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BigGayDad Fri 10-Jun-05 12:06:59

I am pleased to announce the birth of Amber Maisie West at 12.30am 10 June. 8lb 2oz born by ceasaraen. Mother and baby doing fine, panic over for me, I am now an uncle.

MarsLady Fri 10-Jun-05 12:10:07

Congratulations BigGayUncle

morningpaper Fri 10-Jun-05 12:15:23


jampots Fri 10-Jun-05 12:16:14

Congratulations BGU

Gobbledigook Fri 10-Jun-05 12:17:32

Hurrah! Glad all went well!

huggybear Fri 10-Jun-05 12:22:57

Congratulations BigGayUncle!!!!

jessicasmummy Fri 10-Jun-05 12:24:38

yay.... all that worry!!! Enjoy your neice!

mears Fri 10-Jun-05 17:34:14

Congratulations. I thought when you posted last night they were still at home in early labour. Obviously not by the time of delivery. Glad they are both fine

JoolsToo Fri 10-Jun-05 17:35:00

oh well done - am glad its over for you - felt like you were in labour for her

SoupDragon Fri 10-Jun-05 17:36:16

Just remember nto to refer to her as BigGayNiece

BigGayDad Sat 11-Jun-05 08:22:54

I thought they were still at home. I didn't want to keep phoning them for obvious reasons. I think not knowing made me nervous. I'm a happy BGU now

LGJ Sat 11-Jun-05 08:28:01

flamesparrow Sat 11-Jun-05 08:48:43

BigGayDad Sat 11-Jun-05 11:15:44

I think she'll start as a Little Gay Neice, although she may become a BigGayNeice later in life. Frankly I doubt it though as her mother is about 5ft tall and her dad has less meat on him than a whippet!!

Gillian76 Sat 11-Jun-05 11:37:15

LOL, congrats BGD!!!

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