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sweetkitty's little boy kitten has arrived!

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sweetkitty Wed 05-May-10 21:13:52

After a very long and painful pregnancy with SPD and the stress of delivery, our first DS Jacob David John was born this morning at 4.52am, weighing 8lbs 5ozs. His 3 big sisters are delighted.

If anyone is interested here's the birth story:

So after spending months deciding between another homebirth or an induction we went with induction at term due to the SPD and the previous fast labours (I was terrified of going into labour on my own with the DDs there and no DP). So induction day arrived and I was really scared, after having 2 straightforward births the premeditated nature of this one was freaking me out. We arrived at the hospital at 8pm last night, then there was a lot of hanging about whilst they took my blood pressure, put the baby on the CTG which was hard as I had to lie still on my back for a while. I was told that if my cervix was favourable they would send me home to return in the morning to break my waters if not I would have prostin gel and remain in a ward overnight. Cervix was about 1cm although the trace revealed I was having regular tightenings. Had the gel which was painful, DP went home and tried to get some sleep. At about 2am was awakened by some painful BHs, it was only when I was biting the pillow so not to wake anyone that I thought this might be it. Being a 4th timer they took me seriously and I was moved to the delivery suite. Contractions were very regular and painful but was fine on the G&A. DP came back in. At about 4 I asked the MW to examine me and possible break my waters, she said she would only do it if I were fully dilated, I was begging her to do it as I knew that if they went I would get the urge to push after that. I was 7cms and she agreed to break my waters, the contraction after that was way more painful. I felt him move down and the inevitable ring of fire, it was at this point I think I screamed that I was going to die blush 7 mins after waters going my beautiful boy was born. He was put on my chest and covered up as requested, cord was cut after about 10 mins and I delivered the placenta naturally after about 50 mins. Had a second degree tear that required some stitches but got very high on gas and air. DP and I kept looking between his legs in disbelief but he really is a boy.

The hospital birth was OK, was seen by 6 different MWs and they messed up my afterpain painkillers a bit, felt like they left me to it a bit and everything seemed to take forever and a lot of unnecesary hanging about. Was nowhere near as good as a HB but it was not a bad experience.

Never ever again though

4andnotout Wed 05-May-10 21:17:53

Congratulations!!!! I love your name choices, xxx

Northernlurker Wed 05-May-10 21:18:20

Congratulations smile

love the name!

democraticqueen Wed 05-May-10 21:19:57

yay, what a story and congrats to you all x

Poledra Wed 05-May-10 21:21:07

Wooohoo!! Congratulations on your little boy!! He is going to be so spoiled by all his big sisters grin Lovely name.

"Never ever again though" <snurk> You said that the last time.........

expatinscotland Wed 05-May-10 21:21:10

So glad he is here and safe!

Welcome to Scotland, Jacob.

Imarriedafrog Wed 05-May-10 21:28:38

Message withdrawn

LilRedWG Wed 05-May-10 21:40:54


JODIEwantsanewname Thu 06-May-10 07:37:55

Congrats SK, and welcome to the world baby Jacob!

I'm another one who doesn't believe you when you say 'never again!' grin

Can't wait for pics!
Big hugs from the Jodie household x

ILoveGregoryHouse Thu 06-May-10 11:45:53

Congratulations SK. Love your name choice. Hope you recover quickly and the DDs are good for you and their new brother. Enjoy working out the new bits.

waitingforbedtime Thu 06-May-10 11:47:58

Congrats and great name

Jenski Thu 06-May-10 14:30:26


Wow - a little boy after 3 girls! (I have 3 girls, but don't think I am brave enough to go for no.4!)

Lovely names too smile

largeginandtonic Thu 06-May-10 20:28:06

Great news Sweetkitty smile

Well done you and what a very cute name too.

Huge congratulations to you and your lovely family.

PanicMode Sat 08-May-10 14:12:33

Congratulations sweetkitty - great news that he's arrived safely! Love your name choice too.

5inthebed Sat 08-May-10 14:26:04

Congratulations SK grin. So pleased you finally have your son.

ilovesprouts Sat 08-May-10 14:27:51

congrats xx

horsemadgal Sat 08-May-10 15:03:00

HUGE Congratulatiosn hunny.

Lulumaam Sat 08-May-10 15:05:35

congratulations on teh safe arrival of your dear baby boy x

sal1309 Sat 08-May-10 16:00:03

huge congratulations sk.

FlyMeToDunoon Sat 08-May-10 17:00:08

Congratulations Sweetkitty and welcome to your DS.

emkana Sat 08-May-10 17:01:00

congratulations sweetkitty, really happy for you

carrielou2007 Sat 08-May-10 17:07:46

Congratualtions, look what you did you clever thing!! A lovely boy for you, lots of love to you and your family x

BexieID Sat 08-May-10 20:00:53

Aww, congratulations!

Divatheshopaholic Sun 09-May-10 13:59:09

Congratulations SKgrin
Love the birth story. I bet sisters are over the moon.wink

cyteen Sun 09-May-10 14:02:57

Hooray! Many congratulations to all the sweetkitties, and welcome little Jacob - a great name after all that wrangling grin

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