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April 2011....anyone there? <echoes>

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shitforbrains Sun 11-Jul-10 18:37:46

Hi Ladies!

Just got a BFP. According to calculator am due April 2nd 2011...

<waits with bated breath for fellow early birds>

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shitforbrains Tue 13-Jul-10 15:15:57

All by myyyseeeeeelfffff

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shitforbrains Thu 15-Jul-10 12:57:20

I think I'm alone now

there doesn't seem to be anyone arouuunnnndddd

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shitforbrains Mon 19-Jul-10 10:33:40

Still on my own then. Might go Join March instead. PPpfffhhhh.

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BrassicaBabe Mon 19-Jul-10 16:56:53

<waves> Shouldn't be hear really. Was just looking to see if there was a "Legs in the Air" graduate thread. At the moment you seem to be it!

Best of luck. Hopeing to join you! But as only Oving today it would be a long shot!

Snowfalls108 Mon 19-Jul-10 19:27:26

Cross fingers and all being well I'm due in April. Did a test last Friday and got a BFP. Bit of a shock to say the least, as my DS is only 10 months old, and we weren't trying. Just vomited randomly on Friday afternoon and thought it felt familiar.
not really sure what my due date is as have only just got my AF back again so all a bit irregular but just did one of those tests that tells you how far in you are, and I think it puts my due date around the begining of April.
Off to the doc tomorrow!
Have you been trying long SFB?

shitforbrains Tue 20-Jul-10 09:00:07

Hello Ladies!

oooh some people at last!

Good luck Brassica - and snowfalls, wasm't really trying so much as not 'not' trying! I have an 11 month old too.

GP appt booked on friday for the referral. Need to get in early round these 'ere parts if you want to get the good hospitals.

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Snowfalls108 Tue 20-Jul-10 12:14:11

referral done, and now just need to wait to hear from the hospital for an early dating scan ! Touching wood a lot at the moment.

shitforbrains Tue 20-Jul-10 13:27:25

why are you getting an early dating scan?

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shitforbrains Tue 20-Jul-10 15:27:37

so, so tired.
Had a little nap in the work toilet. Helped for about an hour afterwards, but falling asleep again now.

I feel like it is 3am on a night shift and that I am sitting in treacle.

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Snowfalls108 Tue 20-Jul-10 16:50:37

Getting the early dating scan as I have no idea when my last period was.

Northernlurker Tue 20-Jul-10 16:59:47

Due April 2011 - HOW is that possible??? I was due April 2007 and I'm sure you'll find that was only about 7.5 minutes ago.....grin

good luck ladies - April is a wonderful month to have a baby smile

shitforbrains Wed 21-Jul-10 12:44:28

NorthernLurker I had a DS in June 2007...then another in Aug 2009. April 2011's is cooking. Clearly I need some form of chastity belt ;)

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Northernlurker Wed 21-Jul-10 21:52:48

Good grief woman - have you got a thing about having babies in 'odd' years? Gor for 2014 for number 4 to give yourself a break! grin

shitforbrains Thu 22-Jul-10 08:28:30

NL - yes I have to admit I am a bit tired, especially with 1 full time job and 1 part time one! Luckily I have a 'hands-on' DH - when he's around!

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Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 22-Jul-10 16:18:36

Hello - may I come in?

Just got a BFP this morning. EDD is actually 28/29th March but all the ladies on the March thread are at least 8 days ahead of me which feels like an eternity at this stage!

Currently 4+5, and so so so tired. SAHM with a toddler who is 2 tomorrow though, so not much opportunity for sleeping!

Snowfalls108 Thu 22-Jul-10 20:29:17

Hello and welcome!

Also exhausted. Managed to get DS to have a sneaky hours sleep this afternoon - amazing!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 22-Jul-10 21:26:15

Ah I'm pretty lucky, DS does still nap. Normally for an hour or two in the afternoon.
Usually I either exercise, or MN or get housework etc done. I think all those things are going to be replaced by sleeping though!

matumble Fri 23-Jul-10 15:01:36

northern I also had a baby in april 07, worryingly by my calculations im due on her 4th birthday, erm on the 4/4! im another odd year girl, '05, '07, '09 and now '11!

Im kind of hiding here for now, had a faint positive this morning but dont feel like i can quite believe it, so will lurk till its proven a bfp rather than a cruel poas trick!

stuffedmk Fri 23-Jul-10 15:27:17

Thought I'd pop my head round the door.
Got faint positive today.
Am really nervous already, after mc a couple of months ago...I am going to need some serious support to get through the next couple of months.

Looks like I'll be due 6th April.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 24-Jul-10 08:53:37

Hello matumble and stuffed

Are you testing again today? Good luck if you are!

5 weeks today. No sickness yet, just feeling tired and I've got all the stretchy pains going on low down.
Going to be seeing my parents and brother today so we're going to tell them, very excited!

matumble Sun 25-Jul-10 08:32:59

Hi Ali,

tested yesterday and got nothing, tested again this morning with 2 different brands (wanted a comparison as had been hearing bad things about the e bay dipsticks) and got 2 still faint but definitely there positives.

glad you have no sickness! I started yesterday which was a kick in the teeth combined with a negative test! Hoping it wont be as bad as last time, though it has got progressively worse with each baby. Im on dc4, dd3 was hard work but i was on my own (DH on RAF basic training at the time) packing our house up to move and dd2 was starting fitting, she was later diagnosed with epilepsy, i guess any sort of sickness on top of that would have made life hard! Hope you manage to keep it away

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 25-Jul-10 13:59:12

Oh congratulations! God that sounds a horrendous time!

Still no sickness, just so tired!

matumble Sun 25-Jul-10 17:18:47

Thanks, sorry didnt mean to complain about previous pregnancies! It was tough but i got on with it, could have been worse.

Im shattered too, keep dosing off, its ok now as dh is off work but when he goes back to work next saturday its going to be hard to stay awake i think! how are you dealing with it?

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 25-Jul-10 17:35:55

I only have DS who is just two, and who still has a long nap in the afternoon, so I am sleeping then. DS is getting lots of stories read to him atm, he sits in the crook of my arm while I have my feet up on the footstool!

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