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Due late Jan 2011 - come and join us in the countdown...

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BubbaAndBump Sat 23-Oct-10 07:30:47

New trimester, new thread. Here's to us becoming grumpy, impatient, fat and uncomfy while counting down the days... hmm

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LadyBuzz Sat 23-Oct-10 08:34:46

bookmarking thanks bubba

Fuzzywood Sat 23-Oct-10 08:43:08

Marking my place too

CupcakesHay Sat 23-Oct-10 10:32:49

hello all - slightly bookmarking. But meant to say to WestYorks - i bought a lot of stuff from gumtree. Seemed to get some good bargains and also ebay can be quite good hunting ground - although I am lucky my dad likes the last minute chase - so I always have to give him a max price - and he'll hunt for me! :}

Can't believe I'm already 6 months.... where has the time gone?

Plus - had an email from my tutor about 5 tasks I need to send to him, and I'm PRAYING it's not going to be one of the ones i've tenatively put off for a bit til I'm more motivated (ooops!)

And bubba - like jjkm - a sweet, sickly, thick sugar drink.... ugh. Worse thing was the not eating until aftr the whole test and taking the blood! Your's sounds lovely in comparison.

WestYorkshireGirl Sat 23-Oct-10 21:15:50

Thanks for recommendation about the nearly new sales - missed one when we were away and they don't seem that regular around here.

5 hours of NCT went very fast today - did relaxation, positions for birth and the stages of birth! The life size diagrams are interesting!

bubba and cupcakes why are you having to have these glucose tests?

jjkm Sat 23-Oct-10 21:20:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CupcakesHay Sun 24-Oct-10 09:26:01

grin JJKM - ou'll be much closer than most of us with those 2 fighting to get out! Have you thought of names? My friend had twins and they arrived at 37.5 weeks - which i thought was pretty impressive!

WestYorks I'm a big girl, so they seemed adamanat i'd get gestational diabetes - so they did it and the consultant was surprised when it came back negative! Not sure why you only need to do it once? But not complaining!

On a nasty note - I felt awful last night after DH made yummy dinner - and the i got bad smelly wind from it (nice) ALL NIGHT - and still felt bad this morning and threw up in shower! GROSS! Feeling Ok now.... but never really been like that. Poor DH is fine - jus a bit bemused by it.

FloraPost Sun 24-Oct-10 18:28:08

No change for me then Bubba grin.

The shopping trip yesterday was EPIC! (Takes deep breath) We have ordered...

a bugaboo cameleon (hating the incorrect spelling of that) with grey base and dark blue fabric,
a maxi cosi car seat with base fixing gubbins,
a glider chair and footstool,
a bath,
microwave steriliser kit,
a cot bed with sprung mattress & sheets,
2 gro bags,
a moses basket with sheets,
loads of muslins,
a rocking stand for the moses basket,
a cellular blanket,
some bibs,
a sheepskin liner thingy for the car seat,
scratch mittens,
a fleece hat,
some basic white sleepsuits and bodysuits for sicking on,
a monitor,
a wedge-sided changing mat and
these, we bought home with us. Rah!

I think that's everything apart from some new dinner plates which are pretty nice but not for the baby. The bursery advisor lady was lovely and my Mum came with us which was useful in terms of saying, 'you need that, you don't need that.' DP enjoyed himself running up the car park stairs with various prams. We decided against an iCandy even though they're British made (guilt emoticon) because the weight is quite unbalanced when you pick them up - I need to be able to lug it up and down station stairs without tipping Tiny Flora out the front.

What fun. I am sooooooo skint smile.

CupcakesHay Sun 24-Oct-10 19:12:32

Lovely! I like the pram (had a hunt on their site) and I'm getting a BT monitor too!

What colour gro-bags did you go with?

I bet you had so much fun buying all that lot! and yeah - i can imagine you are a bit skint!!! wink

BubbaAndBump Sun 24-Oct-10 19:41:39

You sound like you had lots of fun flora - (doesn't sound like you're grumpy in that post at least!) it's quite nerve racking buying all that kind of stuff. I've just done a kiddicare order for a new mattress for the cot, a few dummies, a new in-bath bath mat and heading to ikea tomorrow (eek) to get a few storage thingies for squishing three children's clothing into space for two! Can't stand shopping though, so have stock checked everything at our local ikea (wembley) and even written down the location of each item so we can run in, buy the stuff and run out without a divorce!!

