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Active antenatal group for Dollis Hill/Willesden Green area?

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firstimeforeverything Tue 10-Aug-10 20:07:45

Sigh...signed off work at 30 weeks!

The nature of the problem means that I have to try and stay as active as possible, but I'm already bored of doing laps of the local park and would love some company. I don't suppose that there are any other ladies in my area at any stage of pregnancy who would be interested in forming some sort of active antenatal club? I'd volunteer my time to help organise everything.

My personal preference is for walking and talking, but Willesden Green sports centre has a pool and there is a private yoga firm nearby who do antenatal classes at a flat rate of £60 per hour so there is scope for doing other activites too.

Would anyone be interested??

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