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December 2010: Our Christmas Babies are growing but our energy levels are slowing!

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WhatWillSantaBring Wed 13-Oct-10 15:22:17

With thanks to the provider of the snappy title (it wasn't me - I think it was Strix)

Link to Stats thread (I hope)


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Strix Wed 13-Oct-10 15:39:25

Your energy levels are obviously higher than mine, WWSB. I am definitely too old for this pregnancy stuff.



Was I saying something?

PJen Wed 13-Oct-10 15:54:38

yeyyy new home... marking my space... I wonder how many more will we have before the babies arrive??

kellestar Wed 13-Oct-10 15:55:44

I am in constant nap mode, I keep waking up with my knitting pooling on my knees, not remembering that I drifted off, and it's not even 4! I bought some very pretty wool this morning for christmas presents. I love wool. sigh

CherylAnnTweedy Wed 13-Oct-10 16:08:16

Hi, just checking in, haven't been online for a few days so will catch up on old thread in a bit.

Feeling crap here, panic attacks getting longer & more often. hmm

8 weeks to go sounds so much better, finally getting somewhere.

Measure & weigh day today. At last check I was 13st 7lb (I think) - almost 3st weight gain so far,a nd belly size 48" shock (from a size 10). Only another foot and I'll be as round as I am tall short. grin

Christmas shopping nearly all done, just one more thing for ds1 and a sharing present for them both, will be collecting them tomorrow and we're all sorted!

CheeseandGherkins Wed 13-Oct-10 16:15:52

Hello. Sorry you're feeling crap cheryl panic attacks are awful.

I'm still feeling sick and miserable, think I'll have to give the GTT a miss tomorrow but we'll see. Anyone have any idea why I'm feeling sick after I eat something? It's really horrible.

CherylAnnTweedy Wed 13-Oct-10 16:19:44

Sorry you're feeling pants too C&G. I don't know if it's similar to how you're feeling but everything I eat tastes really sickly sweet. I have to keep eating to stop myself from feeling sick to get rid of the taste, but everything I eat or drink gives me the taste & feeling so it's a vicious circle.

Does anyone know anywhere to get cot blankets? I've got pram ones & sheets from Tesco as they were an alright price, but the cheapesst blankets I've found are £12.99. Any ideas?

NidsC Wed 13-Oct-10 16:26:57

Hello everyone

I just posted a thread on Pregnancy for December due dates. I have 8 weeks left and am nervous as hell !

I have just started ante natal classes which are informative, but it doesnt take away the edge of going through the experience of having your first.

I am suffering from sciatica (4 months now) and back leg and knee pain which affects me when Im walking.

Falling asleep at work and have no motivation left, 6 weeks of work to go...

MrsSnaplegs Wed 13-Oct-10 17:00:11

Ooh shiney new thread - loving it! I have been a productive today and worked from home - did take a slight detour via coffee morning this morning and so glad I did. Bumped into a friend who has had 4 rounds of ivf with no luck - last lot as I fell pregnant so I felt really guilty with an unplanned pregnancy! She is now 6 1/2 weeks pregnant naturally!!! I am so pleased for her - she knows it's still very early days but was clearly fit to burst with the news.

I think the late pregnancy sickness is due to your stomach being squashed - eat little and often again.
Cheryl sorry to hear about your panic attacks - they are awful things, have you tried CBT? It's really helped me with escalators.
C&G I would really try to get to your GTT as your sickness may be related.
NidsC welcome - I have 8 weeks left as well!

WhatWillSantaBring Wed 13-Oct-10 17:04:07

(WWSB peers round door with smug satisfaction that her technical skills are improving and the new thread has been succesfully started.) [smug grin emoticon]

She'd love to stay and chat but its home time and she has pilates tonight smile

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ebrookm Wed 13-Oct-10 17:29:03


I've been without access to the internet for over one month due to our move and a fiasco with BT... But now back in business.

I won't attempt to catch up, but hope you don't mind my popping in and trying to get back on track.

I've also been sick with nausea and vomiting - it never stopped for me! I had to get a prescription of cyclizine which has worked well, but I still get sick occasionally even when taking the meds.

