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Stockard Reilly Currie

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kgc Wed 29-Jun-05 00:55:51

Born 27/05/05 in the birthing pool 7lb 9oz, had some probs since with postpartum bleeding but clearing up now and and me and baby doing great.

hana Wed 29-Jun-05 01:09:59

congratulations to you and your new little baby!

kgc Wed 29-Jun-05 01:10:32

thanks hana.

Gem1355 Wed 29-Jun-05 07:15:26

Congrats hun!

MarsLady Wed 29-Jun-05 07:55:28

Congratulations Glad you are both doing well.

AnotherHelen Wed 29-Jun-05 10:42:54

Congratulations xxx

teabelly Wed 29-Jun-05 13:15:07

Many congratulations and welcome to little Stockard

mandyc66 Wed 29-Jun-05 13:22:09

Congratulations. Hope all is well. Really broody now!!!!

kgc Wed 29-Jun-05 20:16:52

Thanks to all

roosmum Wed 29-Jun-05 21:57:32

big congrats

mears Fri 01-Jul-05 13:33:09


Posey Fri 01-Jul-05 20:09:42

Congratulations and welcome to your little one

sobernow Fri 01-Jul-05 20:14:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kgc Sat 02-Jul-05 23:55:26

thanks to all .....SOBERNOW was well chuffed that you knew where the name came from...not many do....!!! kgc

Aero Sun 03-Jul-05 00:08:31

She was great in Grease. Welcome to your little Stockard. Congratulations!

JustThinking Sun 03-Jul-05 00:09:43

Message withdrawn

kgc Sun 03-Jul-05 00:31:59

thanks all again...

picked the name out special as GREASE is our favorite film and our favorite charactor is Stockard Channing as "RIZZO" ......[WINK]

kgc Sun 03-Jul-05 00:33:00

18mumtobe Mon 04-Jul-05 20:49:50


badvole Mon 04-Jul-05 20:51:03

Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl and welcome to the world, Stockard!

Bet you're a West Wing fan!

kgc Mon 04-Jul-05 21:27:06

hey all thanks for the congrats and badvole ..yes love the westwing!!!

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