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Calling The Viroids - Just Shagging Graduates!

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gormers Fri 13-Aug-10 19:57:59

Just thought I'd start a thread for all those JS graduates, whether a newbie graduate or even if you left us a while ago and are well on your way. Would be good for us to keep in touch, see if we're all staying 'sane'. grin

Don't know about you ladies, but I am still filled with the overwhelming urge to PIAR (that's POAS for all you older graduates - after you left us we went a little mad and started harnessing the power of the ramekin!) I think once you start the habit it doesn't leave you!

Well, it's good to know that the Just Shagging method works. Even if we did once in a while just cheat a teeny tiny little bit! wink

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Fuzzywood Fri 13-Aug-10 20:00:46

Hi Gormers I keep meaning to catch up on the JSing thread but haven't found the time. How are you? All good here, bump rapidly expanding, 17 weeks gone, time flies

gormers Fri 13-Aug-10 20:10:03

17 weeks! Blimey! Seems like yesterday when you were on the JS board! Time really does fly. I'm hoping the same will happen for me as I'm driving myself a bit mad with a combination of worry re maybe not having a sticky bean / excitement / not being able to talk to everyone about it! I keep almost blurting it out at work!

Now 5 weeks, due April 16th. Tis my first so I have a lot to learn and experience. Have had (?psychosomatic) nausea all week, not really sure it's the real thing yet!

Hoping that you've got through the bad bits of the 1st trimester joy and are now comfortably out the other side.x

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JustKeepSwimming Fri 13-Aug-10 20:36:22

Well done Gormers

I can't wait to be 17 weeks, or indeed 37!

All feels so slow at this point. With DS1 it was all exciting, with DS2 it was a while before the shock wore off grin and now i just want to get on with it!

Am packing spare sticks for 2 weeks holiday in case the 'urge' takes over, lol,

4ish weeks so far

Fuzzywood Fri 13-Aug-10 21:11:00

Congrats Gormers keeping everything crossed for a sticky bean.
JKS I'm being slow are you 4 weeks gone?
Am thankfully past the sick stage, absolutely shattered still, though that may have just as much to do with running around after a 2 year old as being pg.
Talking about being tired I'm off to bed x

BrassicaBabe Sat 14-Aug-10 09:43:48

<sneaking my head over the fence to say hi>

Hope to see you in an offical capacity soon!

takethatlady Sat 14-Aug-10 17:12:58

Howdy viroids!

We made it to the other side! Yip yip!

DH and I went into town today to buy a pregnancy book and a calendar (I actually start a new job in two weeks' time - whoops!) and tramped around for a bit before we both felt too knackered to continue. He's ill, and I'm definitely getting those psychosomatic preggo symptoms. I've only known about five hours - already the diva syndrome is kicking in. It'll be soooo much easier when I have a bump. Still, DH is making dinner for me as we speak grin

takethatlady Sat 14-Aug-10 17:14:06

Easier to get DH running chores for me, I mean!

gormers Sun 15-Aug-10 17:32:48

Just read in one of my pregnancy book that we spend £36 million on pregnancy tests every year in Britain.

I reckon that us Just Shaggers may have bumped that up to £46 million this year (an extra £1 million just for those that Takethatlady pulled apart!)

We should feel proud at having helped hold the economy up in these difficult times!

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takethatlady Mon 16-Aug-10 06:17:53

Ha ha gormers! Yep, I've definitely contributed to the local economy with my stick consumption. It's so great doing pregnancy tests when you know you're pregnant - I'm still amazed to see the line but deep down I knew it would be there so it's all the fun and none of the stress!

Bought a Prima Baby magazine yesterday. What an absolute loser. The magazine is a pile of piss, except it does have a week-by-week pregnancy chart (though it starts at 6 weeks and I'm only four weeks so that shows how premature I'm being).

Praying for a sticky bean 'cos I've got totally carried away now ...

loopeylu Mon 16-Aug-10 12:14:12

Ah - I've found you all! Hello and congratulations!

I'm 16 weeks today. Knackered still (thanks to work being craaaazy and a toddler who isn't keen on shut eye) but all ok otherwise.

Avoid the crap mags and books I'd say - ignorance is bliss and means you don't have to deal with psychosomatic symptons!

Here's hoping we don't all get piles and have uneventful easy pregnancies!

PS Try instead for a quick overview on what is happening week by week. Biology was never my strong point so I find it useful (but avoid the 'your emotional response' guff!)

takethatlady Mon 16-Aug-10 16:49:40

Thanks loopeylu. Does anyone else have symptoms? I'm only four weeks but I've got none! I had sore boobs but they're only sore if I prod them now, so I'm a bit afraid I'm suddenly not preggo anymore (especially as I told my whole family and in-laws and a couple of close friends today ... couldn't hold it in grin).

