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Living near Camden and due between now and January?

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TillieTillie Tue 28-Sep-10 10:45:32

Hello and congratulations!

I am posting this in the hope that you might want to help me. I am training to work as a child psychotherapist, and as part of my training I need to do an Infant Observation. Essentially, I need to visit a family once a week for an hour to see a newborn come into the world and develop, over time, in the family. I am looking for a family in or near Camden/Belsize Park/Hampstead/Kentish Town who are expecting a child between now and January.

I have worked with children for years, have two degrees, a Criminal Records Bureaux (CRB) check and a letter of authentication from the University of London.

I need to stress that I am still training, so not an expert in child development. I wouldn’t be analysing or offering advice. I am just hoping to observe a baby developing naturally in a normal family. In terms of what you get out of it, I’ve met parents that have done it and they say that it’s lovely to have someone as interested in their baby as they are!

Email me if you think you might be interested.

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