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Poor schedule for Ante-natal classes

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Smudger74 Thu 19-Aug-10 20:01:01


I am looking for some advice on Ante-natal classes. My wife is due on the 23rd of October and we have just had the dates for the NHS sessions and all but one of them is on a Monday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm. Now I don't know about anyone else but as a first time father to be I want to support my wife and be a little more prepared for what is to come, ordinarily people would get time off perhaps but I begin a new job as a teacher on the day of the first session and there is no way I can ask for a day off. I realise midwives have lives and there is a shortage of resources but why can these not be arranged for the early evening? We tried to contact other hospitals in the area in the hope they have something but they refused to see us even though one of them is where the birth is planned to take place.

I don't wish to vent but my frustration is near bursting on this matter and my wife is worried about going on her own and remembering everything.

Can anyone suggest ideas such as other courses we could go on or a dvd which covers the content of these types of sessions? We looked at the NCT courses but the one soonest finishes some time after the due date.

Sorry for the rant, any help greatly appreciated.

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ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Thu 19-Aug-10 20:10:09

It's probably a budgetary thing; when I was expecting DS nearly six years ago I booked onto the NHS antenatal evening classes, then they were cancelled, then they were reinstated. And then for future months they were cut down to three sessions instead of four. I think they have now been moved to daytime-only sessions, too.

I would still encourage your wife to book into those NHS sessions as they will be a good way to meet other local pregnant mothers due around the same time as her and that will be invaluable a couple of months after the birth.

Otherwise -- are you at all interested in hypnobirthing? You might well find a weekend hypnobirthing course near you.

Where are you in the country (roughly)? That may affect what other options there are.

Smudger74 Thu 19-Aug-10 20:15:51

Thanks for your speedy response. I suspected it was budgetary and would love to know the turn out figures for the day time appointments. We live in Gloucestershire and are due to go to Cheltenham for the birth, it is a shame that they wouldn't even consider us for the sessions there, let alone tell us what times they were so we could cross them off.

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ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Thu 19-Aug-10 20:27:32

Some possible options (probably a fair distance away, though)...

here in Bristol in September
here in Bristol or Bath
Hypnobirthing around Bristol

Or you could plan a weekend away with who appear to still have availability for weekends of 25-26 September and 16 October (that one might be cutting it a bit fine, though). I think there are other companies that do the same thing.

ProfessorLaytonIsMyLoveSlave Thu 19-Aug-10 20:30:51

Or personal weekend away course

Mbear Thu 19-Aug-10 20:34:47

Ooh, I'm in Glos too. I am a first time mum and ds is nearly 1. I didn't go to any classes as they were at midday on a Monday, completely the otherside of Glos. It's all very well being entitled to have the time off, but not always possible and dh definitely couldn't have come. We looked into NCT, but couldn't really afford them.

Anyway, as I said, in the end we just didn't go. Wasn't a big deal, don't feel like we missed anything. I think the quality of the classes can vary as well (a friend of mine went to only 1 of her 2 classes etc) so don't think they are the b all and end all.

I know you want to go, but would echo the advice that if your dw wants to, and can, then she should go to the classes on her own. She doesn't have to remember everything, but she can ask questions etc.

Good luck!

Karoleann Thu 19-Aug-10 23:07:57

This NCt course look okay for your wifes due date - if its not if you get in touch with the NCt they'll let you know if any more come on.

Smudger74 Sat 21-Aug-10 16:01:25

Thanks everyone for your feedback, we will follow up on your advice.

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