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McMudda's had anudda

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Muddahubby Sun 12-Jun-05 18:30:09

Hi all ... McMudda has produced us a lovely daughter, Elizabeth Grace. 8lb 7oz, at 12.25pm this afternoon after a relatively incident free labour! You'll probably hear more once one of us is awake enough to write about it!

Yorkiegirl Sun 12-Jun-05 18:30:31

Message withdrawn

KBear Sun 12-Jun-05 18:30:52

many congratulations - beautiful names!

jessicasmummy Sun 12-Jun-05 18:31:03


LGJ Sun 12-Jun-05 18:31:16


motherinferior Sun 12-Jun-05 18:31:23


Cooperoo Sun 12-Jun-05 18:45:47

Yippeee, well done Mcmudda. You made it to the hospital in time then ?

hoxtonchick Sun 12-Jun-05 18:47:35


Hausfrau Sun 12-Jun-05 18:48:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarsLady Sun 12-Jun-05 19:00:35

Congratulations to the McMudda family!

bubbaloo Sun 12-Jun-05 19:31:41

congratulations again mcmudda!!!

anorak Sun 12-Jun-05 19:45:45

Oh well done! I'm feeling a little choked that I'm not going to get to see her . Never say never, eh, I'll have to come up sometime!

Huge congratulations

Lua Sun 12-Jun-05 20:40:39

congrats to the mcmudda family!!!!

likklemum Sun 12-Jun-05 21:40:58

What a pretty name too! Congrats on your labour and little one.xxxxx

Frizbe Sun 12-Jun-05 22:20:11

Wow congrats!

teabelly Sun 12-Jun-05 22:21:36

Many congratulations to the whole McMudda family

moondog Sun 12-Jun-05 22:22:46

Well done you lot!!!!
(Were you suitably supportive muddahubby? Are your knuckles hurting from all that hand gripping?

Hulababy Sun 12-Jun-05 22:26:08


JonahB Mon 13-Jun-05 12:04:33

A massive congratulations to the McMudda family!!

QueenFlounce Mon 13-Jun-05 12:07:27


A Gentlemans family... like me.... you'll be SO sick of hearing that in a few days.

My Dd's called ELizabeth too. CONGRATULATIONS!

She's got no excuse not to come along to the Great Scottish Meetup at the end of July now.

Blu Mon 13-Jun-05 12:10:26

aaah, welcome little McBundle, and contratulations Mudda and Dadda.

Muddahubby Mon 13-Jun-05 19:41:40

Thanks for all your kind words.

McMudda will be let out of hospital in the morning, but for now here's a photo of our lovely Elizabeth:


NomDePlume Mon 13-Jun-05 19:42:30

gorgeous, many congratulations

Gem13 Mon 13-Jun-05 19:49:53

She's gorgeous! Congratulations

Christie Mon 13-Jun-05 21:31:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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