Anyhoo - I'm getting excited and completely scared of the birth. Starting antenatal classes next Wednesday.

NidsC, I have heard that acupuncture and certain sleeping positions and yoga help with sciatica.

I have had some sciatica as well and it is a real pain. Certain yoga positions have helped me.

Hope you are all enjoying this chilly Wednesday.

Wholelottalove Wed 13-Oct-10 17:51:35

Hooray, new thread! Thanks WWSB and Strix

Welcome to NidsC and wlecome back ebrookm

cheryl and c&g sorry you are both feeling poorly. I think the feeling sick after meals is your tummy being squished up and possibly heartburn.

MrsS glad you've had a good day working at home. I worked at home this morning then went in from 12-5. I think I got more done here TBH, as everyone was so chatty at work I couldn't concentrate.

I am becoming a liability on the roads. I really feel like I have pregnancy brain going on and it is getting worse. I keep forgetting the names of things. Anyone else? Hope it isn't just me!

kellestar Wed 13-Oct-10 17:52:18

I am now slightly worried, I have 8 weeks to go but don't start antenatal group until mid November. It's been so busy that it's over subscribed, but I booked at my 20 week appointment.

emmaxmas Wed 13-Oct-10 18:01:24

Lovely to see the new thread! Haven't posted for ages- things have continued to be very busy. Have been trying to keep up to date with all the postings but have failed miserably!

10 and a bit weeks to go for me- that means 10 and a bit weeks until xmas day incase you needed reminding!

Bad sciatia here too- particularly bad when trying to get dressed / undressed. Have been having some physio but think it's getting worse rather than better confused. Lots of Braxton Hicks going on too. I'm planning on working up until a week before due date- am I completely mad?? I'm one of those people who are better off being busy than sitting around waiting so figure I may as well keep on working.

Catch you later

laurenamium Wed 13-Oct-10 18:20:57

just checking in and marking my place! love the name!

7 weeks to go today woohooooo

charley33 Wed 13-Oct-10 19:05:35

Hello all fellow December Mothers To Be!

I'm due on the 14th Dec and only have 4 weeks left at work which I can't quite get my head around yet?

Started NCT classes today - Met some lovely people but was a little scary having to start thinking about the birth side of things - Am still holding out hope for the stork to deliver our DD1

Getting excited at the prospect of picking up my order from Next tmz which contains the essential baby clothes for the overnight bag!!

All is becoming very real!

japhrimel Wed 13-Oct-10 19:30:35

We don't start our NCT classes until November. I'm really hoping I don't have OC and need early induction - for one I'll miss at least one antenatal class! shock

I had hoped to finish painting the nursery this evening but am so tired I'm going to bed super early. Must get some work done tomorrow!

It's nice to nearly have the nursery ready for furniture though - I can't wait to get everything set up as not feeling ready in practical terms has been stressing me out a little bit. Weirdly, I'm still not too stressed about labour, although I will admit to trying not to think about the implications of early induction for OC (fingers crossed it won't be needed!).

I need to get more Christmas presents sorted and get wrapping paper. I've got cards and was going to do address labels with the computer so that if I do have the baby early they'll be ready and/or DH will know who to send cards too (he hasn't had to do that kind of thing since we got togther, bless him).

I had my 31 week appointment today and all good - baby measuring right, hb good, etc. smile She's moving alot atm and it's pretty uncomfortable but lovely to know she's okay and growing. I'm wondering if her routine now will have any link to her routine (or lack of routine) when she's born as she's pretty set in when she's active and when she seems to be asleep.

For those of you who've already done this, am I mad to think that I'll be able to carry on doing a bit of work at home until 38/39 weeks or when I give birth? I set my own hours so it's very relaxed (darn well should be as I don't get paid!) but there's loads of stuff I'd like to finish before stopping for a bit so I had hoped to work for as long as possible.

DuelingFanjo Wed 13-Oct-10 20:41:32

Hey there.

Welcome NidsC and charley33 and welcome back ebrookm and emmaxmas

MrsSnaplegs congratulations to your friend smile

kellestar my NCT classes don't start until November, but just before I leave work. Am hoping I haven't left it too late.

