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bubbaloo's baby is finally here!!

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bubbaloo Wed 22-Jun-05 18:24:57

Oscar James was born at 9.56pm on June 19th,weighing in at 9lb 2oz's.

i wont go into too much of the gory stuff,but i had a long 22 hour labour as the baby was back-to back,but i surprised myself(as i'm a wimp)by not having an epidural.
i had a couple of shots of pethidine which was great,then i had a problem with my bladder being too full so i needed a cathetar for that.i also became de-hydrated and was put on a drip,then another drip later on to increase the contractions.
once i was fully dilated and had been pushing for over 3 hours,they realised he just wasnt going to come out on his own,so Oscar finally arrived with the help of an episiotomy and ventouse delivery,with just a couple of hours left for him to say"happy father's day!".

we had to stay in hospital for a few days to see if we had an infection as my waters broke more than 24hrs before labour,then they thought i may have needed a blood transfusion but luckily i didn't.Oscar is also fairly jaundaced at the moment and has a problem with both his feet but apparently it's very common and not cause for concern.

we are just so happy with him,it's untrue.i got no sleep the first night as i just sat looking at him,not quite believing that after 7 years we're finally a mummy and daddy,and he is worth everything we went through-it's the best feeling in the world and we haven't stopped smiling.

oatcake Wed 22-Jun-05 18:28:34

7 years! well done!

luckylady Wed 22-Jun-05 18:29:41

Congratulations Bubbaloo. {grin]{grin]
Oscar was born on my DS 1st b-day great day

jessicasmummy Wed 22-Jun-05 18:29:47


Yorkiegirl Wed 22-Jun-05 18:35:40

Message withdrawn

coppertop Wed 22-Jun-05 19:11:19

Awww! Congratulations!

RTKangaMummy Wed 22-Jun-05 19:42:32

Congrats <<deffo brill>>

Pinotmum Wed 22-Jun-05 19:45:29

Bubbaloo, congratulations (again) You've made me a bit teary as I can tell you are just so delighted with the arrival of little Oscar

Lonelymum Wed 22-Jun-05 19:48:52

Well done bubbaloo, I have been looking out for your birth announcement since we were talking at the weekend about first signs of labour. I knew someone was on their way! Your first labour and delivery was similar to mine except I had forceps instead of ventouse. Enjoy what is to come! It sounds as though you will!

kama Wed 22-Jun-05 20:16:50

Message withdrawn

Lua Wed 22-Jun-05 21:02:55

congrats, Bubband Mr. Bubbs!!!!

MrsWednesday Wed 22-Jun-05 21:08:43

More tears here Bubb when reading your post. Congratulations to you and your DH, after so long waiting you deserve all the happiness in the world with Oscar. So pleased for you all

Can't believe you didn't have an epidural, I thought you were going to be hooked up as soon as you got into the hospital car park

JonahB Wed 22-Jun-05 22:06:24

congratuulations to mr an mrs bubb and welcome baby Oscar!!!(fantastic name). It all sounds v. familiar (cathetar, drip, episiotomy,ventouse). I'm so pleased that you finally have your perfect little boy...

rickman Wed 22-Jun-05 22:17:31

Message withdrawn

Angeliz Wed 22-Jun-05 22:27:42


Lovely name

Franniban Thu 23-Jun-05 08:38:31

I'm so delighted for you! Especially after 7 years.
Your birth story sounds so similar to the birth of my son Oscar. It's all worth it, as you say, it's the best feeling in the world.

Cooperoo Thu 23-Jun-05 14:32:43

Hi Bubb - So thrilled for you. Congratulations.

18mumtobe Thu 23-Jun-05 14:42:05

congratulations, so plesaed for you and welcome to Oscar James

mears Thu 23-Jun-05 19:13:21

Congratulations and welcome to Oscar

Mum2Ela Thu 23-Jun-05 19:16:20

aaahhh, congratulations! Must have been a very long 7 years for you, but I bet its all worth it now!

MarsLady Thu 23-Jun-05 19:16:52

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Well worth the wait!!

Flossam Thu 23-Jun-05 20:37:01

Congratulations Bubbaloo, you did so well! You should be ver proud. You didn't have it easy. I can't wait to meet you both as soon as you are ready.

biglips Thu 23-Jun-05 20:39:48

hhooorrraaayyyyyy !!! i bet youre ssoooo proud (congrats!!)

bambino1 Thu 23-Jun-05 21:15:28

How absoulutly wonderful for you both. Enjoy every second It goes so fast. My little girl will be one soon and I still feel I only came out of hospital yesterday.

KVG Fri 24-Jun-05 14:20:45

Message withdrawn

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