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Pinkjenny's completely unplanned VBAC!

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Pinkjenny Sat 27-Feb-10 07:59:47

Ds was born on Sunday the 13th December, but I haven't really been on MN since then. Things have started to calm down a little now, so I thought I'd do my birth announcement/story.


On the Wednesday before and at 36 weeks pg, I started to feel what I assumed were Braxton Hicks through the night. Dh and I had an appointment the following day, and I remember calling AprilMeadow and asking her what contractions felt like, having never experienced any sort of labour pains with dd, who arrived via ELCS. I then had a show, so I called the midwife, who told me that it was probably BH, but if they started coming every 5 minutes, to head for hospital.

That afternoon, dh and I started timing them, and they were fairly regular, although not at all strong, so I went in to hospital to be examined. The cx were so weak they weren't even registering on the monitor, but I was found to be 1cm dilated. The midwife almost bribed me at this point, saying if I definitely wanted my ELCS, which had been booked for 29th December, then I would have to stay in, in order to see if things progressed, but if I agreed to try a VBAC, I could go home. So, I agreed, very reluctantly, and really only because I wanted to go home.

I continued to contract on and off, with the pains still not really getting any stronger, and then, on the Sunday, made the ridiculously stupid decision to travel 40 miles to attend suwoo's ds1's 3rd birthday party (can you see where this is going?). During the car journey, I was thinking, "hmmm, these are quite regular all of a sudden, and by the time we arrived at suwoo's house, I was definitely grimacing a bit with the pain.

She was delighted when my waters broke all over her couch. Cue two very giggly and hysterical women in her bathroom, checking my sanitary towel and trying to decide whether I'd actually just wet myself.

The pains took on a whole new level as soon as my waters broke, and somehow, with lots of counting, biting the headrest, and shouting at dd and dh with my head out of the car window, we managed to get to hospital. Where the bloody door was broken, so we then had to find a mobile phone to try and get them to let me in, and then hand dd over to my mum, along with all her things.

I was shouting so loud (to my embarassment) that they heard me on gynae ward, and came down in scrubs, thinking I was going to give birth in the car park. We arrived at the hospital at 5.20pm, where after screaming at the midwife for five minutes about how I wanted my section, I was proclaimed to be fully dilated, and Lucas William was delivered at 5.51pm, weighing 7lb 10oz.


1. He had to go to special care for 24 hours after he was born because he was 'mewing' when he breathed and they thought he may have had an infection. He didn't.

2. When I was finally discharged on the Wednesday, I arrived home to dd with a temp of 40.1, who was vomiting and very floppy, and proceeded to develop the world's worst chest infection.

3. I fell out with my mum because of her reaction to said chest infection, i.e. totally hysterical.

4. On Boxing Day, ds was readmitted to hospital with bronchiolitis, where he stayed for eight days, two of which were spent in intensive care. I spent the entire eight days crying, true to form.

But now, all is well. Ds is 11 weeks old now, he is sleeping 8pm to 4am, and well, we all adore him, especially dd, who has been fantastic, and thankfully doesn't bear a grudge for my behaviour in the car!

In true Oscar style, I would like to thank the following people for helping me to keep my marbles:

Suwoo - for being my BFF, and always being calm for me. And for having a leather sofa.

Aprilmeadow - for always understanding.

Largeginandtonic - for being my guru, and being the source of so much support and advice when ds was in hospital. I guess when you have that many children, you've seen everything, but her ability not to trivilaise things, and be such a wonderful friend never ceases to amaze me.

ShowofHands - for being my counsellor.

I'd like to thank dh, but well, he's a pita.

queenoftheslatterns Sat 27-Feb-10 08:09:57

congratulations and fab birth story!

girlsyearapart Sat 27-Feb-10 08:19:19

now that is an mn birth story grin

belgo Sat 27-Feb-10 08:20:58

congratulations! Sounds like a difficult few weeks. Glad you are all better now.

suwoo Sat 27-Feb-10 08:21:31

You forgot to thank The Academy wink.

The arrival of the gorgeous Lucas was such a surprise, I remember when you text me that he'd been born and my reply was 'fuck off!' grin

I'm so glad I was part of it and that he was born on ds2's birthday. But you still haven't returned the granny knickers I leant you.....

