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May 2011 - Bring on the 2nd Trimester!

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MummyWilliams Tue 19-Oct-10 18:01:16

2nd thread ladies smile

Link to old thread here

Link to stats here

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MummyWilliams Tue 19-Oct-10 18:16:37

Hi! All

Hope you all like our new home.

cowboylover fantastic news about the scan. I am so pleased. Also great news that they are taking very good care of you.

sesame yes all scans on NHS.

gingerwench I've been feeling movement too. It started around 10 weeks. Quite distinctive, but not all regular, as obviously there is loadsa room in there to hide.

qwertyqueen that's not very nice, about the book that is. Yes lets hope that the cot is not the same, that would be terrible. I'm also very irritable at the mo angry

zinnia shock OMG what a morning you've had. Hope you are relaxing now.

Thank goodness I am not alone, I too am in mat clothes and have been since about 8 weeks.

I'm still feeling really sick, never actually sick, but you know that feeling that if you burped you would actually be sick. Looking forward to that disappearing. I'm getting really dry skin across my forehead and around my nostrils, also a few spots (not zits but bumps) on my face too. Gosh! I sound so attractive grin

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Rollercoasteryears Tue 19-Oct-10 18:38:06

Thanks for starting the new thread mummywilliams and including the links to the others.

cowboylover great news indeed that everything's fine.

mummywilliams re the nausea thing, I'm mostly over it, but I'm looking forward to being able to brush my teeth without gagging!

jbells Tue 19-Oct-10 18:39:47

cowboy- great news for scan wish mine wud hurry up

qwerty- thats horrible bout your book u were nice enuf to lend them it so u wud think they wud atleast look after it.

zinnia- wot an emotional morning, hope u r ok now

my belly has popped a lil bit and my jeans that were already a lil bit tight dont fit anymore but the rest of my jeans still do, i didnt wear any maternity till 4-5 months tho last time altho mite be a bit quicker with my 2nd, also i am an obsessive weigher so far i have no weight gain mayb because the thought of food makes me feel sick tho

mummyw- i feel really sick still to not being sick like u but feel like i cud vomit and my stomach is doing summersolts still only want to eat crisps really

hope everyone has a nice relaxing evening

runningmonkey Tue 19-Oct-10 18:41:19

Hello, just signing in to new thread. Sorry for not being around too much but am trying to at least read.

Thanks for new thread MummyW

Am also in mat clothes and have been for about a fortnight (11 weeks this week). Was the same last time too - couldn't bear anything tight around my middle.

cowboylover great news about the scan and care

zinnia what a horrible experience. Glad you had a happy outcome though.

qwerty yuck! If the cot does come back smelly (and I really hope it doesn't) apparently giving smelly stuff a good wash in soapy water and then leaving to dry out in direct sunlight can kill any odours and leftover chemicals. Apparently something to do with UV light breaking chemicals down. I know it definitely works with pooey nappies so might be worth a try.

I thought I could feel movement last week too - the distinctive bubbly flutters that I felt last time. DH said 'its probably wind'. Mind you I have been, ahem, suffering a little in that department too over the last few weeks blush

Hello to everyone else, half term next week so I should be able to catch up a bit more then

MummyWilliams Tue 19-Oct-10 18:58:00

runningmonkey I've also been windy wink hee! hee! blush

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QwertyQueen Tue 19-Oct-10 19:07:39

LOL! I am also windy - didn't want to be the first to admit it grin

MummyWilliams Tue 19-Oct-10 19:20:05

lol! grin

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jbells Tue 19-Oct-10 19:20:55

me to, altho i was terrible last time aswell, was so embarrasing as DP never passes wind around me, and id be falling asleep and these dead noisy ones wud come enuf to wake me up hehe hopefully it wont get that bad this time, also hasnt happened yet but when i got big at around 6 months last time i started snooring really badly and i never normally snore agen this was loud enuf to wake me up blush

LoobyLou33 Tue 19-Oct-10 19:33:42

Hi-five to the new thread and yes, bring it on! I am 13 weeks today is that officially the 2nd trimester? grin

I thought I'd emerged out of the slavery of all-day nausea after a better weekend, where I suddenly realised 2 hours had passed and I hadn't eaten! Miraculous. Then I had the blood test first thing Monday (am a right wuss about blood) and threw up after outside the GP surgery! Eeek. That weekend feeling was such bliss though...hope it's back soon.

Loopy / Mummy W / Roller yes I'm mostly in maternity troosers, or going round with top buttons undone wink I really need to buy some more gear as hardly any of my skirts/bottoms fit and haven't for weeks. I had a moment trying to wriggle into a lovely short tartan skirt where I realised I won't be able to wear my winter wardrobe and felt very sad!

Happy news on the latest scans, that's great. yorkstar my little bean was very wriggly too in a press-ups kind of way, it made me laugh & cry!

Loopymumsy Tue 19-Oct-10 20:02:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

zinnia Tue 19-Oct-10 20:57:04

<Pulls up a chair, settles down into new thread, opens bottle of wine pours glass of fizzy water>

Hello ladies, liking the new home. Thanks for your kind words, am completely fine now having got lots of sympathy from my mum and my boss, who (bless her) was getting worried that she hadn't heard from me (I work from home on Tuesdays). The whole thing was of course nothing compared to what some people here have been through so good to have a sense of perspective.

Am a wee bit envy of people feeling movements already though, how lovely. I really like the flutteryness (sp?) at this stage, before the getting-beaten-up-from-inside mode later on...

