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Any South Wales mums to be out there?

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AmIGoingMad Mon 30-Aug-10 19:25:40

Just wondering if there's anyone out there from the South Wales area?
It's my first pregnancy and any local tips for classes/ shops/ experiences would be great! x

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lucybrad Tue 31-Aug-10 10:14:11

where in south wales?

AmIGoingMad Tue 31-Aug-10 11:20:33

Neath Port Talbot

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lucybrad Tue 31-Aug-10 13:41:34

sorry, not my area, but someone maybe along soon who will know.

JuneBugJr Thu 02-Sep-10 21:27:50

Shw Mae AmIGoingMad!

Im from that area.

Hmmm, Classes... I went to the NPT hospital for an Antenatal class when I was 36 weeks. It was only the one class, and not a series of classes like some other counties have. It was quite good, all about birth, and gave us a view of forceps, epidural needles etc. It was nice to have the view of midwives.

I think the NCT classes run in swansea. I never went to any, but my friend did, and she found them helpful and supportive.

If you are going to BF, they have a clinic in NPT hospital, and in Dyfed surgery in neath, well they did a few years ago anyway!

They also run Yoga sessions for pregnancy in NPT hospital run by a midwife. Supposed to be brilliant for breathing techniques etc. Highly recommneded by my friend who had no pain relief for her 2 births.

NPT Birthcentre run by midwives is lovely. Ive yet to meet anyone who's had a bad birth experience there. And they're really helpful with BF. You can give birth in your own private room, and then you and your DP/H can stay there as long as you like (within reason grin). They really couldnt be more supportive and caring there.
Bridgend Hospital if you opt for a hospital with a consultant is fine. But it does seem intervention happy. About 10 people I know have been there, 5 have ended up with forceps, and 2 emcs, and 1 elcs for breech. Only 2 have had 'normal' births. Id avoid if you were able.

Shops - mothercare for obvious reasons. And your best going to swansea for baby shopping really or online.
Have a look on Netmums for details on mother and baby groups, which you'll probably get more into when your baby is about 6 months.

Is this the type of thing you were looking for?
How far are you along? <<nosy emoticon>>

icecoldcatsbum Thu 02-Sep-10 21:30:55

Hi!! Just wanted to say hi as I'm from NPT too but not pregnant I'm afraid!! In fact my ds is 5yo on Monday.

I wish you well with your pregnancy and birth

AmIGoingMad Fri 03-Sep-10 16:26:18

Thanks ladies! Was wondering where all the South Wales people were!
I'm 19 weeks at the mo and yes junebugjr- that's exactly the type of thing I was after so thank you!
It's just so difficult to make these decisions. I love the idea of NPT birth centre but it worries me that there's no consultant and no option of epidural if I decide I need it. Was then thinking Singleton Birth centre cos the consultants are just on the other floor but not sure I can put that as my choice because I'm an NPT girl?!
So many decisions!
Looking forward to the shopping though! grin

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icecoldcatsbum Fri 03-Sep-10 16:40:38

I gave birth in Singleton Hospital and I live in NPT. I saw the birth centre and it looked really nice, unfortunately I had to have an emergency ceserean and so didn't see any of the birth centre at all!!

Happy shopping!!

JuneBugJr Fri 03-Sep-10 22:24:55

I think you could discuss it with a consultant Amigoingmad

My cousin discussed it with hers as she wanted a birthcentre birth, but with the comfort of knowing medical help is not far away. She did have shoulder dystortia (sp?) on her first birth though, so am not sure if the agreed because of this. If you put your foot down though, and state your reasons clearly (and possibly threaten a home birth!!), they'll agree to anything grin

Im TTC'ing at the moment, and if we're lucky enough, I wont be budging on singleton as my hospital of choice this time around, as I'll be trying VBAC and want a birthcentre, and my experience in Bridgend was clinical in the extreme. As well as them seeming to be gung ho with forceps <<shudder>>.

EMCS here too, but in Bridgend hospital Icecoldcatsbum. What did you think of Singleton? I spent a bit of time in there for hyperemesis, and was placed in a ward right opposite to the birthcentre, it was interesting to say the least!!

Im sure all will work out fine AmIGoingMad, my only other advice would be to get as much lazy me time as you can before the baby gets here, and enjoy your lie ins <<thinks fondly back at lie ins....>>

icecoldcatsbum Fri 03-Sep-10 23:26:19

JuneBugJr Not sure I want to put my comments about Singleton hospital tbh!! I had a nightmare of a time there and wouldn't want to frighten anyone!! I just hope that my situation and experience was a one off!! And of course it was 5 years ago on Monday so things could have changed since then!! grin

peppapighastakenovermylife Thu 23-Sep-10 20:59:32

Another vote for NPT birth centre!

Ilovebeingamummy Mon 11-Oct-10 00:38:45

Hi all

I am an NCT Antenatal teacher (to-be!) in Swansea and we run a Bumps and Babies group in Sketty (Bethel UR Church, Sketty SA2 9AS) Mondays in term time between 9.30 and 11.30 (drop in any time) Its just a £1 and includes drinks and biscuits. All the babies are 12mths and under and its a great way to meet others with tiny babies.

I have had babies myself in NPT BC, Singleton and at home as well as 3 years training to be an antenatal teacher so can pretty much cover anything you fancy a chat about if you come along!

Also I am looking for anyone locally who is due in feb/march 2011 who may be interested in an NCT doula..! I am currently doing a university training course (NCT Birth Companions), and have been at 2 births plus my own... in order to complete the training I need a family to support!

Research shows that a having a doula with you can shorten your labour by 2 hours, decrease CS chance by 50%, decrease need for pain relief and increase success in bfeeding. Anyone interested in a chat about it please let me know!!

Ilovebeingamummy Mon 11-Oct-10 00:45:15


AmIGoingMad - you should have been given a copy of the ABM trust 'Choices' leaflet which tells you all about where within the trust you can birth (you can choose anywhere as we are now one trust) Have a look at it here

JuneBugJr - If you want a birth centre VBAC do get in touch when you need to as I know the lady who can make it happen!!

Icecoldcatsbum - unfortunately your is not a one-off...but hopefully we can push hard enough to improve things

Ilovebeingamummy Tue 12-Oct-10 23:29:29


AmIGoingMad Mon 25-Oct-10 12:47:48

Thanks for all of the info!
I've been off here for ages as I've been so busy with work so not being ignorant and ungrateful!
Pople don't seem to understant that we like to have all the info in advance to make decisions rather than getting it just before and rushing into something!

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Ilovebeingamummy Thu 28-Oct-10 22:12:22

Hi - hope you got a copy or have followed the link to the Choices leaflet! Do come along to the Bumps group if you can - we have quite a few babies from your area!

AmIGoingMad Tue 02-Nov-10 20:50:06

Thanks! I'll have a look at that in next week or so! smile

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excitedtobeamum Sat 18-Dec-10 11:26:55

Hi this is a message for Ilovebeingamummy.
I am due in February I will be giving birth in Singleton Hospital. If you are still looking for a family, please let me know.

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