I've had glucose tests for all three pregnancies WYG - Not to do with weight with me but I think 'cos of my age (32 with DD1) which is considered old, but I know it depends on where you live as my friend lives in Woking and didn't get tested, despite being same age as me with 1st child. Also my 1st was big, and my 2nd was massssssssssive so they're keen to check it isn't gestational diabetes with this one (which is already looking to be a larger than date baby). Didn't have it with either pregnancy so far, but they want to rule it out.
Test Tues. Can't remember how much I'm supposed to drink or for how long beforehand, so need to remember to phone the m/w tomorrow [hconfused].

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BubbaAndBump Sun 24-Oct-10 19:42:34

Sorry, that was a bit long blush

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RunningKatie Sun 24-Oct-10 20:34:02

Blimey Flora - you must be totally skint now, here was me feeling smug at having managed to get Mothercare to give me my curtains as they'd managed to misplace them.

Had my flu jab yesterday, I could have hugged the Doctor who had to ask why I was there for it and had to be told I was 6 months pregnant grin It didn't hurt at the time but couldn't lie on that arm last night.

I'm a bit worried we're only just supposed to be becoming grumpy and impatient, I'm pretty sure I've always been that!

LadyBuzz Sun 24-Oct-10 21:39:04

oooh flora what a shop you have some fab things.

We are making waves into the boys room which is now painted, bunk beds are ordered but we need wardrobes.

Then its time to start on the nursery once the windows have replaced, i'm very excited!

Off to the docs hopefully tomorrow to find out the results of the swab from last week.

Also pretty certain I have SPD so will mention that while i'm there.

I have a week off with DH and both DSs which i'm looking forward too!

bubba my DH detests ikea too! I love it though, could while away hours in there grin

ZippyPippy Sun 24-Oct-10 23:00:53

Horrah a new thread! I'll be into the third trimester thursday, is a very exciting and scary milestone. Seems to have gone quick in some ways but in others it's hard to remember the time before I was expecting a baby!!

Am busily trying to get stuff like a lot of you, I really want everything sorted by December so I can just relax and hopefully enjoy Christmas - flora what a mammoth shopping trip am seriously impressed!!!

Quick question for everyone, it's going to be cold when our little ones are born, what should they be wearing when taken outside - one of these all in one suit things?

FloraPost Mon 25-Oct-10 05:12:53

Innit?! I'm actually quite bad at shopping hmm hence getting it all in one go. Also means it will be delivered and sorted by December so I don't have to faff around in January (not stopping work until 38 weeks).

Zippy those snowsuits sound like a plan. One reason why we went for the cameleon (sp grr) rather than the bee is so we can pack Tiny Flora with bubble wrap or hay or whatever in the carry cot when it's so cold.

What prams have other people gone for?

Tiny Flora is beating me senseless, thus no sleep. I am glad because he has been very quiet for a few days, but he does pick his moments.

FloraPost Mon 25-Oct-10 05:16:43

Also on the snow suit front, we will need padding for journeys to my parents. The cat prefers to have the air con on in the car, so probably easier to keep the air cool and swaddle the baby.

WestYorkshireGirl Mon 25-Oct-10 05:50:28

Flora well done on that shopping! I have started scouting around friends and a few bits might be coming our way which is good. Will try Freecycle next, then buy what we need after that. Am wondering whether they do January sales in baby retailers? Also, need to start really looking into cloth nappies as there's so many different types. BTW, Love the ref to 'stuffing the pram with hay'!!

Runningkate interested to see you had the flu jab - I wasn't sure about it and asked MW who said not to bother, but still thinking about it though.

Ladybuzz good luck at Drs.

Bubba & cupcakes Thanks for explaining about the glucose tests. I suppose if I was in the NHS system I might have been offered it (am also 32 with DC1), but as my MW hasn't mentioned it, I obviously don't need it which is good by the sounds of it.

I am on my 4th morning at waking up at 4/5am and not being able to get back to sleep which makes me think today will be a bit of a killer! Am working at home which makes life a bit easier, but need to sift candidates for my maternity cover so it depends on how many there have been - my colleague in the SW is also pg and sifted last week and she had 57!! Wish me luck (think I might need some chocolate too!)

saltnvinigarcrips Mon 25-Oct-10 10:58:12

God everyone sounds like they're so organised. I still have only bought one babygrow. I am totally blaming this on DH who keeps procrastinating. In fact I am ordering a baby changing table TODAY!!! First lay in of the week as off on half term and loving it but seriously in a grump already as phoned doctors to make my 28 week check up appointment and they can't see me until next week!!! I mean my doctors must be the crappest this side of London. Last time I had to go on an emergency appointment. Seriously who do i have to call to get an appointment and I still haven't had fundal height measured Should I be panicking. I also have to phone my wedding photographer and make a complaint so not looking forward to this afternoon. On the up side I ordered some great things from ASOS arriving today Yippee!!!