MummyWilliams Tue 19-Oct-10 20:58:28

Lol! Lol! Lol! jbells your post had DP and I in stitches grin

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cowboylover Tue 19-Oct-10 21:15:29

Thanks everyone...a great day all round for me as I had my delivery from Next today and now the proud owner of some new maternity jeans!
Im a size 22 and paniced about if I was going to be able to get any suitable but they are great grin

Thanks for the new thread x

Loopymumsy Wed 20-Oct-10 06:38:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jbells Wed 20-Oct-10 08:06:58

i just wrote a post and then forgot to post it (forgetfulness) def something i am experiencing in pregnancy grrr

mummyw- hehehe hopefully ill be almost wind free this time round bless DP was kind enuf never to mention it either mayb at my shortass 5ft 1 the baby was pushing on my intestines i had a quite big baby for my height luckily i never had wind in the day can u imagine the embarassment sat it work haha

loopy- sorry youve bin sick that sucks i was holding out hope for it to get better in the nxt week or so to

pootros Wed 20-Oct-10 12:07:49

HAllo, Congrats everyone!

I had to join mumsnet when I found the forum "am I being unreasonable?". Genius.

This is my first ever post on mumsnet, first pregnancy, 10+6 today but still have to keep fingers crossed till 12w scan at start of Nov!! The dappiness has def started already though...

Did any of you tell people you were pregnant before your 1st scan? I've only told 1 best mate when she thought I was seriously ill at a festival we went to for not getting in the ciders with her. And now all of you of course! Seems no secrets here! parp parp grin


zinnia Wed 20-Oct-10 12:46:08

Hello pootros and congratulations!

I'm a week or so ahead of you at 11+5 and so far have told my mum, MIL/SIL (and therefore BIL..)two best mates, one other good friend, boss and boss's boss. Oh and my hairdresser and estate agent (!).

During mercifully brief scare at the hospital yesterday started to regret the last two, but my general rule is tell people you'd also tell if you had a mc or anything else went wrong. It's good to have some people close to you for support if you need it as well as being able to celebrate with them.

I could go on to debate about why mc is generally kept so covered up in our society etc etc but that's a different thread topic I think! And anyway DH and I waited a few weeks longer to tell anyone at all this time round (this is my 2nd pregnancy) just for the niceness of both telling people to their faces and for the privateness of it being between us for a while.

Rollercoasteryears Wed 20-Oct-10 12:52:20

Hello everyone and welcome pootros!

My scan was all fine this morning, it was very exciting to see the baby, I was astonished all over again by the amount of detail you can see, particularly the facial features. Both DH and I separately thought it looked different from DS and DH is now claiming it has my nose! Had nuchal fold at the same time as the dating scan, have to wait for results from combined blood test, but the sonographer said everything looked absolutely fine. Big relief - and thrilled it's only one baby! They've also moved my due date forward slightly to 1st May - if it arrives on time, it would be on our first wedding anniversary! Am actually hoping it will be early (DS was 12 days early) so we can go away to celebrate our anniversary in years to come -clearly we can't if it means missing DC2's birthday!

loopy poor you being sick at this stage, just when you should be feeling better. Let's hope it was a one off aberration...

Justtrying Wed 20-Oct-10 14:35:20

Hi all,
Fab to hear everyone's scan news, mine seems to be an age coming a week on friday. Fingers crossed all is ok, DH stressing about downs due to our ages i'm 35 and DH is 55, i'm trying not to worry.

Thought the nausea had calmed down at the weekend but back with avengence yesterday and after minimal sleep last night i'm now full of the cold with sore blocked nose and a mussy headache, any suggestions to relieve blocked sinuses as i'd normally take sudafed but the pack says not to if pregnant.

Hope i'm feeling better at the weekend meant to be going to a 40th.

BlingLoving Wed 20-Oct-10 14:45:03

HI all. Wow, you're on another thread already!? I am so jealous of you all going into second trimester already. With a due date of 30 May, realistically I guess I'll land up being in June!

Justtrying - for sinuses, try the old steaming thing. Put hot water in a bowl and place your head ovre it, covered with a towel. Also, massaging the sinuses can help - DH does mine for me sometimes.

Cut back on diary and berries for a few days too - that can help.

thell Wed 20-Oct-10 14:57:15

Marking my place on our lovely new thread

Funny to hear the wind stories - I was experiencing loads in the first few weeks too, but it seems to be calming down again for now wink

runningmonkey Wed 20-Oct-10 16:36:19

Just having a quick read while cooking tea and before I go back to work for an open evening.

Glad I'm not the only one ahem, parping a lot Sorry to have lowered the tone of the shiny new thread on page 1 blush

Glad scan was ok rollercoaster

justtrying we have scans the same day. Seems ages away doesn't it!

Loopymumsy Wed 20-Oct-10 16:53:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jbells Wed 20-Oct-10 17:37:17

congrats pootros and welcome to thread

rollercoaster- glad your scan went so well and u and DH really enjoyed it

zinnia- i have exactly the same view point as u, i told my two best friends, mum, step dad, and dad, all the people who i would want to be there to both celebrate with me and support me if the worst happened, i hate to think i was dealing with an MC on my own and no one had knew about it, but fingers crossed all will be ok at scan

justtryin, runningmonkey- my scan is a week on friday to ( we can all wait impatiently together)

loopy- i want sleep to, feel like i cud lie in till midday everymorning but obviously cant boo, DP is away on business so i have asked my mum to babysit tonite and i am going to the pics to fall asleep enjoy watching a film with a friend

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