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The PESH Deli; Won't somebody think of the children???????

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Cosmosis Wed 28-Jul-10 20:51:06


dontrythisathome, girl born March 25.
Cheggers, twinz girlz, born April
FannyPriceless, boy, born June 8
CurlyCasper, girl, born June 24
CUNextTuesday, boy, born June 29
Skihorse, boy, born 1 July
Carrots, boy, born July
IggyPiggy, girl, born July

Cosmosis, the one that likes a good ride, due August 22
backinthebox, thinking of inventive uses for courgettes, due September 6
skatergrrrl, the one that overtook the rest, September 1
VAG, lives in De Nile, due 19 September
silversky, the biggest farter, due 18 October (first baybee)
Honeymoo, 3 wees a night, due October 31 (boy)
okiecokie, self-confessed control freak, due November 6
SomethingSuitablyWitty, benelux babe, due November 14
ReginaMonologue, knows when all the sales are, due November 20 (boy)
maswera, jungle hottie - due December 11
PollyPoo, wants to name her baybee after the dog, The New Messiah is due December 25

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Cosmosis Wed 28-Jul-10 20:52:29

sorry for shit title brain cell too dead to think of anything else.

Meant to say in old Fred, hello maswera how the devil are you? Please be updating us with news and shizzle?

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Cosmosis Wed 28-Jul-10 20:53:31

I'll just talk to myself till you find me. TGO is out on his bike with all my friends so I am home alone. sob.

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Muser Wed 28-Jul-10 20:55:37

Hello fred. I am currently taking an hour to wash up. I hate washing up.

ginhag Wed 28-Jul-10 20:56:09

Hello Fred. Hello cosmassivepoo

ginhag Wed 28-Jul-10 20:57:33

Also I like the title. Stop sobbing <haddock slap>

Backinthebox Wed 28-Jul-10 20:57:34

Haha! Still before Skater on the notlist!

Cos it happens when your brain cannot cope with pregnancy any more - you go gaga and start talking to yourself! Less than a month to go,ey?

Clucky I KNOW you. I don't want to hear about your vag snot!

Cosmosis Wed 28-Jul-10 20:59:58

boxy I is more in de nile than vag about how little time left. I have very firmly Changed My Mind about the whole thing.

What is inside me is far too pointy and sharp for me to push out of my fandango. I mean it. I am Not Going To Do It.

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CurlyCasperBaggedABairn Wed 28-Jul-10 21:01:27

I like the title. Shame the new fred broke up the girl fight though, I'd have liked to settle down with gin and chocolate to watch grin

I have lots to catch up on. Small person doesn't want me to though. wink

rollerbaby Wed 28-Jul-10 21:05:40

I iz too busy eating pizza and profiteroles to be fighting. NOM NOM NOM NOM.

cosmo you'll be fine. You sit on pointy saddles for fun... can't be worse than that surely?

ginhag Wed 28-Jul-10 21:16:57

Mmmmm profiteroles [homer emoticon]

<sidles up to honey in extremely friendly manner>

rollerbaby Wed 28-Jul-10 21:22:23

I've eaten 9, you'll have to finish them. <burp>

Backinthebox Wed 28-Jul-10 21:24:46

I had courgettes for dinner. And I'll be having them for desert too. And I managed to swap some courgettes for some carrots (oo-er!) and garlic and beetroot. They are so versatile, courgettes! I gave some of my surplus courgettes to Clucky once, and in an attempt to dispose of them discretely she fed them to big horse, who promptly spat them out loudly and messily all over the place. Cover blown!

Cos It's coming out, one way or another! Embrace the fear! God I'm getting rampant in my last trimester. It's not that bad, honest - and this is from the woman who had every kind of disaster known to man last time.

CurlyCasperBaggedABairn Wed 28-Jul-10 21:27:40

Also feasted on courgettes tonight. Yellow ones from the garden. Plus the entire crop of tiny round carrots, one of my spring onions, three of our spuds (also some shop-bought ones). Is nice to eat off the land, if only for about three nights a year smile

Backinthebox Wed 28-Jul-10 21:31:54

OH discovered his green-fingered side tonight and set about digging up potatoes as he didn't want me digging them (he's gone a bit 'me man! me protect wife and baby!' recently grin) He gave up when it started to rumble with thunder, but he had dug up about a quarter of them. He' got a 20 kilo sack full already - I think we'll be OK for potatoes! OTOH, I have had complete tomato failure this year, which is annoying as we eat a lot of them. And no salad at all - eaten by the slugs, deer, rabbits and God knows what else.

CurlyCasperBaggedABairn Wed 28-Jul-10 21:36:44

A fair few tomatoes from one small plant, but salad is equally holy. Abundant, but riddled with holes. We did go and have a baby just as the patch was coming into its element. Neglected. Oops.

