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Due January 2011

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Squirrel7 Sun 18-Jul-10 10:54:03

Howdy all

I am due 16 January 2011 and wondered if I could join your discussions? This is my first pregnancy and both my DH and I are so very excited. We did have some shocking news last week though. I am 31 years and decided to opt for the downs screening. The scan is fine, one of my bloods was not and threw up high hcg levels, which has given us a statistic of 1-60 chance of having a baby with downs. We have decided against further diagnostic testing because our decision was that we would love this baby whatever happens and if you take this statistic as a percentage - this means we have a 98.3% chance of having a healthy baby and besides having a baby with downs is not a terrible thing either so what's the point in worrying further. Of course, this is our choice but I don't think I would have the downs screening test again due to the damper it puts on what was a very exciting pregnancy up to this point. Anyhoo, need to just concentrate on the positives and look forward to the pregnancy progressing smoothly and eventually meeting our little one? Anyone else had experience of this - just would be grateful to receive your support.

Look forward to hearing from you - cath

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lilmamma Mon 19-Jul-10 08:54:01

Hi cath,I was 35 when i had baby no4,and my downs count came back high,but what i didnt know at the time wa they add your age into,all of it,so because i was classed as older i got more points,which i think was unfair,as a young girl could have the same blood number as me but less points as she is young and she could still have a downs baby.

we decided to have the amnio,as we had another 3 children at home,anyway all worked out well,and he was fine,but again like you i dont think i would have bothered again,if i had,had anymore children,it does slighty spoil things,but hey dont worry,it wont do you or the baby any good,and good luck with your new baby.x

CardyMow Tue 20-Jul-10 11:42:48

Ooooh Squirrel7, you are due the same day as me. DP and I have chosen not to have the blood tests done. This will be our fourth child.

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