Hoping four weeks and no symptoms is normal smile

loopeylu Mon 16-Aug-10 17:29:51

Ah - I didn't have any symptons other than my normally pretty flat chested boobs went on a growth spurt (only noticeable to me and DH though!). no morning sickness, just felt knackered...and looked fat very quickly but its no. 2 for me.

How is Ruskin?

takethatlady Mon 16-Aug-10 20:48:11

Ha ha given up on him! Thanks! I'm not doing a degree (I think you asked this on the other thread) - I'm a uni lecturer and I'm finishing my first book. Actually it's a bit naughty as I got my job last September, went on research leave for a year to finish the book so I wasn't even on the payroll (was paid by my old employer), and now I'm officially starting the job on 1st September and I'm pregnant! I did plan it but I'm working on my shock face to make it seem convincing to them grin

The book is NOT about Ruskin but I have to put him in the introduction. I hate him Maybe I should call the baby Ruskin since I finished the introduction (and basically the text of the book) the same day I got my BFP!

Glad you haven't really got symptoms either. Have a twingy tummy on and off. Going to make the most of it before [vomit emoticon]

ihaveaplan Tue 17-Aug-10 00:14:04

Ladies, ladies I love you all grin

gormers I think we're at virtually the same point!

ttl I'm dithering between telling my new job and not. It's not fair to my students as April is rubbish timing and there's just about time to replace me....

What pregnancy books has everyone bought? I want to buy one but I can't because we're staying with my parents and I don't want the cat out the bag yet. Am totally dreading telling my mother - planning to fib and say I found out at my doctor's appointment this morning.

No real nausea so far, but hypersensitive boobs and really really weepy.

<it's the original JSer btw - I namechanged to keep secret from the rest of MN!>

gormers Tue 17-Aug-10 20:47:16

Symptoms - sore and massive boobs almost since the moment sperm met egg I think!!!!!
Also very tired, although working so hard that I think I'd be tired even if not preggers.
Incredibly hungry (?psychosomatic) and early morning nausea ( I do get up at 5.30 and felt nausea quite often before bfp).

Other than boobs the size of watermelons I don't know if the other symptoms are def real!

As to what books....hmm, what books haven't I bought?! I'm a bit of a sucker I think. Just been reading pregnancy and fitness as am hoping to keep on running at least in the early stage. Although a short run last night was really really hard, not least because of aforementioned watermelons!!

Good to see you loopy and ihaveaplan. Am hoping to have more of the JSers over in the next few weeks!

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takethatlady Tue 17-Aug-10 21:44:49

Well if weepy's a symptom I can definitely add that after today. We had the car serviced and it was £400 (they changed a filter and some oil, as far as I can tell) and I burst out crying and had a massive fit of 'we can't control our money, we're bringing a baby into the world and we're racking up debts' moment ... DH was sweet. Have calmed down now. Also cried at Neighbours earlier on.

Boobs less sore than yesterday and even less sore than the day before. Lower back ache. Felt a bit nauseous after lunch today but that could have been imaginary.

So tempted to test again!

takethatlady Wed 18-Aug-10 16:30:59

Hello ladies. I'm really sorry to have to say this but I had an early miscarriage today. sad

So it's back to the JSing boards for me. Freaked out and cried a lot this morning when I realised what was happening, but I've had lots of support on the other thread, from my DH, and from family, and I know it's for the best.

Hope to join you all again on here soon. At least I know JSing actually works for me!
Good luck and baby dust to you all!

Fuzzywood Wed 18-Aug-10 18:13:15

So sorry Takethat take it easy on yourself. Sending hugs x

takethatlady Thu 19-Aug-10 09:22:41

Thanks fuzzywood. Feeling better today (mentally at least, though the mc is getting into full swing blush). Just want it to be over now so I can shag my way back here!

Good luck to all of you and I can't wait to see you all soon smile

NoMoreChocBiscuits Fri 20-Aug-10 21:08:59

Just peeking in and adding you to my watch list so I know where to come when the time comes.

gormers Mon 23-Aug-10 16:33:21

Hi NMCB! Hope all's well with you, looking forward to seeing you on here soon!!

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ihaveaplan Wed 25-Aug-10 11:43:53

TTL if you're still checking take care of yourself

I've had bleeding on and off, had a scan last Thursday and another one booked next Monday. Not sure whether to be worried or not - in some ways I think it would be for the best because I've been freaking out so much about it all that I'm driving myself insane and then I feel awful for thinking it.

BrassicaBabe Wed 01-Sep-10 12:32:56

Any news ihaveaplan? Just popping my head over the wall from the under-graduates thead!

Hope you are okay. smile We're not far off thread version 3!

ihaveaplan Wed 08-Sep-10 00:24:18

Awww thanks for thinking of me BB! Still got a mini one in there and it has a heartbeat so all is good for now, I think

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