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We did it! HalfMum's VBAC / Ventouse story with a happy ending

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HalfMumHalfBiscuit Thu 22-Oct-09 15:29:29

Here is our birth story...

Previously - DS was born in 2006 and was ECS after 36 hour labour (supposed to be a home birth), failed forceps and I had PND for 6 months.

Birth plan this time - VBAC in hospital

Birth story -
At 1.45 am Friday 16th Oct, I was woken by regular painful contractions 5 mins apart. I bounced on the birthing ball and went on mumsnet for a bit. I woke DH around 2.30am and put the tens machine on as contractions getting more painful. We went to hospital at 4am. On arrival I was 7cm dilated (chuffed!). As the pains got more intense I had diamorphine which slowed the contractions but gave me a break. By 6am the contractions speeded up and by 8am I was 8/9cms dilated. It was getting more painful by 10am and I had another 7.5mg of diamorphine which really helped.
The midwife wanted me to be fully dilated and able to push as soon as possible. As I moved around the baby heart rate monitor sometimes showed the babies heart rate slowing and I was made to move about until it improved. I was mainly leaning on the back of the bed or lying on my left hand side or on all fours. Lying down was not good unless on lots of drugs. The diamorphine made me sick a lot, luckily I hadn’t eaten anything but everything I drank came up.

The consultant was concerned about the baby being in distress and on examination found that the baby was back to back (this happened with DS and ended up in an ECS so you can imagine how frightening this was to hear). This scared all of us and we decided to do all we could to change the babies position and push it out. I think they gave me some oxytocin at this stage to speed things up, bit hazy.

The consultant said we were going to try for a normal birth and used a ventouse to change the babies potision as I pushed like mad. The pain was excruciating. I could feel him twisting the baby to get it into the right position. To get the most out of each push I was told to put my chin on my chest and not make any noise if I could help it as this directs the energy to pushing the baby out. I took gas and air whilst pushing but it didn’t really take the edge of the pain. The diamorphine had worn off by this stage.

There was much more pushing and screaming and DH and everyone else were shouting encouragement to me. 20 minutes later the head was delivered, then the shoulder, then the rest of the body. It was incredible. I was in an immense amount of pain and used up every part of my energy.

Bethan Rose was born at 13.52pm and was 7lb 2.5oz. DH cut the cord and she was laid on my belly and did a wee on me. I was in a right state and massively relieved it was all over. They had to put me on a drip to get the placenta out (I didn’t want this but it was necessary due to previous ECS) and then the consultant stitched me up where I had torn. I was battered, bruised, bleeding and exhausted and had about 6 cups of tea and loads of home made ginger biscuits (which I had made the day before whilst in early stages of labour – as you do). I was so glad that this wasn’t another C section and even though I have got stitches I am in a lot less pain and am mentally loads better than after my last birth experience. In fact this has sort of healed the last birth experience. I am happier and Bethan is happy and breast feeds brilliantly (almost too brilliantly!)

I stayed in hospital for 2 nights and the midwives helped me pick up Bethan and get her started on breast feeding. I can’t thank them or the consultant enough they were so supportive.

I know this is hardly a natural birth story but I hope it gives hope to those planning a VBAC and isn't a too scary Ventouse story.

tvaerialmagpiebin Thu 22-Oct-09 15:36:26

Well done you! That's a lovely birth story. Glad you got the birth you wanted. Congratulations on lovely Bethan. PMSL at you making biscuits in early labour.

cikecaka Thu 22-Oct-09 15:38:03

Crossing my legs at your story, HMHB, congrats again, you did fantastic. Absolutely love her name

PlumBumMum Thu 22-Oct-09 16:16:36


We were getting worried about you, so glad it all went well for you and Bethan Rose just a beautiful name!


muchchocolate Thu 22-Oct-09 17:10:37

Congratulations - thats a lovely birth story - made me shed a tear but that could just be as I'm newly pregnant!

Sounds like you did amazingly - with my first I couldn't take the pain and went for an epidural so I've got the utmost respect for those who manage without!

Hope mum and baby continue to do well


reikizen Thu 22-Oct-09 17:14:42

Fantastic. Lovely. grin

Florasblanket Thu 22-Oct-09 17:41:58

Halfmum well done and congratulations I have gone all teary now.

Beautiful name welcome to the world Bethan Rose.

Alibooobaandthe40phantoms Thu 22-Oct-09 17:58:45

Well done HMHB! grin

notevenamousie Thu 22-Oct-09 18:02:16

Well done you - many many congratulations to you on your vbac and your little girl.

FourArms Thu 22-Oct-09 18:14:22

Sounds like a fantastic outcome to me Congratulations on the arrival of Bethan Rose (v.v.v.v. lovely name!)

SpookyAlice Thu 22-Oct-09 18:17:48

Well Done!!!!!!

I think you are very brave and have done an amazing thing. Bethan is a beautiful name. Enjoy smile

comewhinewithme Thu 22-Oct-09 18:46:19

Well done HMHB you have chose a beautiful name for your baby and did an amazing job bringing her into the world.

Well done and big hugs.

Waves to slatterns on thread x.

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Fri 23-Oct-09 20:34:44

Awww thanks everyone. Making me blub now blush

lankyalto - gave tin of the ginger biscuits to the consultant and midwives and my mum printed out the recipe for them bless her.

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