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Poppy Dee

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Poppydee Sun 17-Jul-05 23:17:26

Hi everyone, I am a new grandmother again, I have just joined mumsnet, the reason is you young mums can help me "brush" up my knowledge of tiny babies again, so I can perhaps help Dena my lovely daughter, who gave birth to Poppy Dee on 13/06/05, she is a lovely baby, but is suffering from what I think is colick, any tips??
bye for now
love Poppy's nan x

RTKangaMummy Sun 17-Jul-05 23:25:19

hello poppy's nan

congrats on becoming a nan

No tips on colic sorry {don't know if they use gripe water any more or think there was a orange flavoured syrup stuff but can't remember properly}

MarsLady Sun 17-Jul-05 23:28:04


Colic, gripe water or colief (if bottle fed). You can get colief on prescription.

Welcome to mumsnet

RnB Sun 17-Jul-05 23:29:48

Message withdrawn

matthewsmummy Mon 18-Jul-05 14:35:00

congratulations to you and your daughter poppy's nan.

welcome to the world little poopy dee

the only thing you can really give is infacol, ive been using it since ds was born its seems to help him bring up his wind, which i think in turn should help with the pain of colic, once they are over 4 wks you can give them gripe water to help with the pain and settle their tummy.

also winding them throughout their bottle to help them bring up the wind should help (which you probley already do) but if not then try that too.

its very hard having a colicy baby, they are very hard to settle as nothing seems to comfort them, but it dosen't last forever, by the time she's 3 mths it should stsrt to improve.

hope ive been some help
take care xxx

Hulababy Mon 18-Jul-05 14:55:21


Welcome to Poppy

starlover Mon 18-Jul-05 21:58:04


i have only 2 words regarding colic

cranial osteopathy.

or regular osteopathy for that matter... it is amazing, and i know others on here will back me up on this one! defintiely, definitely worth a hgo

Poppydee Fri 22-Jul-05 08:17:45

Thank you all my new young freinds, I will show all these tips to Dena, she is coming to visit me today with my cute little Poppy Dee, speak to you soon.
love Nan xxx[Poppy Dee's nan ]xx

angelp Fri 22-Jul-05 08:31:38

Definitely colief. Got it from Boots. Fab. infacol gets wind up but doesn't help with real pain screaming colicy babies IMO

PeachyClair Fri 22-Jul-05 09:18:50

Baby massage is great for colic, I'm sure there are plenty of books and videos about, and yur local HE college will very likely run a short course

Poppydee Sun 31-Jul-05 05:54:01

Hi every one, Poppydee seems to be getting over her colic symptoms now thank goodness.
How I wish this computer thing had have been around when I had my first, [35 years ago]
You were all very kind in your quick responses.
I wish you all well, and I wish all of your babies total good health and happiness always Poppy's nan xx

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