AmIGoingMad Mon 25-Oct-10 12:42:08

I'm also on half term so looking forward to catching back up with you ladies! Have been so busy with school (dreaded inspection last week grrr!) that I haven't been on here in AGES! I really can't believe how quickly time's going! Someone asked me the other day how far along I am and I responded - only 26 weeks (!) they pointed out that that's pretty far!!!
We went looking around again yesterday at prams and cots etc an after reading your posts I'm feeling mighty disorganised- especially as the only things we bought were a name book and a nursery rhyme book! Hubby has sometime off this week too tho so we'll have another proper look then. So far I like the look of the icandy apple and the mothercare spin- any thoughts on these? x

BubbaAndBump Mon 25-Oct-10 16:05:51

TO those of you feeling disorganised, I'm only getting organised this week as it's half-term and next half-term will be mad shock so def. not going to have any time then, and want to be able to enjoy the Christmas break for what it should be. Also we're supposed to be getting our garage converted in the next few weeks (planning permission permitting (?)) so have been trying to get stuff for that room organised too.

On snowsuit thingies, def. loved all ours (got lots of hand-me-downs) and my rule of thumb for cold weather was always one layer of clothing more than I would wear myself (plus hat). At the risk of sounding patronising, don't worry too much about buying lots of baby clothes as you will get tonnes of things (little hats, babygrows etcs) from friends and relatives, esp. if it's your 1st...

We survived Ikea today, and no divorce papers in sight. We were in and out within an hour, which is very good going for Wembley. [smug emoticon] I've now assembled two new stand-up lamps (£5 each!!), kiddy shelf storage thing (new addition to our trofost shebang) and am just waiting for DH to wake up to carry it upstairs so I can fix it to the wall hmm. DDs are at nursery so sitting here watching Gilmore Girls and MNing etc - lush!

Am putting up a pic of me sideways on at 24 weeks - have a peek and feel better about yourselves! hmm

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LadyBuzz Mon 25-Oct-10 16:51:01

well done bubba grin

just got back from the docs (stupid nhs) nothing at all to worry about (bacterial vaginitis) perfectly normal in alot of women and the treatment isn't suitable for use in pregnancy! Still at least I know and can stop worrying!

RunningKatie Mon 25-Oct-10 17:11:39

Good going Bubba I'm off to look at your pics if I can figure out how.

I think we've had the last of the donated stuff from DP's brother now. So, we need to sort through what we have vs. what we need. Doesn't seem to be a tremendous shortfall and my family are yet to do a shopping trip. I hope I get to go with them as I've done very little myself!

Bit puzzled about the glucose tests, I've not had to have one and I'm 35, I'm also a little bit on the cuddly side despite all the running I did before the bump started to object! wink

ladyBuzz - Don't you love it when they send you into a panic over these things?

Ready for hometime, DP is home tonight so hopefully he'll have cooked by the time I get home. After a day of having the bump trying to attack my desk I'm worn out by 3pm.

Pootle78 Mon 25-Oct-10 18:51:24

Hello Ladies, can I join?

I have been watching this thread since I found out I was pregnant in May but thought I would wait to join until I had stopped feeling so rough and stopped being sick. But, wiggle had decided that not being sick is not an option and the 2nd trimester where I was supposed to bloom and be radiant, just seemed to pass me by!

I am due 26th January with my first, we don't know we're having and we are really disorganised!

I too have had the GTT test last week and must say it is the most disgusting thing I have ever had to drink and find out the results on Wednesday. I am having problems getting to see my midwife and haven't had an appointment since 21 weeks, so haven't even got my HIP grant form (

Anyway sorry this is long, hope you don't mind me waffling!

Pootle78 Mon 25-Oct-10 18:52:19

That should have been !

FloraPost Mon 25-Oct-10 19:33:18

Hi Pootle, welcome. Sorry to hear you're still being sick - me too. It's horrible isn't it? On the plus side, wrangling a newborn will surely be easy in comparison smile.

Really glad to hear you're ok LadyB

Not liking the sound of the GTT at all. Hope I don't have to do it; sweet liquids are a major barf risk.

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