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ante natal classes Highgate/Crouch end

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Rogie Sun 22-Aug-10 15:31:18

Hello all,

New to Mumsnet. 21 weeks with my first and trying to juggle super demanding job with research on all things pregnancy and ante natal. Any tips on good classes/clubs in either Highgate or Crouch end gratefully received.

Currently enrolled for yoga at the active birth centre with Alice - a moment of blissful sanity in the week. Now really need to get the ante natal classes sorted.


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piprabbit Sun 22-Aug-10 20:54:47

Go to the NCT website and put in your postcode - it will point you to NCT classes in your area.

Rogie Tue 24-Aug-10 08:42:52

Thanks piprabbit, had a look last night. Amazing how fast these things book up!

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Bumptobirthbeyond Tue 24-Aug-10 19:35:51


I'm guessing that you live around the Highgate area?
I'm a recently launched antenatal teacher in Mill Hill and have started taking bookings for my classes.

If you're struggling to find one locally and don't mind adding on an extra 15 minutes to your journey, you may want to consider mine?

Have a look at my website and if you're interested, give me a call!

All the best,

Bump to birth and beyond

Rogie Tue 07-Sep-10 20:18:07

Thanks Mads, good to know. Think I'm in on a course in Crouch End now which is 10 min walk away so will see how that goes in November. Good luck with the classes and thanks again for writing.


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alexk145 Sun 01-Sep-13 21:47:21

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