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December 2005 'club' - thread no 8

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Thomcat Tue 23-Aug-05 14:22:14

Need ed a new thread.

So how's it going with everyone.
Mole is moving a lot more these days, or I'm feeling it move.
was spooning in bed with D last night and he felt the kick in his back,

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sweetheart Tue 23-Aug-05 14:40:16

ahhh thats so sweet!!!

Yeah to the new thread!!! I'm nearly on the 3 months countdown - only 12 days to go

dd felt the bump move for the first time the other day. That was a brilliant moment for me

expatinscotland Tue 23-Aug-05 15:28:32

We don't get a choice to know what the sex is. First of all, we only get a 12/13 week scan. Secondly, if you do need a later one for emergency, they won't tell you the baby's sex. And we don't have an extra £140 just lying around for a private scan.

ninah Tue 23-Aug-05 15:36:15

? expat?

sweetheart Tue 23-Aug-05 15:37:46

yes I was wondering?????

expatinscotland Tue 23-Aug-05 16:26:14

Oh, this was carried over from the last thread in which someone asked you - ninah - if you'd decided to go against the other scan and that's why you don't know what you're having. Well, we don't know, either. B/c there's a no tell policy unless you pay for a private scan. Which is OUCH expensive!

ninah Tue 23-Aug-05 16:36:33

oh OK! same policy here expat. Re private scan, I couldn't justify the cash and instead splashed out on a rake, spade and sieve at the garden centre (we don't have a garden, but there is a small patch of scrub land outside the back door and I'm gonna make it beautiful - if I can stop cats stop pooing on it)

bonkerz Tue 23-Aug-05 17:55:39

Hi guys,
Got my scan tomorrow at 3.45 and am nervous, Desparately want to know if FRED is and ALEX or ZACK and will be so upset if fred has his legs crossed.
Told my mindees parents today i am finishing on 11th November for 16 weeks and will not start back till 6th March! One was fine, one was quiet and one was really cross! Obviously im not entitled to any time off to have a baby!!!!! Its only 10 weeks away and i have 1 weeks holiday so in total i have 52 and a half days of work left!!! YEEHAAA
Been getting pulling pains today, very low down on my bump and feel like something stretching and almost like a chinese burn, hurt enough to stop me from walking till it passed. Is this normal?

Nemo1977 Tue 23-Aug-05 21:16:26

evening all

bonkerz..woo hoo not long till maternity leave

hope you are all ok nothing going on here at all just saying hi

Thomcat Tue 23-Aug-05 21:34:51

I get those pains a bit bonkerz. Think it's when I've been sat down for a while and then get up. Ow, that nearly always pulls and hurts a bit. Ours are both probably from too much carrying of children as well.
Good luck with the scan tomorrow, enjoy

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bonkerz Wed 24-Aug-05 07:17:33

Am nervous about scan!!! On advice of nemo im gonna drink coke and eat a mars bar, lets hope my baby has no inhibitions litke me and lets all show!!!!!

ninah Wed 24-Aug-05 09:30:12

good luck! and good advice from nemo
mine goes wild after coke, you'll get a view from ALL angles (plus feeling better yourself)

sweetheart Wed 24-Aug-05 11:49:56

Good luck bonkerz - hurry back and let us know the results!!!

ei23mummy Wed 24-Aug-05 15:05:32

bonkerz, good luck on your scan!
hi everyone!! how r we all??
yay to the new thread! it was gettin a bit long that last one!
iv had a talk wit dp about our recent lack of bedroom activity an he was sooooooo sweet about it! i was v. surprised an it really helped an hey bonkerz i get those pullin pains aswell- i told my m/w an she said its norm if its every so often! the things us girls have to suffer for our beautiful babies!!

ei23mummy Wed 24-Aug-05 15:07:19

oh and hey isnt it georges birthday today???
happy birthday to you....

ninah Wed 24-Aug-05 15:07:58

is it george? many happy returns!

sweetheart Wed 24-Aug-05 15:30:27

george, happy birthday!!!

Bonkerz, I'm not going to post on the breastfeeding/bottlefeeding threads but I just wanted to come on here and say I whole heartedly agree with what you have said and I feel the threads on this subject are getting a bit silly.

I, like you, sometimes feel like the worlds worst mother bebause of things I see on MN. I let dd eat McDonalds, She drinks squash, eats crisps, was breast and bottle fed etc etc etc. The list is endless.
However, I know alot of other mothers like me in RL and think that MN often brings out the extream people leaving the normal people to feel guilty.

Anyway, just wanted to say - your not a bad mum, or at least, if you are - than I am too!!!!

babygibbon Wed 24-Aug-05 15:48:52

Hello! It's been ages since I posted. I was away for 3 weeks and have been desperately trying to catch up with the previous thread ever since. I've finally given up. I did read a bit but to be honest, it's taken me over a week and the longer I take, the more there is to catch up on!

I really hope everyone's well and I want to try and come on here more regularly now, so look forward to joining in more.

From what I did read during catch-up, I've got my fingers crossed for anyone who had markers raised during their scans and really hope all is well.

Happy birthday George!

Anyway, bump and I have had our 20 week scan on 10th August and all is well - although DH and I didn't ask the sex, we did look carefully. There was a good view between the legs but I couldn't identify anything. Does this mean it's likely to be a girl?

We're now starting to clear out the loft in anticipation of a loft extension - we really should have done this a lot earlier, but as we've only just applied for planning permission, we can't start until mid Oct - arrghh! Still, we have a very reliable builder who assures us it'll be finished by beginning of December, so fingers crossed...

We've also found our double pram, we're going to buy the Phil and Ted one - I wasn't sure when I saw it online, but I tried it out in a local store and it's fantastic. We've got a Bugaboo to sell (if anyone wants a bright red Bugaboo with accessories in v. good condition, we've only had it a year we're going to sell it for about £300), which should more or less cover the cost of the new pram. I'm very excited. It's the first real bit of shopping I've done for this baby.

So that's all the news. Looking forward to hearing about your scan, bonkerz - good luck!

sweetheart Wed 24-Aug-05 15:57:07

baby gibbon - great to hear from you, are you going to join in our secret stork?????

ninah Wed 24-Aug-05 16:17:03

bonkerz, ANY NEWS YET!?
I'm so bored with breast/bottle blah blah blah kept off there too sh. Not sure what you said bonkerz but sure it makes sense!

sweetheart Wed 24-Aug-05 16:39:01

yeah bonkerz - hurry up!!! Some of us finish work at 5

babygibbon Wed 24-Aug-05 17:12:43

Yup definitely up for secret stork - what do I have to do and how much are we spending?

Where are you bonkerz?

ebbie22 Wed 24-Aug-05 17:33:38

hiya,hope you are all ok..did you do the tp test yesterday?
Happy birthday george xxx
any news on the scan yet?

sweetheart Wed 24-Aug-05 17:50:24

send a CAT message to dramaqueen (shes on holiday at the moment but she'll respond when she gets back)

You should put you address, expected due date and any other info you like such as sex of baby, colour of nursery etc etc

we're spending £10 and you'll get details of who to send your gift to when DQ gets back from holiday.

Yeah!!! Another player

BONKERZ - are you back yet hun!!!!

bonkerz Wed 24-Aug-05 18:12:33


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