Well, as least I can "cultivate" food for the baby.

FannyPriceless Wed 28-Jul-10 21:46:42

Did I mention that I had sex? Obviously before MrP's bollocks were slashed open. It was sort of a farewell outing for the little guys.wink

cos So you've finally given up going along on these rides - why's that?

I heart profiteroles. I want.

Our village has just started a 'crop swap' on Fridays. Everyone (else) turns up with the abundant produce from their gardens / preserves larder and swaps stuff with other people. We just get given stuff and pretend to be embarassed. Really must take something to swap this week. Guess I will have to bake some muffins or something.hmm

Cosmosis Wed 28-Jul-10 21:47:30

fair points honey and box.

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Medee Wed 28-Jul-10 22:38:16

hello new thread. I'm happy to wait till the next one too, once I have had (hopefully) the OK at the scan.

rollerbaby Wed 28-Jul-10 23:34:09

Oh my god I am STILL at fucking work.

priceless I know 3 sets of neighbours in our street adn we've been there 2 years. London huh. Yours sound great. What about homemade compost?

SkiHorseWonAWean Thu 29-Jul-10 04:40:57

I like FRED cossie and it might call a hand-wringer and god knows our little people need saving.

fanny Did you use a condom or will you be adding yourself to the not list next time? wink Congrats on doing it though !

My tomatoes are doing OK, as are the chillis - is impossible to kill chillis. Cucumber plant died overnight and strawbs are leafy not fruity.

Cossie Is your bag packed? Milk in freezer? Book ready? Sorry to hear about the crying - really not you. You might be late anyway because other than donttry we've all been quite impatient.

CurlyCasperBaggedABairn Thu 29-Jul-10 07:30:59

same strawb prob here and for ILs. is it a bad year?

and our chilli plant is half dead...

child still waking lots in night. asleep at 9 again. woke her at 10.30 for bath/feed/bed. still didn't work to push long sleep back. so looks like sleep will be 9pm - 2am, 3am-5am, 6am to 8am if we are lucky...

maswera Thu 29-Jul-10 07:57:00

Good moaning. New fred seems to be a good time to come out of hiding and say hello. I have been merrily splashing about in De Nile about baybee, but it is probably time I faced up to reality... Am nearly 21 weeks and The Creature has been moving around for a few weeks now - am finding it very freaky... Does anyone else get very shock at the thought of a mini human being wriggling around inside them?? How can it be??! Or am I just a bad person (with a poor grasp of human biology)?

On the plus side I have knitted it lots of very cute cardis grin

VoilaAnotherGimlet Thu 29-Jul-10 08:54:56

New Fred! Hooray! And still people ahead of me in the baby-dropping list! Cos I heart the title too - look, it's made me come out of hiding!

Sorry for quietness - have been popping in to keep an eye on youse lot and the other ESHers but not had much to post about. Work and no sleep = grumpy VAG. Last couple of nights I was frustratingly awake despite being the correct temperature, not plagued by cramp (at that moment), not urgent of bladder (at that moment) and reasonably comfy. Pooh-bar I say.

Talking of poo, have also been in Cos's world of misery, due to stewpid iron tabs - have now switched to Spatone. No idea if getting enough iron but poo is no longer black and hurty! <realises may have put people off their breakfast>

Lovely to see the recent influx of BESHtriplets making theirselves at home. And maswee is back! From outerspace! Or similar. Impressed by knitting - I was so in de Nile that I couldn't bring myself to start knitting. Finally did, am halfway through one cardi, have forgotten where I am in the pattern and the number of stitches I have on the needle does not correspond to any part of the pattern. So it's all good.

Ooh Maswee also I met someone from your part of the world at a wedding the other week - do you know anyone with two small girls and relatives in Maidenhead, perchance? I didn't ask them about you as couldn't remember if you were proper-out and anyway, saying oh I met them on the internet sounds a bit dodgy. You may not like it!

Half day for me today before scooting down M4 to Swansea for the funeral. Will be glad when it is done but looking forward to seeing Mum.

ChoChoSan Thu 29-Jul-10 08:55:23

Gosh MasterBlaster, I can't believe that you are 21 weeks...I am 13+4 today, and baybee was still fine at my scan a week ago, so very hopeful. I have started telling people at work now, which is quite scary, because that kind of makes me feel I am beginning to relax a bit too much, and it's still early days etc.

AND we have found out the sex. The Boyf was unsure if he wanted to know 'because it makes it more real, and what if things go wrong', but my thinking is that knowing the gender is not going to make it any more or less devastating if something goes wrong. Not decided yet whether we are publicising sex of baybee, so only told my BF, and just saying that we don't know to anyone else so far!

I might even go on the NOTlist one day soon...

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