new experience

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GeraldGiraffe Thu 29-Sep-05 13:38:20

Hi mum22soon- difference between NCT/NHS classes proabbly depends on the area you live in by the way.

Some NCT classes are run at weekends and some during the dsy, most are generally eight week courses consisting of one weekday evening a week
more info here

NHS classes vary in quality/quantity depending on whereabouts, and some have been withdrawn due to lack of resources. In some areas, the classes are contracted out to NCT teachers.

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