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Virtual Baby was delivered today!

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Milliways Fri 10-Jun-05 18:58:15

To my 14 yr DD at school, weight 71b 2oz, at 3:02pm.

She is VERY fussy and needs LOADS of attention. Has different nappies so knows when changed! HAs own bottle & DD is tagged so ONLY she can look after "Isobel".

Wish me luck

hunkermunker Fri 10-Jun-05 18:59:07


Is this to dissuade them from making you grandparents early?!

Good luck!

coppertop Fri 10-Jun-05 18:59:40

LOL! And good luck, Grandma!

Twiglett Fri 10-Jun-05 19:00:16


you're going to have to move off the pc to give DD a chance to spend her life here now

Milliways Fri 10-Jun-05 19:01:17

Yes - all the boys had them first . Some of them die! Most of the kids can't wait to get them then can't wait to give them back. The head is VERY floppy & has to be supported all the time, so no carrying home in the schoolbag.

Ours caused a stir on the school bus!

coldtea Fri 10-Jun-05 19:01:19

Congratulations & good luck, the few times i've seen them on telly they look harder work than the real thing!!

Milliways Fri 10-Jun-05 19:02:08

Ha Ha Twiglett - The DD says Hi to everyone

Hulababy Sat 11-Jun-05 16:56:38

Fantastic; how is your DD finding motherhood?

Milliways Sat 11-Jun-05 17:01:27

OMG - it is terrible. DD was up all night - got 3 hrs sleep max & was threatening to lock it in the garage!. She says "I'm only 14 -too young to be dealing with this". To save sanity we prised the wristband of her & I took over for a while. This was a goodopportunity to talk about how a baby in a supportive family PLANNED role can be shared a bit, SINGLE motherhood is not to be contemplated.

However...... She vows she is NEVER EVER going to have a baby, only adopt a 4 yr old + .......... and this after only 1 night!

These should be compulsory for ALL teenagers

Thanks for asking.

Twiglett Sat 11-Jun-05 17:06:44

Would you like to borrow my 4 year old so she can test out that theory

Pinotmum Sat 11-Jun-05 17:10:30

PMSL - that is fantastic your poor dd.

QueenEagle Sat 11-Jun-05 17:12:53

These should deffo be compulsory for all teenagers - and I mean girls AND boys.

Hulababy Sat 11-Jun-05 17:13:59

Excellent; so at least it seems to have the desired effect! Maybe those three girls that all got pg in same family should have gone through this first!

Milliways Sat 11-Jun-05 21:12:28

Phew - have just got it to sleep!

DD wants to know why it always cries when we are trying to eat

MarsLady Sat 11-Jun-05 21:17:06

Excellent. So will she be posting and asking for advice?

hunkermunker Sat 11-Jun-05 21:17:32

Milliways, I hope you rolled your eyes and said, "Because that's what babies do!!"

Sounds like you won't be a granny just yet...

Milliways Sat 11-Jun-05 21:19:46

Oh no...... she's deff a career girl now

roisin Sat 11-Jun-05 21:21:29

Sounds fabulous! Maybe we should get a mumsnet one to send round to those who are wondering about the wisdom of a second/third/fourth/fifth ...?!

Milliways Sat 11-Jun-05 21:29:06

Our new baby!

hunkermunker Sat 11-Jun-05 21:30:20

You should post a birth announcement, Milliways!!

Milliways Sat 11-Jun-05 21:30:50

Hunker - I did at the start of this post

MarsLady Sat 11-Jun-05 21:31:14

hinker, she did and that's why we are all on this thread lol

hunkermunker Sat 11-Jun-05 21:31:19


Am an unobservant nutter!

hunkermunker Sat 11-Jun-05 21:31:32

Rub it in, why don't you, ML!

MarsLady Sat 11-Jun-05 21:33:03

PMSL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only you hinker, only you! lol

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