I am envous of those of you who have started or even finished a nursery. At the moment DH is in the spare room almost every night because of his snoring so I can't really dismantle the spare bed and get going. Hope I am not leaving it too late - I plan to try to do it in the three weeks between leaving work and my due date!

I've been working really hard trying to get things completed in my job for when I leave. Makes the days go very quickly!

MrsSnaplegs Wed 13-Oct-10 21:34:33

Japh first time round DH (was DP then!) was running a pub when I stopped real work I became his spare hands there and worked even after my waters had gone and was back behind bar within 12hours of delivery so DH could spend time with DD! You will be fine as long as you pace yourself!

OnlyWantsOne Wed 13-Oct-10 21:57:56

Hello all, how are we all?

I am so so so tired - bed time!!

DD's birthday today, and having a big party on Saturday - heck more cooking

Hope all is well

OnlyWantsOne Wed 13-Oct-10 21:59:06

7 weeks to go for me too!! scared!

those of you having ahome birth - have u got your pool etc all sorted yet? I havent!!

KittyBump Wed 13-Oct-10 22:22:34

Hi everyone - lovely new thread thanks to strix and WWSB

Had my 31 week appy test with the GP, hmmmmm
it was the same GP i saw last time who prescribed me the eyedrops which I ended up binning as the advice on the insert said do not use in pregnancy unless absolutely essential and this time he says I won't prescribe you anything stronger than Gaviscon as its best to avoid unnecessary chemicals in pg! Then I asked him whether he thought the flu jab was a good idea and he basically said I'll leave that one to you.

THEN... as he was meausring my baby he said - you know babies are the fastest growing tumours known to man shock , and I said well thats charming thank you!! What a prick!

Anyway, despite all that everything was ok, baby's head is down and he thinks the bum is under my rhs ribs which explains why they hurt a lot

Not sure who said about being a hazard on the roads but I just cut some poor bugger up spectacularly, definitely need to concentrate more when trying to drive places!

Also, I have my last antenatal class this Friday, all of you starting in November I think thats more the norm as I was definitely the latest EDD in my class by some way, one lady was due yesterday so I hope she makes it to the last class you'll probably find you are with more mums due around the same time as you which is nicer really - as this thread shows

Also, someone at work today said i'd started waddling - I hope things improve tomorrow!!

Welcome newbies and welcome back to those rejoining us, people keep saying not long now to me, how come 5 weeks left at work seems an eternity but 8 and a half weeks to D Day seems nothing grin

Night all xxxxxxxx

KittyBump Wed 13-Oct-10 22:23:28

no idea what an 'appy test' is I think i meant appointment!!! Must go and sleep xx

CherylAnnTweedy Thu 14-Oct-10 08:51:29

Hiya, massive congratulations to your friend MrsSL. I'm back on the waiting list to see my practise counsellor (for the reasons I was seeing her before). The place that does cbt won't take you if you're seeing/waiting to see a practice counsellor. I feel really bad as mine are nothing compared to what DP goes through, but he's now helping me with mine while he's having a really bad few months himself and having moved to a totally new area wouldn't be able to see his counsellor so he's feeling really stuck with his anxiety. sad

I haven't driven since about 18wks. The fainting put a stop to that and since that passed I haven't actually been able to reach the wheel. Somewhat different from ds2 when I had my head under the bonnet at 41wks fixing the starter motor after filling up with petrol! Did any bugger come to help, oh no!!!!

I have my ante-natal classes starting in Nov too.

I also found last night that the sex thing is no myth for starting off labour. I think any kind of sexual actuvuty is out for a few weeks now. I was just about to call the hospital when the contractions went off. EEEK!!!

PenelopeS Thu 14-Oct-10 09:34:15

Hello due with 2nd bebe on or around christmas day! Just moved to new area and all of a sudden really feel the need to talk to other ladies who are preggers like me...NCT donlt do 2nd time mums in my area and to be honest am feelng a bit billy no mates! How is everyone feeling?anyone terrified at prospect of 2nd? My little one will only be 21months when new one arrives. new to mumsnet so apologies for ramble.

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