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Private Maternity

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SunshineBean Wed 24-Nov-10 14:27:26

Hello all

Been researching private maternity as would like to have my delivery only privately, but even then the prices in London are extortionate!

Was just wondering if anyone had any experience/advice on being able to get a private delivery for 6k/less??


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gladlymadly Wed 24-Nov-10 20:29:43

I dont know how far on you are but independent midwives can look after you and may also have a contract to come into hospital to look after you, what is most important to you, perhaps a doula who helps at birth and after,or a maternity nurse who will come and stay with you for up to 14 days to help with the baby a bit like a nanny, remember these days you're lucky if your bottom touches the birthpool before your discharged home with your new baby,why not treat yourself after

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