MamaG Sat 27-Feb-10 08:22:58

What a fab birth story! I love the last sentence!! Welcome to Lucas William (fab names) - well done

StewieGriffinsMom Sat 27-Feb-10 08:23:54

Message withdrawn

OhFuck Sat 27-Feb-10 08:25:09

Maybe it's cos I'm pregnant but that brought a tear to my eye! Well done and congratulations

Pinkjenny Sat 27-Feb-10 08:25:20

I'm wearing them now.

largeginandtonic Sat 27-Feb-10 08:26:54

<< sob >>

That was funny grin Poor Suwoo!

Thank you for the words chick. I just wish i was closer and could follow it all up with a hug. I big bear like hug that squishes the air out your lungs.

You are a great Mum and are doing a blimmin fabulous job. Not long till June and i can squidge that boy too.

VinegarTits Sat 27-Feb-10 08:32:10

Excellent birth story, congratulations grin

QuestionsAnswered Sat 27-Feb-10 08:33:47

That is a fantastic birth story, well done to you and hopefully you have got all the drama out of the way early on and you will now have a smooth, uneventful few years grin

Pinkjenny Sat 27-Feb-10 08:52:17

I hope so, QuestionsAnswered, we seem to attract drama!

Buda Sat 27-Feb-10 08:58:03

Fab birth story! Many congratulations! Great names too.

Bumperlicious Sat 27-Feb-10 09:11:28

Wow, what a couple of months. Great story, well done

But the question bugging me the most is have you made up with your mum?

I remember the first time my mum was to look after 1 year old DD for the day, we had to come home within half an hour as DD had fallen over and split her lip, and while she was fine really, my mum was a mess!

Pinkjenny Sat 27-Feb-10 09:26:45

I have made up with my mum, yes. She found the whole experience a bit traumatic I think! She actually looks after dd two days a week anyway, and is brilliant, but dd is a bit scary when she gets a high temp, her eyes roll in her head, she shivers and shakes, and generally vomits. I think it was the first time my mum had seen it in full effect. I was upset with her because I felt her reaction made a bad situation worse, and I wanted her to be calm for me, walking through the door with a bloody newborn!

Anyhoo, it's all water under the bridge.

Bumperlicious Sat 27-Feb-10 10:26:03

Good, I'm relieved. FWIW my mum is fab in a crisis, except when it comes to her own children, seems this extends to grandchildren as well. If anyone else's kids broke anything or chopped anything off she would have been fine, but with us she always freaked out.

Hope things have settled down in your household now.

Pinkjenny Sat 27-Feb-10 10:36:39

Mine is the same, Bumperlicious. Glad to be back on MN!

Tillyscoutsmum Sat 27-Feb-10 10:48:20

Hoorah - fab story grin. Well done you x

I was tempted to do my birth story but it will be positively dull in comparison

Glad things are settling down. Very envy at 8-4

ShowOfHands Sat 27-Feb-10 11:40:43

Well, while it's a beautiful birth announcement and I actually laughed out loud twice while reading it, you've missed out on telling everybody how brilliant you are. Thank goodness we were here to do it for you.

PJ you are such a special lady. And the wonderful thing is that you truly don't seem to realise it. You are raising two lovely and spirited little children and despite how hard it feels sometimes and how much you tell yourself off thinking you're not perfect, you are absolutely the best mum they could ask for.

You've had such a difficult start to life with two children and we've all looked on with admiration. I'm endlessly proud of you and like ginny, just wish I lived closer (move dammit, I can't come up there, I don't understand the fashion or the accent). There are precious few things in this world that could make me want to have another baby, but seeing how brilliantly you are doing with your little family is one of them. The fact that's he super cute helps of course.

I love hearing you talk about little Lucas. You sound so in love with him and happy with your two gorgeous children.

Bravo PJ. That's quite the birth announcement.

Pinkjenny Sat 27-Feb-10 11:55:51

OK, now I'm just bawling my eyes out.

StealthPolarBear Sat 27-Feb-10 12:00:37

Sorry you've had such a hard time with both of them, hope things settle now
suwoo - why was that your reply?
was it you asking aboiut stopping co sleeping with DD? how's that going?

MmeLindt Sat 27-Feb-10 12:03:39

Congratulations, what a lovely lovely birth announcement. I laughed and I cried, particularly at SOH's posts.

Welcome to the world, Lucas William.

TheDevilWearsPrimark Sat 27-Feb-10 12:05:33

Ah congratulations what a lovely story and what lovely mumsnetter friends you have!

Made me well up a little bit. Well done you!

JamInMyWellies Sat 27-Feb-10 14:33:57

Woohoo PJ. Great birth announcement. Well done you.

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