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Esmee Grace has arrived

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Franniban Thu 23-Jun-05 08:53:27

Well, after much fretting about this birth, Esmee Grace arrived 21st June, 2.48am weighting in at 7lb 12oz.

I started to have contractions on Monday during the day, and by 5pm, I realised that this was it and that things were really happening. I was so delighted, after being told by the midwife the previous Thursday that I would probably make my 41 week appointment, and I was not looking forward to inducing.
By 9pm, the contractions were coming thick and fast. It was at this point I decided to imac my bikini line!! Biazare what we think to do at a time like that!
By 10.30 I felt ready to go the hospital. Got there to an empty labour ward, and a breif consultation then decided to walk around the hospital to get the contractions going again.
At 1pm they checked me out and I had dilated to 4cm. At this point I was coping with out pain releif. By 2pm, I had decided I had had enough and was looking for an epidural. The midwife presuaded me to have a go with the gas and air. can't beleive I held for so long. By 2.45 I felt the need to push ( never felt that with ds) and at 2.48 Esmee Grace was born still in her membranes, with a huge mop of hair!
I was very worried about tearing again as I had a 3rd degree tear last time. I did have a 2nd degree tear this time, but it's all fine. Managed to get up have a bath, and was home by 1pm that day. She is absolutely gorgous. We are over the moon, although, not sure her brother is!

almostanangel Thu 23-Jun-05 08:55:01

congratulations !!and welcome esmee grace

bubbaloo Thu 23-Jun-05 10:45:30

congratulations franni and welcome to esmee grace.

kama Thu 23-Jun-05 10:47:21

Message withdrawn

Cooperoo Thu 23-Jun-05 14:30:38

Congratulations Franni. So glad everything went so well.

18mumtobe Thu 23-Jun-05 14:39:57

congratualtions and welcome to Esmee Grace

acnebride Thu 23-Jun-05 14:41:10

Fantastic! congratulations to you all

mears Thu 23-Jun-05 19:14:37

Congratulations Franniban - welcome to Esmee

MarsLady Thu 23-Jun-05 19:15:29


Gem1355 Fri 24-Jun-05 13:50:05

Congrats and welcome Esmee Grace

KVG Fri 24-Jun-05 14:14:25

Message withdrawn

morningpaper Fri 24-Jun-05 14:16:40

Fabulous, sounds really quick at the end! Great news, well done. xx

hermykne Fri 24-Jun-05 14:17:25



same name as my dd, except i spell it esme with a french grave on the e

Lonelymum Fri 24-Jun-05 14:20:02

Congratulations! Your dd was born on ds1's ninth birthday and just nine minutes earlier than he was born. It is a great time for a birthday! Hope big brother gets used to his sister soon!

MrsWednesday Fri 24-Jun-05 14:21:19

Brilliant news Franniban. So glad all went well. Lovely name you've chosen too. Welcome to the world Esmee

Franniban Sat 25-Jun-05 12:44:12

Thank you for all you good wishes XX

janeybops Sat 25-Jun-05 13:04:45

congratulations I have an Esme too! Though spelt a bit differently

Dahlia Sat 25-Jun-05 19:06:20

Many congratulations Franniban, and welcome to Esmee Grace! A solstice baby - very special.....
(my dd2's birthday is the same day)

teabelly Sun 26-Jun-05 23:05:04

Franni - great - huge welcome to Esmee Grace, and all the Franniban household

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